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Essays on University

The Differences Between UK Universities and US Universities
Words • 1180
Pages • 5
Nowadays, more and more students choose to study abroad for better education. UK and US are two of countries that accept most international students in the world. At the same time, this 2 countries are good choices for students among the world. However, which country is better? It is a difficult question to answer because both of UK and US have their own advantages and drawbacks. UK is seen as a traditional country and US means more free and open.…...
Student Life In UniversityUniversityUniversity Education
The First Year of University Life
Words • 697
Pages • 3
I still remember the first day as if it was yesterday. All so fresh in my memory. Butterflies in my stomach, that feeling of crossing streets alone and taking the Jammie without even knowing where exactly it was going to take me all felt terrifying. There were mixed feelings about the course I signed up for, the university I was sitting in, and whether I was cut out for this university life. Today, as I write this essay baffled in…...
College LifeHigher EducationMy University LifeUniversity
I Want to Study in Madison
Words • 584
Pages • 3
Since I was in middle school I knew I wanted to study a field that relied on science. At a young age I found physics, math and chemistry very interesting and I always wanted to know how products that we use in our daily life like toys, cars, airplanes, detergents, are designed and produced. At that time I wanted to be a mechanical engineer, but everything changed when I visited an Alcohol Distillery with my father. I was amazed by…...
EducationUniversityUniversity Education
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Why I Want Study at Madison
Words • 505
Pages • 3
A student cannot reach the peak of her craft if her knowledge and critical thinking skills are weak, which is why I’m eager to explore what the University of Wisconsin-Madison has to offer. UW-Madison provides me the opportunity to further explore not only a wonderful school, but a wonderful city that offers prosperity and success. The university’s advanced strengths in the community, combined with the academic rigor, and the agriculture department alongside the opportunity for undergraduates to work with faculty…...
EducationUniversityUniversity Education
Statement of Purpose: UMICH
Words • 977
Pages • 4
I came from Yemen; a war-torn nation, a nation divided unto itself. The north of Yemen lags behind the south in economic development as well as education. The south of Yemen offers relatively better opportunity in employment and in schooling. However, by the western nations’ standards even the south of Yemen, that has had a turbulent history, is way-far behind due to decades of war and impoverishment. Education is the key to development and the only hope left for us…...
UniversityUniversity Education
University of Michigan is My Goal
Words • 553
Pages • 3
I aim to mold my education by doing, rather than solely taking notes. The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts at the University of Michigan, and additionally the Ross School of Business, achieves just that through their emphasis on learning through experiences. With a wide array of majors and minors, LSA is the college where I can truly find my academic interests. And due to the flexibility of LSA degrees, the college will provide me with the means to…...
UniversityUniversity Education
Why I Want Study at University of Michigan
Words • 531
Pages • 3
It all started on my sixth birthday when I received a blue winter hat with a maize block M on the front. After that, I begged my cousins, who are alumni of the University of Michigan, to tell me about the school and their experience. As the stories they told me every night at bedtime about the school became a tradition, my dream was born. Even though that dream has always been in the back of my head, it wasn’t…...
UniversityUniversity Education
Academic Dishonesty in Georgetown University
Words • 1527
Pages • 7
Academic dishonesty among college students is a problem that has continued to plague universities across the country for years. At Georgetown University, The Honor Council attempts to crack down on violators, but academic dishonesty persists. According to the Georgetown Honor Council, academic dishonesty 'evidences lack of academic integrity or trustworthiness, or unfairly impinges upon the intellectual rights and privileges of others' (Honor System Statistics, 2014). As many students take part in this behavior without punishment, what will stop them from…...
Academic DishonestyUniversityUniversity Education
Georgetown University: Social Work
Words • 835
Pages • 4
Georgetown University has joined a regional coalition to support the study and construction of an aerial gondola system from Georgetown to Rosslyn over the Potomac River. As a coordinating committee member of the Georgetown-Rosslyn Gondola Commission, the university is taking the lead on organizing other coalition members to move the project forward. The Georgetown-Rosslyn gondola would span the Potomac and is meant to reduce traffic on Key Bridge while connecting Georgetown to Rosslyn and its Metro station. The university has…...
Free EssaysUniversity
Why I Want Study at Georgetown
Words • 670
Pages • 3
It was said a few years ago that if the human race is wiped out in the next 50 years it will not be because of disease or an asteroid hitting the earth, but because of foreign policy and international relations. In a world where thousands of nuclear weapons exist and more countries are trying to acquire them, where suicide terrorist strikes come without warning and thousands die each day from poverty caused by the way the international system operates,…...
UniversityUniversity Education
Cornell Engineering is My Goal
Words • 640
Pages • 3
Growing up, I have been fortunate to be close to half of my family. Not only are we geographically close but, because of our shared proximity, I’m also emotionally very close with my dad’s side of my family. My mom’s side of the family lives in Michigan and it’s very rare that we get the opportunity to see them. It isn’t always feasible for us to get on a plane and visit, because air travel can be costly and it…...
UniversityUniversity Education
Why I Want Study at Cornell
Words • 644
Pages • 3
My younger sister was born without enamel covering her teeth, a rare condition known as “amelogenesis imperfecta.” As a result, she is emaciated and cannot eat anything too hot or too cold or bite anything too hard. Despite brushing and flossing daily, every dentist visit reveals new cavities. It is acutely upsetting to know my sister and thousands of children worldwide, suffer the consequences of microscopic DNA aberrations. If I am chosen to join Cornell as a Biology major, I…...
UniversityUniversity Education
Benefits of Working in Texas A&M University
Words • 464
Pages • 2
Texas A&M University offers a myriad of benefits to their full-time eligible employees. Employee earn several different types of time off hours- university holidays (additional 12-15 days off), vacation, and sick leave- which allows them the flexibility to better integrate their work-life balance (Division of Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness, 2018-a). Employees receive free medical insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield for themselves and have the option of supplementary variety coverages (for themselves and/or dependents)- dental, long-term disability, accidental death…...
Why I Want to Study at Rutgers
Words • 1320
Pages • 6
When pursuing a bachelor degree after high school, I was asked with a question of 'where do you see yourself in 10 years?' It was a very difficult question to answer because I was still trying to figure out the kind of person I wanted to be. Being raised in my family where education is the number one priority, my life was always dedicated to my studies.. My goal was just to finish my studies with good grades, be the…...
UniversityUniversity Education
My Education in Fordham University
Words • 485
Pages • 2
Fordham has been a great learning experience and a place that continues to help me change. At my school, the study and pursuit of Catholicism has motivated me in many ways. After two years at the Prep, I feel like I have undergone growth in three ways: My religious life, my community involvement, and overall personal growth. From 9th grade to 11th grade, I have become more open and accepting of my own religion and others. While I was in…...
EducationUniversityUniversity Education
About Fordham University
Words • 343
Pages • 2
Fordham University is one of the oldest private institution that was established 1841. It has a total undergraduate enrolment of 9,645, it is locating at urban locality, and the average size of this campus is about 93 acres. All the Courses organizing by this university by the semester examination pattern. Fordham University's positioning in the 2020 version of Best Colleges in National level Universities. Study in Fordham University Fordham providing admission around 15,300 understudies from more than 65 countries and…...
EducationUniversityUniversity Education
Analisys of Stanford, University and Tulane University
Words • 1175
Pages • 5
College is the key to a healthy and successful education, while learning in depth of a specialization or a career to pursue. For my requirements of the college I will eventually choose to attend, will revolve around my career and learning experience as an engineer in the petroleum industry due to the perfect synchronization of traveling and my favorite types of intense math. The colleges I have chosen to analyse for my specific requirements are: Stanford, Montana State University, and…...
EducationUniversityUniversity Education
Why I Want to Study at Cornell
Words • 649
Pages • 3
The design of Dyson by taking advantage of the strengths of the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is through deliberation, and not available at other schools. I’m intrigued by agricultural and sustainable aspects of economics under globalization. Two decades later after 1997 Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) outbreak, raw pork from Taiwan is still prohibited in Japan. GDP significantly dropped 0.4% then. The FMD was definitely from China by virus genetic sequencing. The…...
UniversityUniversity Education
Motivation to Pursue Higher Education
Words • 490
Pages • 2
Getting a college degree stands out as one of the essential moves in the lives of the majority. However, the purpose and motivation of attending university are not the same for every graduate. Although the article “The most career-minded Generation (2016)”, by Lam and the talk “Declaring our independence through education (2014)”, by Roth have overlapping ideas about the main incentives of education and the importance of liberal education, those views contradict the factors which caused the spread of that…...
Attending CollegeCollege Education BenefitsHigher EducationImportance Of College EducationRole Of Education In LifeUniversity
Common Arguments Against Campus Carry
Words • 586
Pages • 3
The increasing number of shootings in universities and other institutions caused a debate with the issue of carrying concealed weapons on campuses. Mostly, the concealed weapon has been forbidden in schools, colleges and universities campuses. But some state laws allow students to carry their weapons on campus. Moreover, supporters of this idea are sure that it is a practicable solution to prevent mass shootings on college campuses. So, allowing college students and teachers to carry concealed weapons on campus is…...
CollegeGun ControlUniversity
Should Education Be Free at Tertiary Level?
Words • 908
Pages • 4
Education is a way to understand the real world better and the debate usually emerges because of high tuition fees and the growth of student loan debts. Whether this education should be provided to university students free of charge or not is one of the most debated topics in the world as well as in Namibia. It is a contemporary issue, which is discussed globally. Education is important for one’s social and academic well-being. It is a survival tool used…...
EducationFree College EducationFree Education For AllTaxUnemploymentUniversity
Why Free College is a Bad Idea
Words • 585
Pages • 3
Paper Type:College essays
The question of whether university education should be free for students is controversial. Most students are required to pay fees to access higher education. This is difficult for students in low-income families because, in order to access university-level education, they have to look for student loans. In most cases, university education is not considered a citizen’s right to attend, and therefore students have to pay to go to university. University-level education should be free for students because of several factors.…...
EducationFree College EducationPovertyUniversity
Is College Tuition Really Too High Article Review
Words • 362
Pages • 2
This argument analysis examines the article Is College Tuition Really Too High (The New York Times Magazine, 2015). The article is about the rising cost of tuition and how over time the cost of living also increases with time. It also talks about how each leader viewed rising in college tuition. This analysis identifies that college tuition has really increased over the years. This article makes a few claims which supply evidence to support it. In 1974, the average American…...
CollegeCollege TuitionEducationUniversity
Should College Athletes be Paid for Their Performance?
Words • 1111
Pages • 5
At most colleges and universities, athletics is an important part of the school’s funds. To preserve the school’s name, colleges rely on the popularity, the ranking of their sports, as well as the team's performance on televised events to sustain their money supply. There have been countless arguments over the concept of student-athletes not receiving money for their performances on television because they are receiving full ride scholarships from their schools by having their tuition, room, board, and books all…...
CollegePaying College AthletesShould college athletes be paidSportsUniversity
Depression and Suicidal Ideation among University Students
Words • 1036
Pages • 5
Committing suicide, the act of deliberately killing oneself is a tragedy that would bring long-lasting traumas to remaining friends and family members. This has become more familiar and a severe issue globally throughout the past decade among adolescents who consistently deal with deprivation and psychological illness in their daily lives. There exist plenty of causes for such phenomenon, which include burdens from education, sexuality, and inferior relationships with families. For such reasons, 1.4% of all reported deaths worldwide were due…...
AbuseAdolescenceDepression DisorderSuicideTeenage SuicideUniversity
Job Satisfaction and Commitment of Employees in the Registry
Words • 1455
Pages • 6
Introduction According to the University of Guyana’s Strategic Plan 2009-2012, the University of Guyana (UG) is the premiere higher learning Institution in Guyana and was established in 1963, initially functioning as an evening Institution. It would continue to function in this capacity and offer its services for the first five years of existence, 1963 to 1968, until a generous donation of 1450 acres of land was made by the Booker Group of Companies to the then Government under the leadership…...
CommitmentJob Satisfaction And Work PerformanceTraining And Development Of EmployeeUniversity
College Affordability and Completion
Words • 597
Pages • 3
Most people can agree that a college education should be accessible and affordable for anyone who wishes to have one. Due to what many consider an educational crisis related to rising costs, there have been calls for free college tuition. The idea of free tuition would involve spending millions of dollars to send millions of new students to public colleges and universities. Implementing free tuition to make sure everyone gets a free ride would not guarantee graduation, nor a successful…...
The Education System in India
Words • 2250
Pages • 9
Introduction Education is not only vital for India’s competitiveness and economic growth, but also for social stability. Education is said to be excellent and efficient if it transforms an ordinary person to those capable of extraordinary performance. India now has one of the largest higher education systems in the world in terms of the number of institutions, and the second largest in terms of the number of students. Various efforts pertaining to educational development have been made at both government…...
CollegeEducation system in IndiaEducation System TodayHigher EducationIndiaUniversity
What to Choose: Work or University?
Words • 220
Pages • 1
Each student after the graduation chooses – “Studies or work?”. After the end of the university, a person may get a higher-paid position, while workers serve the community. But still, many students pass the exams and try to enroll in the university. Firstly, after finishing the university students get the diploma which serves as permission to employers. When people are hiring, primacy will take that one who has studied in the university. Moreover, if students chased a relevant profession, which…...
Self-Concept and Academic Achievement among Pre-University Students
Words • 2360
Pages • 10
Introduction Self-concept is a dominant element in personality pattern; therefore, the measurement of self-concept becomes essential. Saraswat and Gaur (1981) described self-concept a “The self-concept is the individual’s way of looking at oneself. It also signifies his/her way of thinking, feeling and behaving”. The term self-concept is a general term used to refer to how someone thinks about, evaluates or perceives themselves. To be aware of oneself is to have a concept of oneself. According to Baumeister (1999), self-concept is…...
Academic AchievementsEducationPersonalityPhilosophyPsychologyUniversity
Engaging the Sociological Imagination
Words • 869
Pages • 4
The sociological imagination is the practice of being able to “think ourselves away” from the familiar routines of our daily lives to look at them with fresh, critical eyes (Ashley Crossman 2018). Mills who formed this concept defined the sociological imagination as “the vivid awareness of the relationship between experience and the wider society” (C. Wright Mills 1959). As individuals we tend to face issues and push them into blaming ourselves, not thinking that there are social forces around us…...
EducationPhilosophySociological ImaginationSociologyUniversity
What Is Sociological Imagination And How Can You Use It?
Words • 607
Pages • 3
The sociological imagination is a capacity, ability, and quality of mind that allows an individual to understand and connect his or her life with the forces and dynamics that impact it. The sociological perspective or in the other words sociological imagination helps people see through a bordering scope of society. Being a small part of the general category of society, exactly working-class adult, student, or someone else you should view the world through by society. My socialization agent belongs to…...
EducationGenderSociological ImaginationSociologyUniversity
The Sociological Imagination Today
Words • 1007
Pages • 5
The sociological imagination is defined as the ability to understand one’s own issues are not caused simply by one’s own belief or thoughts but by society and how it is structure. (Mills, The sociological Imagination 1959). As individuals we tend to face issues and push them into blaming ourselves, not thinking that there are social forces around us in society that have an impact on our breakdowns, emotionally and physically. At the same time, these social forces build us up…...
EducationMindPsychologySociological ImaginationSociologyUniversity
Why I want to attend Duke university
Words • 390
Pages • 2
Duke University is consistently ranked as one of the top schools in the nation. It is currently ranked at number eight in the country and is one of the most prestigious universities in America. I would love to go to Duke University because of its distinguished education, beautiful campus, and most importantly its stellar basketball program. Duke University provides one of the best educations money can buy. Known as the Harvard of the South, all Duke professors are well educated…...
University of China
Words • 733
Pages • 3
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I am a lecturer from the University of China, and I shall be presenting my analysis of an extract in Much Ado About Nothing written by William Shakespeare. This extract takes place in Act 1, Scene 1, lines 119 to 163. It is situated right after Leonato invites Don, Claudio, and Benedick to be his guests during their visit, and Pedro ends before Don Pedro offers to arrange Claudio's marriage. This extract contains themes, characters…...
Sustainable development in higher education
Words • 3814
Pages • 16
Sustainable Development (SD) may offer the solution of pursuing development while ensuring the preservation of economic, environmental and social aspects for present and future generations. One could ask, why focus In Sustainable Development in Higher Education (SIDE)? Why not focus on companies or governments? One of the reasons for this is that we believe that universities are the places where the entrepreneurs and decision-makers for the social, political and economic sectors are created, formed and shaped. Universities have, for centuries,…...
EducationHigher EducationSustainabilitySustainable Development And Its ChallengesUniversity
Psychology and Infidelity Liberty University
Words • 2533
Pages • 11
Emotional and Sexual Infidelity Liberty University ABSTRACT There are many ways in which infidelity can be explained depending on what you are reading or with whom you are speaking. Emotional and sexual infidelity is the two most studied forms of infidelity. The cognitive approach to infidelity explains that as our cognition is developing, we are also indirectly learning behaviors that could contribute to infidelity as adults. Infidelity no matter what the circumstances are surrounding it can leave both partners devastated.…...
Attachment TheoryLibertyMemoryPerceptionPsychologyUniversity
Montclair State University Personal Statement Essay
Words • 1102
Pages • 5
I believe that in life, there are certain nuggets of wisdom which, however rudimentary, always find themselves speaking volumes to our particular circumstances and present situations. As indeed, there are times that we realize how insightful and truthful some adages and sayings can become. In my otherwise brief life, I have come to realize that the liberty of adopting a few philosophies to live by a meaningful life is a potent ingredient for personal growth. And now that I am…...
Pay For Play
Words • 1042
Pages • 5
Pay for play in college sports has been a long-standing debate. The proponents of this argument like to claim that athletes should be paid because they are performing. Over the last decade, the debate and research of whether or not college athletes should be paid has intensified. Universities bring in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to their athletic programs each year. Many coaches earn at least $100,000 per year to coach one of the major sports like…...
Online Monitoring System for Student Affairs
Words • 1079
Pages • 5
CHAPTER I Introduction 1. 1Background of the Study The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig was established in year 2000 under the administration of Mayor Vicente C. Eusebio. PLP is locally funded University run by City Government of Pasig. At first, the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig has six initial degree courses namely: Bachelor in Secondary Education, Bachelor in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. New…...
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Why I Want Study at Madison
...Madison’s Agricultural College intrigues me as I can take an array of unconventional courses with Professors Ruegg, Shaver, and Wattiaux. Further, the Dairy Science program provides an opportunity for independent research, which will allow for inte...
Why I Want Study at University of Michigan
...Those are the reasons why, after considering my hopes for the future and my options, I decided to apply to the University of Michigan LSA. I want to be a Wolverine not only because I want to follow in my cousins’ footsteps and experience their stor...
Why I Want Study at Georgetown
...While at Georgetown, I plan to enroll in the recently established Global Business major. The major's description on the website states that 'the aim of the major is to produce a new breed of graduates who are fluent in the global languages of busines...
Why I Want Study at Cornell
...As I look toward Cornell Arts and Science College, I am excited at the prospect of meeting new people, trying out new activities and coming across new ideas. The unique Cornell experience will open a world of possibilities, give me a fresh perspectiv...
Why I Want to Study at Rutgers
...Rutgers SPAA program is top 20 ranking in the country, I believe that studying here will provide me with nothing but the best. Modules such as Administrative Ethics, Intergovernmental and Intersectoral Management, as offered in your Master in Public ...
Why I Want to Study at Cornell
...Students at Dyson are going to broaden horizons by interacting with those from various cultures, sharing different perspectives, fostering mutual respect, cultivating adaptability and global awareness. I hope to share my distinct Taiwan experience as...
Why Free College is a Bad Idea
...In conclusion, university-level education ought to be free for students since a free system would give them the freedom to choose what they want to study, and it will help avoid the financial stress that the students have to go through. In the curren...
What to Choose: Work or University?
...In conclusion, each person chooses what to do after the end of the school by himself. Anyway, the university will be always in priority for a large number of students, because it is prestigious and has so many advantages, such as new communications o...
What Is Sociological Imagination And How Can You Use It?
...In conclusion, my sociological imagination brought me where I am today. As being humans, we can not let our social location determine our abilities. We must explore beyond where we are and what we are given by life. Humans must defeat their ordinary ...
Why I want to attend Duke university
...Finally, I want to attend Duke University for its exceptional basketball program. The team has the fourth-highest number of all-time wins of any NCAA men's basketball program and is presently coached by Mike Krzyzewski. Duke has won four NCAA champio...

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