My Police Dream

My name is Brianna Knight. There are many reasons to why it’s my dream to become a police officer, but I’m going to highlight my top three reasons of why I would like to be a cop. “To Serve and Protect”, a phrase known by everyone, but only a few know the meaning and are willing to live by it. As a police officer it is their duty to serve and be loyal to their county, along with their officers and to do anything in their power to protect.

I know what it takes to see and understand the dangers of life. To prevent harm and ensure the safety of others, I believe, is a very valuable trait to find in one applying to be an officer of the law.

This is something I pride myself in. Some people my age seem to want to stay away from the word “responsibilities”. The way I look at it, is the more responsibilities the greater the accomplishments.

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Every decision one makes in life comes with some sort of responsibility. It is up to that person to decide how they react to it and what actions they decide to take. Being a police officer comes with great responsibilities, something I’ve thought long and hard about. I wouldn’t take on something I know I couldn’t handle. Like I’ve said, this is my dream.

Being a police officer is not an easy job. I’m not looking for easy. Pushing yourself towards your goals and never giving up no matter what kind of obstacles may come your way gives one a sense of respect in oneself.

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I respect others, but respect is not just given overnight. It takes hard work and motivation, one must earn respect. Having respect from others is an important thing to have in this specific position. I’m a very determined individual, and when I set my mind to something I will go to great measures to reach and accomplish my goals.

Seeing anyone have the same drive and motivation is something that earns my respect, for it has given me respect in myself. I have a great amount of respect for our police men and women. I would love to be a part of that. As a little girl there has been a tug towards becoming a police officer, who didn’t want to become a cop as a child? Now that I am grown that tug is still there. I want to give my son the best life I can possibly give, and to show him that he can be whatever his heart desires. I want to be someone he looks up to and hopefully one day he will follow in my footsteps.

If not as a cop then to work as hard as I did in whatever that “tug” is for him and to conquer his dreams. This is why it is time for me to stop dreaming and start doing. I feel like I have what it takes physically and mentally to be a valuable asset to the police force. If and when I’m given the chance to show how serious this is to me, one will see how qualified I am to be able to call myself a police officer, someone that serves and protects his community. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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