Importance of Evolutionary Biology

There has been rising tension in the perception of evolution in the United States over the past years. On one hand, established scientific researchers hold evolution to be a central unifying principle of biology, with supporting evidence that evolution is viewed as scientific fact. On the other hand, controversial views have developed in regards of the process of evolution in both contemporary and historical biological populations. The understanding of evolutionary biology is essential for anyone who may want to pursue a career in biological fields as they will contribute to the continuation of advancing studies of human origins and conducts.

Furthermore, the study of evolution has given many contributions to basic scientific applications and has addresses a wave of current and emerging societal needs ranging from conservation struggles to biomedical applications. For example, it provides a strong scientific foundation to understand the development of anti-infection medication, antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria and for breaking down the rise and the study of disease transmission of innovative diseases, like HIV because pathogens evolve faster than humans do.

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The more scientist can trace back to where pathogenic bacteria may have emerged– by using phylogenetic analysis, the better they can develop treatments. Also, evolutionary biology has provided a framework for keeping many rare endangered species from going extinct.

In order to keep the public and certain individuals who may not be too fawn with the idea of evolution, it is important to keep them informed so that they can make connections between persistent societal needs and be up to date with scientific advances and ongoing research.

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It is important that the study of evolution creates an advanced understanding through education. Some primary and secondary schools do not necessarily cover enough information regarding evolutionary biology and it is crucial for students and future professionals in biological fields. Such contrasts can create a challenge in terms of communicating with the public.

Evolution holds many explanations for diversity and is an ultimate source of biocomplexity. It plays a role in the intricacy of biological systems. In order to maximize research in this field it is necessary that communication becomes stronger between the public and researchers. For persisting societal needs, such as climate change or the pressure to increase food production in the next few years, the time to take initiative in funding projects and investing in evolutionary biology studies is now. If we act sooner, rather than later we will have enough time to become prepared when and if those issues arise and also have the opportunity to change current trends giving everyone a better and suitable life– creating a better environment for future generations to come.

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Importance of Evolutionary Biology

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