Television Essay Topics

Joking Apart

Joking Apart is a BBC television sitcom written by Steven Moffat about the rise and fall of a relationship. It juxtaposes a couple, Mark (Robert Bathurst) and Becky (Fiona Gillies), who meet and fall in love before getting separated and finally divorced. The twelve episodes, broadcast between 1993 and 1995, were directed by Bob Spiers… View Article

The Effects The Simpsons Television Show On POP Culture

Thesis Statement: The Simpson’s television show has contributed a tremendous effect in the contemporary popular culture.- The Simpson’s television sitcom as one of the longest running television show has become an institution in the American society. The Simpson’s has been successful because of its form and mode of communication. The Simpson’s has already been running… View Article

Effects of Television on Children

Introduction The television is a powerful force in our lives as it is inevitably present in almost 100% of human homes and in its offer of a light, relaxing entertainment is irresistible to many. Children as an audience are especially vulnerable to its harmful effects. With considerably less experience with various facets of life, children… View Article

Impact of Arrival of Television on Electioneering In England

INTRODUCTION The invention of television marked he beginning of a new epoch. The age of information technology made information available at the push of a button. Facts and distortion of facts are the tools of the entertainment industry. Exaggeration is the premise on which the advertizing agency works. It is confluence of the audio visual… View Article

The Influence Of Television On Babies

Gone are the days when the normal routine of babies and toddlers were limited to napping, eating, babbling and playing with toys. A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that in a typical day, a whopping 61% of babies aged one year or younger watch screen media consisting of TV, computer and videos;… View Article

The Negative Influence of Television on Teenagers

Through the advent of the television, a world of opportunities came to mankind. Television serves not only as a mode or relaxation and entertainment but also as a means to influence one’s character, behavior, and personality by simply surfing the channels on the television. It makes us aware of the current news and latest trends… View Article

The Negative Influence of Television on Teenagers

How many times have you watched a television program that does not contain a sexual scene? How many music videos do not portray sexuality? How many adverts do not make you decide that you want to go out immediately and buy what has been advertised? How many times have we recently read in the papers… View Article

The Freedom of Expression vs. The Effects of Violence on TV and Videos

The freedom of speech and of expression are among the most primordial rights granted by the Constitution.  Case law abounds upholding the free exercise of these rights, allowing government intervention or curtailment only in the most stringent of circumstances, using tests like the Clear and Present Danger Test and The Balancing of Interests Test.  These… View Article

Television news

Is television news better today then it was in its infancy? Introduction Radio news broadcasts still exist today but this was all that people had before television made its way into the homes. TV Morning news became very refreshingly new which used to maintain only one anchor. Television at its infancy was such a breakthrough… View Article

Television advertising

Television advertising in these tech-savvy and speedage days, considered as a mass media network connectivity through visualized audio and video images, inviting all sect of ages  of human population. It offers entertainment, means of business through advertising of various products all over the world and even a campaign for politics and policies of government. Television… View Article

Creation of amended television

Introduction To determine the success of the common policy European Union directive regarding the amended television without frontiers act, it is necessary first to understand the objectives of the act and the broader objectives fostered by the European Union regarding television and broadcasting. In general, the European Union aims at establishing and maintaining free movement… View Article

Talk Shows

The concept of the “talking heads” or talk shows was developed in order to maximize the engagement of the audience to these types of programs. When talk shows were introduced to television, it changed the then existing trend of visuals as a participatory medium for viewers. Television during that time was satiated with overrated types… View Article

U.S. television networks

Television is nowadays one of the most popular sources of information, so there is a number of networks, participating in the market competition and thus remaining sensitive to the audience’s beliefs and preferences; at the same time they to great extent shape the needs and culture of the population. The present paper argues that the… View Article

The Effectiveness Of TV Advertising

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY             Television and advertising have conjoined to form a powerful tool for marketing around the World. The growing influence of advertising and the impact of television have been concomitant. The power of advertising on television is indicated by the vast reach of the medium. The commonly quoted example is of World Cup Football… View Article

TV and Our Children

There is a long term debate about television affecting development of children, its positive and negative impacts, and possible consequences of excessive popularity of TV among young developing personalities. Critics argue on supportive and harmful influence of television on kids, and access the topic from different perspectives: scientific, which is observing of physical changes in… View Article

TV Will Be More Like Computer

The typical television experience is undergoing a revolutionary change. The age of passive broadcast is  over since emerging technologies are now capable of enabling television viewers to select the content that is being beamed into their television sets. The PG Magazine defines interactive television as a system that allows two way communication between a television… View Article

Television And American Society

Introduction Television Programs are aimed at entertainment. In the United States, most of the television programs in existence with the stated aims and objectives, owe their initial background to the practical situation and past experiences encountered by the blacks. When blacks are mentioned, the issue of racial discrimination automatically opens chapter.             The initial situation… View Article

Television Commercials

Television commercials are often amusing and fascinating. A case in point is the new television ad featuring no less than fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker, who is shown as a very fabulous woman who breaks into a glass window along a posh street to get hold of the new “Covet” fragrance.             The quirky theme… View Article

TV Character Evaluation

Part I Write a summary of 350-700 words identifying the contributions of Freud, Jung, and Rogers.             The aspect of psychology explores the field of human behavior, character, and individualism wherein scientists try to uncover the mysteries behind the reasoning and motivation of human action. Through the significant experimentation, observational studies, and the contribution through… View Article

TV Show Violence

Since television became the ubiquitous component of American homes, parents, lawmakers, educators and scholars have worried about its effects on society – particularly on children. Specifically, many people are alarmed over television’s seemingly high level of violence and fear that children who watch frequent violent acts on television may themselves behave more aggressively. Heavy TV… View Article

TV or not to Be?

TV or not to Be? Mass Media plays an important role in socialization, social development and acquisition of cultural and social norms of a person. It has become an important socialization agency in determining the attitudes of young people. And among the mass media, television is said to be with the greatest potential for transmitting… View Article

TV Advertising

The television as a technological innovation is duly recognized by humankind. Television continues to be a potent tool in man’s endeavors for information and entertainment.  Good television programming can teach children essential societal values and offer educational instruction. Parents watching television with their children can take the chance to interact with their kids using the… View Article

Types Of TV Watchers

Television has evolved – we are now seeing more of special effects, fantasy elements, hard-core drama in specialized environments like hospitals or public schools compared to the traditional soap opera with assembled set backdrops. In this globalizing world, television has to compete not only in their own countries for market share, but across the globe…. View Article

Controversial Television Program

My topic is Controversial Television Program; I believe that I can’t exclusively pertain to only one source. Why? Having a specific source restricts the information available for my topic that will hinder the comparisons of the advantages and disadvantages of certain controversial programs. A controversial television program doesn’t necessarily mean it has a “negative” impact… View Article

Plasma Television And LCD Television

Introduction Television technology has continued to evolve to be what it is today since the late 1930s when it was first commercially available. Today the television set has become a very basic household commodity in institutions and homes as source of entertainment and news. The T.V. today has evolved from the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)… View Article

TV and Radio

There are many mediums for information, entertainment and communication purposes. Such as internet, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and others. In this individual talk I’m going to discuss two of them. That is- TV and Radio. First I’m going to start with TV. The TV is one invention, like the car, computer and wheel which has… View Article

Pros & Cons of Television

Nowadays television plays an important role in everyone’s life. By being the source of information, it provides an endless entertainment for the whole family units. As a result, every family now owns a television and television is now becoming a very useful device for every family. So, in this situation we should say that there… View Article

Violence on Television

Used mostly in promotional purposes, television shows that contain violence to any degree have become so rampant. Though there are some provisions that somehow restrict or limit the air time when they are shown and also the extent to which violent acts are shown. I think, still, there must be one good move to be… View Article

Profane Language in Music and MTVs

We often hear from parents how difficult it is to raise children with good values. Although family plays a crucial role, environment still plays the dominant role in affecting a child’s attitude and perception. Included in this environment, and perhaps the most influential, is media. Specifically, as television becomes part of every home, people have… View Article

Culture and Prime Time Television

“Cultural studies is a critical approach that focuses attention on the role of the media as a principal means by which ideology is introduced and reinforced within contemporary culture. One of the central tenets of cultural studies is that the media promote the dominant ideology of a culture” (Silverblatt, 98). Primetime television, programming on television… View Article