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Why Do I Want I be a Military Officer?

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It has been a longtime ambition of mine to become a military officer and aviator. I appreciate military history, strategy, and tactics. Most importantly I admire the selfless service of this position. Being a military officer will allow me to be part of something bigger than myself in order to make a greater difference in our society. I come from a family of prior service members and civil servants. I would be honored to follow in their footsteps and exceed their ranks with a prestigious position such as this one.

Although being a military officer is a perilous, stressful, and demanding career, it is an extremely rewarding one. The camaraderie, loyalty, and sense of purpose that accompanies the lifestyle of a military career is extremely appealing to me. I have the privilege to serve my country and be a good role model for those around me. I’m also able to, directly and indirectly, have a positive influence on people’s lives while being a military officer the world’s most effective fighting force.

On top of all of these great attributes, there are endless opportunities within a military career for officers and their families to take advantage of.

What does society expect from me as a military officer?

As a military officer, I am expected by society to possess the necessary qualifications and fulfill my oath. First and foremost, I am meant to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. This is the core value of the Army’s obligation to society outlined in the Constitution itself.

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Military officers are meant to keep military practices in harmony with the fundamental values of the parent society they serve. I am also expected to be a role model for society. This is reflected through my actions of maintaining a high level of discipline, excellent physical and mental fitness, professionalism, and respect towards all people. In times of war and peace, I am expected to uphold basic humanitarian law and the enforce the Geneva Convention.

What are three of my responsibilities as a soon to be a military officer?

As a soon to be military officer, I will have many responsibilities to show that I possess the leadership attributes and competencies required of an Army officer. I am meant to lead by example for my peers, subordinates, and society by upholding moral and ethical standards to myself and others. Another responsibility would be to ensure loyalty and trust to the U.S., it’s Constitution, the people, the Army, my superiors, peers, and subordinates. Other important duties are to be a team player and to know when to lead, but most importantly to know when to follow. Lastly, I am expected to understand my soldiers needs and to fulfill those needs to the best of my ability.

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