Popular Music And Children

Music has a major influence in the socialization of kids and we can consider them adolescents (a growing child to be teenager). Nowadays, there are many popular music are published in public and it is considered as entertainment and it provides distraction from problems and it gives alternative way to relieve stress and boredom. Some researches have proven that adolescents who are suffering from loneliness will listen to their favourite songs to control their emotional status. As we know, music which provides a background for romance will serve as the basis for establishing relationships in diverse settings.

Sometimes, adolescent will use music to find their identity and to overcome the problems related to their specific developmental stage and that their music preference may reflect their disturbance, confusion or uncertainty.

The option of choosing their favourite music, their reactions and their interpretation of that kind of music vary with culture, age and ethnicity. Some findings also indicates that there is also a difference between the genders.

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Females are more likely than male to use music to show their mood in particularly when they are lonely or ‘down’. On the other hand, male are prone to listen to ‘stimulant’ music to gain strong spirit and create a more positive image of themselves. To learn more about the importance of music in kids (adolescents), aged 14 to 16 years, they are listening to music a mean of 40 hours per week. Some adolescents also listen to music while doing their tasks or activities. The reason of this are that they feel relaxed and peaceful and they can concentrate more on their tasks without feeling depressed with a lot of burden on their shoulder to finish their work.

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To support the evidence above, the prevalence of music in adolescents might be higher than that of television viewing. The reason for this is the popular music is available everywhere, from car’s radio to supermarket or shopping mall. Moreover, the children from 8 to 10 years old listen to music in an average of one hour each day. With the help of advance technology like iPad and iPods, they are able too to assess and listen to music easily. According to this, the finding has proven that popular music has affected on children’s social life includes schoolwork, interaction between people, behaviour as well as attitude and also the mood of daily life. Some lyrics of some genres are very related to the effect of children and adolescent. Over the years, lyrics have become more clearly in their references to drugs, sex, and violence.

Without our concern, nowadays, many lyrics of some songs have sexual content especially heavy metal and rock. As the songs can obtain everywhere, many parents are unaware of this matters that can affect their children’ attitude and also behaviour. But, some parties denied this matter as they consider as entertainment for children, that no attention should be paid to the words. To them, if any attention is given, understanding tends to be limited and related to the experiences lived by the listener. This is very dangerous because most of children and adolescent like their songs because of the lyrics as it can reflect their feelings. Some findings says that some listeners will not understand the lyrics in details but they can recognize enough to obtain some ideas of the message they bring. There are some music can be correlated with bad behaviour such as drug and alcohol use.

One study has been carried out suggested that probably the best influence of risk in adolescents is their self-report of negative feelings when they are listening to any type of music. Heavy metal and some rock music have some dangerous messages to the listener to be involved in commit suicide. The children or adolescent who are listening to these types of music have some discipline problems with school authorities and teachers. As compared to who are not fanatic to heavy metal or rock music, they do not have any problems in their school. This shows that some music have some negative influences to the listeners. In addition, heavy metal listeners will have a great tendency to engage in reckless behaviour. Apart from that, we can also meet these people with strange appearance which is in ‘black’ or also known as gothic. Hence, many people have bad stigma and vision on them because of their appearance and attitude in their life.

Besides, music video also has its own influence toward children and also adolescent. Video is a unique kind of presenting the music which can attract children to listen the music with interesting entertainments. Nowadays, many parents use the music video to entertain their children by using their smartphones. With this way, parents can also teach the children to listen and speak based on the video. Therefore, the children can learn and gain a lot of knowledge to be applied in their life. However, some parents do not take a serious action on controlling the use of gadget among their children. As we know, children have inquiry spirit and are eager to learn something new in their life. In Malaysia, there is a video from another country which viral around the country that there is a kid watching a video that has sexual content.

Analysis of the content in music videos is crucial because sometimes that kind of videos are not suitable to be watched. Exposure to violence, sexual messages, use of substances of abuse in music video may produce significant changes in behaviour and attitude in young viewer. Evidence in 1999 Kalof reported that the student who are involved with sexual images showed more acceptance of adversarial relation than those were no exposed. It is similar with listen to only music as the music video can also expose the children to alcohol use. Western music video is the worst video as it can influent the children or adolescent to be involved with pub, wild party and disco. Indirectly, they will be exposed to the drug consumption due to peer pressure.

From the evidences that have been discussed below, we know that there are many side effect of listening to music. So as a human being, we have to choose music which contain good impact in our daily life. Parents also must take a precautionary step to show the video music to the children and also control uses of the gadget so that they are not exposed with negative attitudes and behaviours. Due to influence of music is very related to the children and adolescent, paediatrician is very important as they know all about the children. Parents can refer to the paediatrician to know their children’s growth whether in the right path or not. A paediatrician can also give some advice the public about the children specific in music influence.

Providing some steps on how to control and choose good music to the children on advertisement board is the best way to realize and give some ideas to the parents to avoid from bad effect of music to their children. The music-video industry should produce videos with more positive themes about relationships, racial harmony, drug avoidance, nonviolent conflict resolution, sexual abstinence, pregnancy prevention, and avoidance of promiscuity. If the children are exposed to the good moral values from the music videos, they will be good generation in the future.

Therefore music companies must not just focus on profit only but they have to think the next generation because, to see the future, we have to see the new generation right now. Last but not least, the government also have a major role to control the music in the country. The government have to construct a new rules for music especially to the children in order to ensure the next generation is not exposed to the negative effect of music. Plus, the government must also do alternative way to take a good care children nowadays. As a saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Just think, we all have a responsibility to protect endangered species, both for their sake and for the sake of our own future generation.

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