Music Appreciation Concert Report: Manhattan School Of Music

A Music Concert Report

I had attended a music concert held at Manhattan School of Music at 8:00 pm Friday, November 08. The concert was directed with various types of music using many instruments. The environment was penetrating as the concert hall was about the dimensions of an average home living room with about 45 people in the spectators. The concert was separated into two main parts with an interval of 15 minutes among the parts. In this concert report, I would like to concentrate on primarily the music pieces I've enjoyed and the understanding I have had.

The first part of the concert was varied and colorful as the opening two pieces were presented by both cello and violin. As the continuo bass and stable tempo was continued throughout the whole piece therefore these two pieces were very dark. The melodies came typically from the cello, which was highlighted the most. The harmonies were conclusively at times a bit frustrating to the ear. As for an average citizen with imperfect quantity of musical information the harmonies were very unfamiliar and problematic to consume.

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Appreciation of Classical Music For the Soul

The melodies were at time very emotional with a abrupt gust of excitement which maybe an appearance of anger. The second part of the concert was limited in variety but with a thicker texture. The instruments involved only the piano the interesting part however, was that two pianos played a single piece as a duet. It was my first time I was seeing two pianos located right across each other singing the same piece.

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The starter of Mozart's Sonata for two pianos in D major had a cute back to back tune.

The piece sounded as like a couple, who are just starting a relationship, were singing to each other about their feelings. The rest of the pieces were done either by a solo or duet which was pretty good but didn't leave as much as an impression as the sonata for two pianos. This was my first chamber music concert and saying credibly my experience was touching. The complete concert was long about two hours and those two hours feels long for someone who never been to a classical concert before.


The atmosphere was very intense, but it also comes with a good advantage of staying focus only to the music.

The former's distance to the audience was very close, which was allowing me to speculate each single emotion being produce throughout the concert. The celling of the room itself was very tall, which made this unique echo that enlarged the sounds of the instruments. The audience appeared very professionate as total silence was the only rejoinder they had until the end of the piece. The overall concert was an amazing experience and I am looking forward to attending another such like chamber music concert soon.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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