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Essay on Television

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Are My Kids Watching Too Much TV?

In conclusion, watching television has several negative outcomes and has to be limited. These negative results hinder the evolution of a person’s thought process, lead to a harmful lifestyle and are time-wasting. Television should not be the way children entertain themselves. Instead, children should be encouraged to exercise and engage in activities both indoors and outdoors. Instead...

Has television destroyed communication among friends and family?

Many of my friends are in similar situations--my best friend, for example, has just finished law school, which took about sixty hours a week of his time. In a word, people nowadays have very little time for anything, but television is not the cause--it is increased desire to succeed. In some situations, however, television has surely contributed to a decrease in communication among family members....

Effects of reality tv on teens

Beyond the reality shows teens, preferably girls, connects reality shows with social media. The teen girls go out partying, just like the reality stars, and spend majority of the night taking pictures of them and their friends. Just like in "Jersey Shore”, when Snooki and J-wow, goes out to a club it’s always about “selfies1” and when it is the right time to post the picture on social medi...

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Television

relatives. Many time children's try to imitate some act, they have seen on television, which is dangerous for them. Children watching scary shows may affect their mental condition. Children watching any violent films have more tendency to develop violent behavior. In conclusion, there are both, advantages and disadvantages, of watching television. And disadvantages are more for the children's. The...

Television and Radio in the Lives of Young Young People Today

A follow-on from my previous point, not only does T.V effect young people’s speech but also their behaviour. There is a lot of violence, drug-abuse, theft and anti-social behaviour shown on T.V these days, and young people sometimes do tend to copy it. It’s bad for the people who imitate these acts but, worse for the people around and the surroundings. Teenagers or children could do some serio...

History of Reality Shows

In 2010, The Tester became the first reality television show aired over a video game console. By 2012, many of the long-running reality television show franchises in the United States, such as American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor, had begun to see declining ratings. However, reality television as a whole remained highly durable in the U.S., with hundreds of shows across many chan...

The media has far too much power over people's opinion

It is as if they will not believe what fellow people say but they will believe the journalist who will make the announcement on TV. A fair example can be one that has to do with politics. The public seems to be driven or even guided during election period and the people tend to use quotes by their favorite politicians in order to persuade their family and friendly environment to vote in favour of ...

Reality Television Does More Harm Than Good

Contention 4: Reality TV is dishonest – it pretends to show “reality” but it actually distorts the truth to suit the programme makers. The shows are not really “real” – they are carefully cast to get a mix of “characters” who are not at all typical. Mostly they show a bunch of young, good-looking self-publicists, who will do anything to get on TV. Usually the programme makers try ...

Marriage Equality

Same sex marriage is one of the most controversial trends that appear in the world today. In today’s society most of us are taught that a marriage should be a union between a man and a woman, as well as, same sex relationships being a sin because it is looked down upon by God. Despite the criticism of gay marriage many states such as Massachusetts, California, New York, and Oregon have made same...

Media Literacy

Unfortunately, while the media are communicating a plethora of sexual messages, many of those messages would not be considered accurate or healthy. For example, while the amount of sexual content on TV has nearly doubled since 1997 very few teen television shows mention any of the responsibilities or risks (e.g., using contraception, pregnancy, STIs) associated with sex and almost none of the sho...

The Positive Impacts of Reality Tv

anything look bad, but knowing the positive points can not be overlooked. And this is an important thing people need to understand and not to follow any saying that's harm things or shows by saying there is nothing benefits by watching it, understand the idea of the show then think about it and figure out how to get benefits from it, even if it was made to be harmful. Like there is nothing perfect...

Television Boon

However, the charm of this entertainment source lies in the fact that television can be used as a stress buster at times. We can watch our favorite comedy show, a nice movie or a game of our choice when we’re depressed. It makes us feel relaxed and lighthearted. From this point of view, I would say television has great advantages. It can make us happy when you need to be. Although the internet t...

Watching TV is a waste of time ?

T.V. corrupts the minds of the youth, contributes to developing an unhealthy lifestyle, and lowers interacting and social skills. People should step out onto the earth and experience what they are watching on T.V. There is always something better to be doing rather than sitting in front of a large box displaying colored motions. As a conclusion, watching television maybe a good way to relax our mi...

Growing Up In The 1990s Vs Growing Up In The 2010s

Through discussing technology, TV shows, and music of the 1990's and 2010's, I can safely say that even though I was only born in 1996, the 90's had less bullies, was more family friendly, and was generally more fun than it would be, being born in the 2010s. However each generation has their own positives and negatives, and not one could ever be perfect. The important thing is to make the best of ...

Causes and Solutions for Crime

Especially, teenagers are easily to be affected and tend to imitate, so the crime rate of the young has raised annually. The authorities need to adopt necessary measures to resolve this problem. For poverty, it has to narrow the gap between the poor and the rich, that is, the government should tax more from the rich and relieve the poor. For TV violence, television and film rating system need to b...

Negative Effect of Media – Television

The efficient solution for avoid the negative influences of television is to reduce the time of watching. New information from various fields often bombard youths’ mind over and over again, in order to eliminate the adversely affects, young people should control the television watching time wisely and do more outdoor activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, watch good educational...

Reality TV - Creative or Cruel

-"Reality Television." Issues & Controversies On File: n. pag. Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 11 Jan. 2008. Web. 21 May 2013. http://www.2facts.com/article/i13000 -"Teens on Television." Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 28 Mar. 2011. Web. 21 May 2013. http://www.2facts.com/article/i1600160 -"Key Events in the History of Teens on Television (sid...

Reality TV VS Real Life TV

There is a sense of entitlement and an expectation of wanting the good life without having to work hard for it. This is reinforced, glorified and perpetuated by the media with shows like 'The Lifestyle of The Rich and Famous.' When all you see is glamour, but not the hard work and sacrifice that goes into achieving success, it only inspires more envy and the desire for a 'get rich quick' scheme le...

Television shows

Watching television is not a waste of time for so many reasons. Lowering a person's blood pressure, providing companionship, being able to avoid depression, teaching a sense of values or teaching an important life lesson are all benefits that can be obtained from spending some time watching a television show. Not to mention being able to learn about other cultures and experience places that one wo...

Television Addiction- a rising problem

Recently, television is a rising problem in people’s lives. It has extremely negative effects on our daily lives. The television effects on children, and elders who watch it for more than the use to watch. The basic is that is good source of entertainment but there are some restrictions that we need to keep in mind while watching television. We can reduce our health risks by watching less televi...

Uses and Abuses of Satellite TV Channels

Thirdly, it has become an addiction for many. This blocks our outdoor recreation which is essential for our physical and mental growth. Whatever be the fact, every age has its technological change. A country cannot remain aloof from it. It has to keep abreast of others. Demand of the masses cannot be ignored. What is important for us is to be mature spectators of satellite TV not to be carried awa...


Another negative psychological element of TV is the influence on interpersonal communication and relationships. TV watching tends to reduce communication in a household. A lot of people like to relax in front of the TV when they get home after work. This is easier than talking to someone else who might need something, or who might want to discuss something that requires your full attention. TV ca...

A broken family


The effects of poor hygiene


Memorable event in my life

The show had to start during sunset, and since it was arranged on the bank of the rive on a hot summer day everything around bacame pink. Trees, river, air, people around -everything was paintad with a tender pink colour. That day was extremely hot but in the evening the air turned to be fresh and clean. The blowing breeze was very pleasent. The show was delayed. At first we were nervous about tha...

Topical Pattern


Television it worst

Because they can't move skillfully and gets tired very quickly. Making the child is not motivated to do some sport. For girls, the maturity may come too early in their lives. These changes will bring premature menstruation. There are many changes that their bodies undergo this epidemic, many times they are not to blame for their eating habits. To conclude, childhood obesity in Puerto Rico is a mat...

Bruce Dawes poems

Enter Without So Much As Knocking (1962)outlines how consumer culture has eroded the individuality of people. This is also evident in Tele Vistas (1977) as Dawe portrays that life can only be seen through a television screen, not through common encounters. The Not So Good Earth (1966)is a very satirical poem that creates black humor through the idea that society has become desensitized to human su...

The disadvantage about television

Recently, some people say that chidren should watch television regularly because they can increase their knowledge through this way. This may be true; however, if parents do not choose the programs wisely, they just bring out nothing but dangers. Besides, there are many ways that children can do to study and relax. Joining a club at school is an easy and effective choice for them. It will help the...

“The Plug-In Drug: Television, Computers, and Family Life” by Marie Winn

Winn believes that some people know that they have a problem but, they still find more enjoyment keeping their eyes glued to the television. She also argues that television weakens social bonds and makes people lose a sense of reality and time. Winn final point is that television much like drugs and alcohol can never quench a person thirsty for television and will never satisfy a person’s appet...

Deviance on Television

They portray the actual workings of real societal institutions and reflect accurately common cultural attitudes, values, and beliefs. Not only does television shows reflect societal goals and norms, but that content changes on television broadcasts are largely due to changes in social values and sensibilities. The changes in cultural mores give rise to new genres of television and new formulas for...

A character from a book, movie, or television program

Aragorn son of Arathorn or more commonly known as Strider by Samwise Gamgee, one of his respected nine companions in the Fellowship of the Ring, is a very interesting character. From the very start of the movie, he stood out from all the other characters. As a result, he had caught so much of my attention that I would eagerly await all of his appearance in every scene of The Lord of the Rings tril...

Watching TV Makes You Smarter

This also gives a sense of credibility to the character of James by repeatedly mentioning his accomplishment. Rhimes final transition includes going from repetition to the use of contradiction. She focuses on the idea of stereotypes and how a “war hero” cannot be “gay”. She places these phrases together in order to declare that in the perspective of James “gay is not okay”. Contradicti...

Pros and cons

From the young to adults and from schools to work environments, people are going over about the truth shows they have seen. The reality programs have actually become a typical subject for the individuals that seperates the various topic for various age variety. From this, drawbacks can be observed because this causes a line to be drawn in between the young and the adult. Parents and children will ...

The influence of violent media on aggression

The assigned readings and literature emphasise typical themes and arguments encapsulating the topic of how media violence influences aggression. The majority of this literature indicated that media violence has an extensive impact on aggression especially when associated with the youth. Within this literature report, there is evidence of these particular themes and arguments. Further, the levels o...

TV has bad effects on children: Agree or disagree

Thus, it will be difficult for the society to keep pace with its demands and maintain high standards of an advanced one in the future. The last but certainly not least, research has proved that children are exposed to huge information which just some of them is educational and they do not always understand the difference. For instance, television can have serious sexual content and much violence w...

Impact Of Satellite TV On Our Culture

19.Business in today’s market is very competitive. To operate profitably in any business, the focus must be customer oriented. Like any other business, cable TV should also provide the customers with the channels they like most and improve the quality of sound and picture. People who provide the cable broadcast have a great resp towards today’s world. Therefore, corrected effort should be made...

Media Uses According to Gratification Theory

Baran, S. J. (2012). Introduction to mass communication: Media literacy and culture (Updated 7th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill. ISBN-13: 9780077403898 Abelman, R. (n.d.). Why do people watch religious tv?: A uses and gratification approach. Retrieved from http://content.ebscohost.com/pdf9/pdf/1987/GTT/01Dec87/11062625.pdf?T=P&P=AN&K=11062625&S=R&D=...

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