Sal Malaki Concert Reaction Paper

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We are very much interested in music and upon hearing that we will be watching a musical concert we felt excited. The music pieces used in concert were based on Rizal’s travelling expeditions all over Europe. It was mainly classical music and we were amazed by how Sal Malaki sang because nowadays, people are so into pop that they have forgotten the beauty of music as a whole, including the other genres, especially the classics. The concert was amazing all throughout and it was a show that any music lover would regret not watching.

It was the 13th of December after classes that afternoon, students were in a hurry waiting for a jeepney, for a musical was made; talents were showed at the south campus Rudolf Rahmann Cultural Center that evening. It started at around 7pm and ended at exactly 9pm. We were also required to watch the musical arrived at the USC-SC at around 7:45 pm.There were a lot of Carolinian watching and supported the event.

We saw e teacher which I didn’t really know sang a song the moment we entered the cultural center. That was why a lot of students were shouting, cheering for the mister on stage. We were also able to see the University dance troupe dancing there native dances that was well performed and very colorful, as colorful as the lights in Christmas seasons, especially when they danced the Pastores song.

Wefelt the essence of Christmas by that time. Too bad we were not able to see their performance in the first part, a lot of our friends who saw it said it was great.

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Well, teacher, students and guests were performing; we were clapping, laughing and amazed by the groups and individuals showcasing their talents. They were accompanied by very great local musicians. It was good for a local musical. Among all the songs, “Pamulinawen in Ilocano” and “This could be the day” in English were my favorite songs.

After all those things, picture taking was made. We took a picture with the USC dance troupe. Until such time, little by little students were going out, in was hard for us to take a cab as we go to our respective homes. All in all, it was a successful event,Good thing we were part of it. We hope there will be a lot of other musical shows from local and other countries that will be performed here at USC. We surely are a proud Carolinian.

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Sal Malaki Concert Reaction Paper
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