Analisys of Stanford, University and Tulane University

College is the key to a healthy and successful education, while learning in depth of a specialization or a career to pursue. For my requirements of the college I will eventually choose to attend, will revolve around my career and learning experience as an engineer in the petroleum industry due to the perfect synchronization of traveling and my favorite types of intense math. The colleges I have chosen to analyse for my specific requirements are: Stanford, Montana State University, and Tulane University.

This peaked my interest in their school size, admission rate, on campus living, quality of professors, quality of department of study, study abroad opportunities, greek life, location, sports, and of course party life. The colleges all possess different qualities and resources that suit what I am looking for. Although they don’t hold every quality I want, they come close in their own unique ways with a variety of additional perks luring one to attend their college.

The most important question of colleges revolves around academics and professors.

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Acceptance rates of colleges are also another important factor in determining whether or not to apply to a specific college. While Stanford holds the lowest admission rate of my choices, at 5% and Montana State University with a 85% admission rate, Tulane University is a perfect in-between choice with an acceptance rate of 37.5%. According to Rate My Professors, the professors at Stanford are some of the best professors in the world, having a quality rating of 4.

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2 out of 5. Tulane is just as good with its quality rating of 4.1, but Montana State University ranks very low compared to the other two with a 3.8 quality rating from it’s peers. The quality ranking takes into account multiple things such as reputation, happiness, opportunity, professor quality, education, and many more. Although professor quality is important, another very important question about colleges is their academic programs and to narrow it down to my specific affinity, I'm mostly interested in the department of engineering. Stanford is specifically known for their outstanding engineering program ranking #2 in Best Engineering Schools. Tulane is at #97 and Montana State University is at #145 from Best Engineering Schools. Unfortunately for them, both ranks subordinate of Stanford substantially. As far as my academic needs, Stanford seems to be more beneficial for my education, being the 7th best college in national universities.

Academics are extremely important in colleges that have certain requirements and expectations regarding education.The accepted standards at are high at all three colleges and vary slightly. Stanford University is a 3.95 GPA, 3.51 is the average GPA accepted at Tulane University, and Montana State university is at a more tolerating GPA of 3.38. Montana State University is the most lenient on requirements, expecting an SAT score of 1,230. Additional requirements are only a high school transcript and an application fee of $30.00 dollars. Tulane University expects an average SAT score of 1,410. Additional requirements include: high school transcript, interview, common application, essay or personal statement, and at least one letter of recommendation. For an IVY league school such as Stanford, the standards for SAT scores is higher than other colleges. The requirement is 1, 550 with the bare minimum of 1,450. Additional requirements include: high school transcript, two letters of recommendation, an application essay, and extracurricular activities.

For me, extracurricular activities are the most important aspect of choosing the college that I'll go to. My absolute favorite extracurricular activity is basketball and any college that I attend must have a good basketball team, with high standards and reputation for being on top. Stanford ranking #13 in NCAA basketball, is the perfect opportunity for me to up my game and learn from the best. Tulane University and Montana State University on the other hand, rank mediocre’ compared to Stanford. Attending a top quality college like Stanford will also be a great asset that I can use in following a career. There are more in extracurricular activities such as sports than one may realize. Top players who also make top grades have a better chance at getting scholarships. Scouts are often sent to high school games to check potential athletes and their talent. Sports are also very disciplined and require focus and hard physical work. That is why It is important to also have extracurricular activities that allow opportunity to let loose and have fun. The Greek life at colleges offer this transition into a free environment and a chance to belong to a lifelong sisterhood. In the aspect of Greek life and party life, all 3 colleges have a great experience and reviews, but Tulane is ranked #1 in The Princeton Review, for party life which I think is an awesome quality. However, I am not just interested in a top prestigious college for its status quo, nor am I just a party girl. These colleges also have some very interesting qualities about them that spark my interest.

Out of the ordinary is what I’m all about. Doing and learning new things lure me toward events such as fountain hopping during new student orientations at Stanford University. This is the tradition of hopping in water fountains around campus trying to create whirlpools. How random and fun is that? Another interesting fact about Stanford is the Hoover Tower, a gift from the Belgian American Education Foundation. It stands 285 feet above. There are a total of 48 bells in the tower that represent revolution and peace. The biggest bell out of the 35 original bells is marked with “UNO PRO PACE SONO” which means for peace alone do I ring. At Tulane, hurricane Katrina affected the library by submerging it under eight feet of water. What is amazing is that after such a devastating event, the University worked hard and fully restored it as it reopened 4 months later. Montana State University is a college surrounded by beautiful wilderness and is well known to be a fun place for outdoor fun and only 30 minutes away from hiking, biking, skiing and snowboarding. Most of all, these colleges have more to offer than just academics, they have traditions and unique qualities that set them apart from each other.

The greatest colleges not only expect the best from students, they also provide a great atmosphere for fun and getting involved, rather it means jumping in a pool of water, or pulling together to help restore something important and worthwhile such as a library. It will be really worth getting almost a 4.0 to be part of a college that offers much more than a good education. These three colleges that offer their own unique qualities may or may not fit a person’s personality or future objectives. For me personally, Stanford seems to fit my interests the best. For one its an IVY league school and will almost guarantee a good career in petroleum engineering. Two, it offers both an educational and fun atmosphere. Three, I will have the best coaching and experience to excel in basketball, my passion. From this important research it has made me aware of my options so I am now able to match my interests as well as the needed requirements to Stanford University.

Updated: Feb 26, 2021
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