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How to Write Medical School Application Essays?

If you want to apply for a medical school, one of the important steps you need to make is to write a good application essay that explains your motivation to get into it and become a medical practitioner. Becoming a medical practitioner is more than just a career path, it is a calling, and you cannot become a good doctor without having that calling. No matter how hard you study, if you just don’t have it in you, you are not going to become truly good.

 For students, it is essential to choose the right path in life, and if you are sure you want to be a doctor, medical school is what you need to accomplish that. If your determination is concrete and you are sure of your goal to become a doctor, then you have a long road ahead of yourself. The life of a doctor is the life of service – service to people. It is also a life of constant improvement and work, writing papers, reading books, studying, and practicing. And if you are ready for that, then let’s see what you can do to improve your chances of getting into medical school.

 One of the first and most important steps here is writing an essay that is going to state your purpose and motivation to study in medical school. Whatever you call it – a paper, a letter, or an essay – you need to take the three main components into account. 

1. Convince the School You Have a Purpose

As said, being a doctor is more than a profession, that is a calling, and you need to express that calling or purpose in your essay. You probably want to help people and be useful to the community, and you need to state that in your essays. Depending on what kind of doctor you want to become, your purpose might be different, but in general, you are most likely driven by the desire to help people, and that is what you should put your emphasis on. 

2. For Professor to Know You are Worth It

For professor, it is important to know that you are not just a random person trying to become a doctor. They need to know they are taking in the best of the best, the most responsible and knowledgeable people who are ready to put their own interests on the line to save the lives of people. What you need to do is convince the committee that you are the right person for the task. That is why you might want to express your readiness to not just study but to become a truly professional medical practitioner who is ready to deliver health care services to people regardless of their background, status, race, sex, and whatnot. So, you have to convince the committee that you are ready to embark on that lifelong journey of serving people. 

3. For College to Know You are Familiar with the Field

Of course, if you are only entering college, nobody would expect you to have extensive knowledge in the field. This does not mean you can slide in with nothing but sheer determination. You have to show the committee that you have at least some basic understanding of what your future job is going to be like. If you have any background in medicine, you might want to mention it and flash out all of your previous experiences. This might be rather helpful for convincing the committee to take you in. 

Writing Your Cover Letter from Scratch

Let’s say you are writing for the college admission committee; where do you even start? Well, you might start by going online and checking out a sample of similar writing from other students. There are lots of such papers online, so you can draw some inspiration from there. Remember not to copy other people’s ideas, nobody’s going to buy that, especially since the committee might check your writing for plagiarism. You need to be honest and transparent. Make sure to include some of your own ideas in your writing and pay attention to the grammar. It might not be too critical if you miss a comma somewhere along the way, but you surely want your letter to be as flawless as possible. 

Start by writing a couple of drafts beforehand, crystalizing your ideas and creating a flawless essay that would convince the committee that you truly are a worthy addition to their academic community. This is why you need to pay extra attention to what you write and how you write it. Don’t be cheap – pay attention to the details, use professional language, and make sure the papers you write are always top-notch. 

Introduction Letter – How to Make a Clear Statement

Applying for university or a medical school, you must make a clear statement of purpose. Basically, you need to inform the committee who you are and why you want to study there. This is your statement and this is your drive to study. What makes you want to become a doctor? Think about it. Is it helping people? Is it a decent wage? Is it prestige? Maybe it is a combination of all three; whatever your ambitions are, you must never be cheap. Becoming a dentist just because it pays well is not a good enough reason. If the money is what you are after, you are not going to make it in the medical field. A good doctor needs to have a calling for that profession. 

Motivation Letter – Express Your Purpose

That is where you can truly express your desire to become a doctor – writing a motivation letter is actually quite fun but it is also challenging. You must express your motivation and your values in a clear and convincing manner giving the committee the idea of who you are and why you want to be a doctor. While it might sound simple, it requires some self-reflection to do it right.

 For graduate school, you can talk about your previous accomplishments and experiences in the field and tell the committee about your passion for studying and helping people. Regardless of where you are on your never-ending journey to becoming the best version of yourself, there has to be something that drives your further. That is what you want to talk about in your motivation letter. Go ahead and tell the committee why you decided to become a doctor and what end-goal you pursue here. There are lots of ways you can do that as this type of letter is not formulaic; just remember to keep it professional. 

Applying for Bachelor – Provide the Proof of Knowledge

For bachelor degree, though this might not be relevant to most medical practitioners, it is also necessary to create a proper application letter that would convey your intent to the committee. You must remember that this letter can make a huge difference and improve your chances of getting that chance in life, so you cannot afford to lose it.

 To make sure you are getting it right, you need to include a part where you describe your experience in the field and showcase your achievements. That is really important because the committee would not want to take in some random people who have nothing to do with their field of studies. They would want to work with students who already have some knowledge in the field and are ready to continue their journey. 

Admission Letter for Masters Degree

As for master’s degree, that is where things get even more complicated. You cannot just come in and get to study whatever you want at a master’s level. You need to have a proven record of knowledge in the field, so that is exactly what you want to put an emphasis on in your writing. Tell them where you studied before, what you’ve accomplished, whether you had an actual working experience, and whether you have what it takes to get that master’s degree you are after. 

Scholarship Statement

For scholarship, it is important to know whether there are any scholarship opportunities available. Not all medical schools have scholarship programs so you need to do research. See where you can apply for the scholarship program and choose the one that suits you. There are scholarships for different types of students – minority students, international students, or exceptionally talented students. If you fall into one of these categories, you might be eligible for the scholarship. That way you can study for free and even get some money to improve your living and studying conditions. 

Entrance Papers for Internship

For graduate school students, there might be some internship opportunities you don’t want to miss. An internship is a critical part of education for medical practitioners, so you would certainly need it. Usually, medical schools make appointments and you just show up to the selected clinic and start your internship. 

For an internship, you might not even need to write an essay, but if you do, the best idea is to stick with all the tips we’ve mentioned above. In most cases, your medical school would just send you to a clinic where you will have to work with experienced doctors who will teach you everything about their trade. 

Wrap Up

Entering medical school is a serious decision that defines your career path for life. Of course, you can switch your occupation but most people entering medical schools become doctors and stick to their chosen path for the rest of their lives. That is why you need to approach that decision cautiously and make sure you really want it. Then, you will have to write an application letter that would help you get into medical school.

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