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Biodiversity Essay Examples

Essay on Biodiversity

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Chinese Giant Salamander

Threatened by factors such as habitat loss, disease, climate change, pollution, and invasive species and over hunting, this species faces challenges that could draw millions of years of survival to an abrupt close if nothing is done (Thomas, 2010). These species react very quickly to environmental change and are able to give a clear response to this change, whether it’s beneficial or detrimental...

Threats to biodiversity hotspots

The destruction of mangroves means the benefits of them cannot be used for example they cannot effectively act as a buffer, which would normally lessen the danger of hazards such as hurricanes and cyclones. It is questionable whether the typhoon in 2001’s devastating effects could have been lessened if mangroves were better intact. A knock on effect of this is the coastline will erode quicker du...

Six key aspects of EBM

assessment law and practice: A Canadian Example and general lessons. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy & Management, 12(4), 425-468. doi:10.1142/S1464333210003723 McKersie, R. B., Sharpe, T., Kochan, T. A., Eaton, A. E., Strauss, G., & Morgenstern, M. (2008). Bargaining theory meets interest-based negotiations: A case study. Industrial Relations, 47(1), 66-96. doi:10.1111/j.1468-2...

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Wildlife Importance and Preservation

Animals should be treated equally and fairly just like us human beings and wildlife should be preserved and not destroyed by humans, if not very soon many species of wildlife will become extinct. It is our duty as human beings created in the image of God to help out others that are not able to help themselves. In my essay I have informed you about how animals are being killed unnecessarily, for fu...

Resource depletion

[14] The depletion of natural resources is caused by 'direct drivers of change'[13] such as Mining, petroleum extraction, fishing and forestry as well as 'indirect drivers of change' such as demography, economy, society, politics and technology.[13] The current practice of Agriculture is another factor causing depletion of natural resources. For example the depletion of nutrients in the soil due t...

Endangered Species Should Be Prioritized

We should also use less pesticides on our plants. It is hazardous and it can affect the wildlife at many levels. We should report any shooting of animals to the authorities. Harassing wildlife is illegal. Conserving the habitats is one of the most important ways to protect plants and animals that are at risk of being extinct by protecting their habitats in national parks. However they cannot live ...

Wildlife Consevation

Hence, National Wildlife Action Plan has been adopted in 1983 for wildlife conservation. Many sanctuaries and National Parks have been established for the protection of dwindling wildlife Protection of Wildlife alone is not possible only by laws and Government. Despite all of these laws and efforts, destruction of wildlife, illegal trade and poaching continues. Active cooperation from the common ...

Tropical Rainforest

9. What is an introduced species? Explain why it is considered a threat to biodiversity? Give at least 5 examples of this kind of species in our country An introduced species (also known as an exotic species) is an organism that is not native to the place or area where it is considered introduced and instead has been accidentally or deliberately transported to the new location by human activity. A...

Differences Between The Three Colonies

The climate of the New England Colonies was colder than the other two colonial regions because they were the farthest North. The climate was a positive factor for the colonists in the New England Colonies; it prevented the spread of life-threatening diseases. The climate was a negative factor for the colonist in the New England Colonies; the severe winters killed many people. The geography of New ...

Biodiversity Lab

-Ecosystem processes such as soil nitrogen levels, water use, plant productivity, and pest and disease cycles may become more variable as diversity declines” (Chapin, Costanza, Ehrlich, Golley, Hooper, Lawton, & Tilman, 1999, para. 11). In the end, if action is not taken soon, the devastation created through our industrialization, over population in countries across the world, etc. can lead ...

Importance of Biodiversity

Government as well as civilian effort of identifying strategic plans should be made. Human beings benefit mostly in agricultural production; therefore, they must also put effort in protecting it. References Heywood, V. H. (Ed). (1995). The Global Biodiversity Assessment. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Shah, A. (2008, June 14). Why is biodiversity important? Who cares?. Global Issues. Retri...

Cultural Landscape and Biodiversity

From a conservation biology point of view, the ongoing process of genetic erosion and biodiversity loss as well as the replacement of specific recognizable cultural landscapes by monotonous ubiquistic production sites will continue. The biophysical characteristics and natural constraints of the investigated landscapes are interwoven with the regional historic and socio-economical development. This...

Jeremy clarkson Long Live Extinction

I see that it is unfair for us to kill tigers, People kill tigers for illegal money and that Extinction is a bad thing. Especially extinction caused by humans as it makes us 7 billion humans each and everyone of us responsible, it means that you as a person with a high status should be helping out and act a role model and people will follow by reducing pollution by not littering, recycling paper t...

Climate Change and Tropical Biodiversity

They further call for a renewed focus on ecological connectivity between forests and protected areas, so as to reduce susceptibility to fires as well as allow for better potential for wild-life range shift in situations of habitat loss. These are all noble calls for action, but they probably are slightly idealistic in today’s world. Most people are motivated by profits and capital advancement fi...

Black Market

Until last year it employed just one enforcement officer to police more than 30,000 animal and plant species. Its assessment of the Philippines doesn’t square with what Jose Yuchongco, chief of the Philippine customs police, told a Manila newspaper not long after making a major seizure in 2009: “The Philippines is a favorite destination of these smuggled elephant tusks, maybe because Filipino ...

Importance for Wildlife Conservation

In addition, restrictions on the use of pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic chemicals, as well as governmental policies and legislation supportive of conservation efforts are also extremely important. For example, theEndangered Species Act of 1973 is a law which places endangered species under federal protection, and has helped to save the most threatened animals, birds, and other wi...

Biodiversity as a Result of Ecosystem

Procedure Plan is the key point of each procedure. As I already found material needed for beginning of my investigation, I have to decide on two different location for measuring. It is going to be meadow and garden around family house. In both locations, area of measurement is going to be 3 m2 and I am going to make sure that during the measurement in both locations, conditions of temperature are ...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ecotourism

Ecotourism is increasing in popularity across the world, but has significant practical value in developing countries. The needs of impoverished communities may conflict directly with the need to capitalize on the growing tourism industry. In cases developers move in and designate certain areas as tourism hotspots without giving much thought to the impact will have on local communities. These commu...

Biodiversity Loss

If the rate is lower than this interval, it cannot be said that species loss has a huge effect on production feature.In intermadite level, species loss’ influence on plant production is as much as ultraviolet radiation and climate warming. As to higher levels of species loss, its hazardous effect on production is equal to warming, ozone and acidification. Finally, species loss rate must be more ...

Threats to Biodiversity and Conservation of Biodiversity

3. Fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising out of the use of the B.D A national biodiversity authority has been established by the Biodiversity Act 2002 to regulate act implementing rules 2004 has been operationalised since coming in to force. Act: Regulating access well as pushing the officially sponsored documentation of biological resources and traditional practices through people’s di...

Philippine Wildlife

1. The government should develop and enhance the laws concerning the protection of country’s natural resources. 2. Increased support from state and central government agencies for the conservation of natural resources. 3. Proper planning of land and water utilization should be done to ensure the protection of wildlife in their natural habitats or in the manmade habitats such as zoos and botanica...

Conservation of Biodiversity

AAAS Advancing science serving society (2012). Biodiversity: A new recognition of a timeless phenomenon. [online image]. Available from: <http://www.aaas.org/international/ehn/biod/ness1.htm> [ Accessed 3 February 2012]. Colorado state university (2009). Colorado natural heritage program: connecting conservation and science [online] Colorado: Colorado natural heritage program. Available from...

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

The Wildlife Conservation Act was enacted by the Government of India in 1972. Soon after the trend of policy makers enacting regulations on conservation a strategy was developed to allow actors, both government and non-government, to follow a detailed "framework" to successful conservation. The World Conservation Strategy was developed in 1980 by the "International Union for Conservation of Nature...

Formosan Black Bear

Resources (IUCN) also describes these bears as vulnerable to extinction. In the end, there is a story about Black-Bear conservation. A cut-paw baby bear, which is nicknamed ”Little Cute” and only 3 month-years-old, was captured by the illegal hunter in 1994, and Its right back foot was cut off by the trap. Because the incident happened in Shei-Pa National Park, the authorities set up a memoria...

In Lucy Gray

For Lucy nature is something she is part of especially as “she is a living Child” remaining even in death in the landscape. Wordsworth uses the natural world as a teacher for children and something that shows the ephemerality of childhood. In the two poems examined he wants to exhibit the innocence lost and experience gained as well as showing how a child can be in an everlasting state of inno...

Relationships and Biodiversity Lab: Botana Curus

Endangered species hold medicinal, agricultural, ecological, commercial, and aesthetic value. They must be protected so that future generations can experience their presence and value. Assume that the plant you identified as being closely related to Botana Gurusgrows rapidly, survives in many environments, and produces'Curo!. News reports indicate that Botana Gurusplants may become extinct unless ...

Biodiversity and Ecosystem

Crops, as well as yielding grain also yield straw , the straw provides organic matter and fodder, crops are therefore food sources for humans and animals then the soil and organisms such as bacteria and algae serve as nitrogen fixers. Rodents, then aerate the soil and improve its water-holding capacity Spiders, centipedes and insects grind organic matter from the surface soil and leave behind enri...

Plant Biodiversity: Stigmasterol

To estimate cell cytotoxicity, HeLa (mammalian cancer) cell line was obtained from National Centre for Cell Sciences Repository (NCCS- Pune, India). Minimum Essential Medium (MEM) supplemented with 100 units of penicillin, streptomycin and 10% (v/v) of foetal bovine serum (FBS) in a humidified atmosphere of 5% CO2 at 37єC until confluent. The cells were seeded at 1—104 cells/well in 96-well cul...

Impact of Human on Biodiversity

For example, it is not necessarily the individuals in poor countries who are unsustainable but the life of capitalism that is unsustainable. For capitalism, it is about control over the worlds economic and ecological systems that consume and transforms nature into commodities (Lynch, et al, 2016). Therefore, political rules and regulations shape capitalism's impact on biodiversity loss and conserv...

The main threats to Jaguars

Jaguars have become extinct not only due to hunting, but also due to deforestation. Deforestation is when someone clears a big number of trees in an area. Deforestation is happening very frequently these days because the population of humans are increasing, which means the more the population increases the more land that we need. All of this causes habitat losses, along with pollution, it has wrec...

Ethiopia Overview

Moringa oleifera Lam belongs to the family Moringaceae and is a valuable plant, found in many countries of the tropics and subtropics. Its leaves, fruits, flower and immature pods are considered as the most nutritious vegetable in many countries, especially in India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Hawaii, and many parts of Africa [3]. The seed extract is observed to have a protective effect by decreas...

Biodiversity: An Overview

We all can make a difference when it comes to protecting our biodiversity. We should use the sustainable products that are made without affecting the environment. We should avoid using products like leather, timber, etc that affect biodiversity badly. In the end, I would like to say that we should take all the essential steps in order to make our environment better. Thank you for your time and pat...

Global Biodiversity Data and Information

UNEP, 1995. Global Biodiversity Assessment. United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi, Kenya. UNEP, 1993. Guidelines for Country Studies on Biological Diversity. United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi, Kenya. WCMC, 1992. Global Biodiversity: Status of Earth Living Resources. World Conservation Monitoring Center, Cambridge, UK. Wilson, E. O. , 1984. Biophilia. Harward University Press, C...

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