Why I Want Study at University of Michigan?

It all started on my sixth birthday when I received a blue winter hat with a maize block M on the front. After that, I begged my cousins, who are alumni of the University of Michigan, to tell me about the school and their experience. As the stories they told me every night at bedtime about the school became a tradition, my dream was born.

Even though that dream has always been in the back of my head, it wasn’t until I read about the curriculum and the options at U of M, that I decided that was still where I wanted to create my story.

I am applying to the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts with an undecided major, not because I have no interests, but because I have a plethora of them. My fascination with computer science started with an online program and to learn more about it, I decided to enroll in the AP Computer Science Principles course this year.

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I took Medical Health Science 1, volunteered at my school’s blood drive, and visited a medical school which sparked my passion for medicine. I took Spanish throughout high school and participated in Hispanic Honor Society, which created my interest in foreign languages. These are just some of my passions that I hope to explore at U of M, and find a major that captivates me.

I strongly believe that LSA is a good fit for me because of their 2,000+ undergraduate courses. That will not only provide me with a challenging yet rewarding curriculum, that I wouldn’t find at another institution, but also help me decide on a major.

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They offer more undergraduate majors than the other schools and colleges at U of M, which I think is essential to help me find the one that suits me. At LSA they offer more than 40 languages which is important to me because I love to learn different languages. I am also interested in visiting different countries, to learn about different cultures, as part of the study abroad programs at U of M.

I learn about everyone around me and develop my interests by participating in clubs and organizations in my school and community. In college I want to take part in a myriad of clubs and organizations focused on anything thing else that piques my interest. I’m interested in the squirrel feeding club because I have always loved to leave nuts in my driveway. I also want to further my lifelong passion for reading at a student led organization. Some other types of organizations I’m interested in include community service, computer science, and foreign language. I hope to find those clubs at U of M because of their 1,600+ organizations and allow students to create their own.

Those are the reasons why, after considering my hopes for the future and my options, I decided to apply to the University of Michigan LSA. I want to be a Wolverine not only because I want to follow in my cousins’ footsteps and experience their stories firsthand or because of my childhood dreams, but because the curriculum and options there will make my hopes and passions a reality.

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Why I Want Study at University of Michigan?

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