Concert Report: Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington

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I have picked three videos from the given Concert Report and Guidelines list. The videos that I have chosen were, Spring from the Four Seasons by Vivaldi, When the Saints Go Marching In by Louis Armstrong, and Take the A Train by Duke Ellington. The last two pieces were my favorite out of the three so those are the videos I will be explaining in this essay.

I appreciated Louis Armstrong's piece the most. I was truly delighted in the beat of this melody and it fulfilled me.

My response to this was a cheerful and uplifting response. It allowed me to think back to when I was younger. I was influenced to truly listen cautiously to every one of the instruments that was involved in this piece and I could discover how they all cooperated. I felt a profound association between the music and the entertainers since it was anything but difficult to tell the amount they adore the music they were making.

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I saw that the artists were all happy and having a great time.

I have perceived a wide range of instruments, tunes, elements, and so forth. This piece has an exceptionally smooth tune. It was conjunct and simple to chime in to. It was hard to keep yourself from chiming in to. It was noteworthy of how elevating the sound of the instruments were and how it was additionally a consonant. I was able to decide the meter of the music and decided that it was quick, yet there was no syncopation.

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You can without much of a stretch move to this.

The assortment of instruments and voices I perceived was trumpets, a piano, English horn, saxophone, clarinet, and performer who was chiming in with the lady. The surface sounded polyphonic and it does not change as it goes. I would view this music as extremely boisterous. Notwithstanding when the instruments were not playing at the time, the singing of the man and lady was still noisy.

Louis Armstrong was renowned for being a performer, soloist, film star and humorist. His most mainstream pieces that he is most known for is, “La Vie En Rose”, “Star Dust”, and “What a Wonderful World”. The piece that I have picked is not regular for this current arranger's style. It was also a lot quicker and more intense than the majority of his well known pieces. This piece fits in inside the writer's master works since it is in every type of jazz music.

I really and truly appreciated Duke Ellington's piece. Tuning in to it just satisfies me in view of the peppy beat and his singing. I truly like how it begins with simply a piano and after that how the various instruments participate. By the manner in which the vocalist sings and plays the bass in the meantime, you can tell just by his vitality in the amount and way he appreciates performing and associates with the bass.

He moves his body alongside the beat of the music and moves his head alongside it to indicate how he is so into the bit of music being played. In this music the tune was precise and conjunct which makes it simple to chime in to. The harmony was major and a consonant. It was difficult to decide the meter of the music. I would feel that this show is more moderate than quick since when I try to move to it, I go with the beat and I begin completing a moderate movement going forward and backward. There was no syncopation and it was very easy to move to. The various instruments I heard in this would be a piano, violins, trumpets, English horns, saxophones, and the artists voice who is singing. This surface sounds more polyphonic and it was more quiet than noisy. It changes in the starting point when it begins with just the piano and continues by the various instruments hopping in.

Duke Ellington was said to be the most critical composer’s ever while being a band leader and keeping his team together for a long time. He additionally composed film scores and state musicals. One of Ellington's master works, “Take the A Train”, truly fits with “It Don’t Mean a Thing”. I think they have comparable harmonies and utilize similar instruments. They are similar to me and I can tell that this jazz music is normal for his style.

I was truly ready and up for tuning in to these shows and improving my comprehension about all of these diverse composers alongside the majority of the distinctive instruments. I really trust that I am beginning to show signs of improvement at distinguishing all the wording. I can now say that I have a better understanding to tune in to various types of music than the music I normally listen to.

Updated: Aug 06, 2021
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