Is College Tuition Really Too High Article Review

This argument analysis examines the article Is College Tuition Really Too High (The New York Times Magazine, 2015). The article is about the rising cost of tuition and how over time the cost of living also increases with time. It also talks about how each leader viewed rising in college tuition. This analysis identifies that college tuition has really increased over the years. This article makes a few claims which supply evidence to support it.

In 1974, the average American family earned a little under ,000 a year.

A new home would be bought for $36,000, a car for $4,500. Attending a four-year university cost about $2,000 annually, which is affordable to middle-class earners. Meanwhile, a public university went for about $510 a year. Now, we’re talking about a middle-class income to be $62,000, a house of $174,000, car note at the price of $21,300 for a car. Private university tuition will go around for $10,300 and $2,500 for a public one. This has now become a political issue.
As college costs continue to rise, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for students, and their families, to bear the costs of getting an education.

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According to a survey by Edward Jones, financial advisor, “83% of Americans say they cannot afford the expense of a college education for themselves or a family member” (Levaux, 2015). Because of this, the United States should implement a policy that allows all U.S. citizens to obtain a post-secondary education at public institutions, up to a Bachelor’s Degree, free of charge.

This main claim suggests that college tuition is indeed too high and that it needs to be abolished from post-secondary schools.

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In the article “Is College Tuition Really Too High?” by Adam Davidson, he informs us that public universities often behave like elite private schools, using aid to attract the best students (Davidson). Davidson is trying to make his claim about higher institutions, and how public universities in fact uses aid to attract students into their school. If in fact, schools are using aid to attract students into their schools, it is very likely that their school costs are very high and that a family isn’t able to pay for the college expenses out of their pockets.

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