Playing an Instrument Essay

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Playing an Instrument

People have different reasons for doing things. Some believe that writing, playing instrument and eating give joy and happiness. When we talk of instrument, different things crop up, such as musical instruments, working instruments, manufacturing instruments etc. In this work, there will be comprehensive details about playing an instrument. We will focus only on playing a musical instrument. For this purpose, we will cover the different aspect of musical instrument.

How people learn to play instruments, what benefits people get from playing an instrument, when to buy a musical instrument etc. There are different types of musical instruments, such as the guitar, keyboard, flute, saxophone etc. Musical instruments are of different types. We have the string instruments, wind instruments, percussion instruments etc. Under each of these groups, we then have different instruments. For instance, under string instruments we have the violin, harp and guitar.

These instruments are played in different ways, for instance playing a piano involves buying a preferred type, installing, getting a good teacher to put one through and trying different styles and listening to music, which will give insight into how the instrument must sound when been played. In the world today, playing any type of musical instrument have become some lovers’ of music priority. People try to learn how to play a musical instrument at all cost. Then who can play an instrument? What is of paramount is the interest in learning to play.

If the interest is not there then, playing or learning might be a problem. When this issue has been established, the next thing is getting a good tutor who can take one through the rudiments of playing such an instrument. There are things that should be put in place in other to learn how to play a musical instrument. One of such things is patience. This is one aspect should be taken seriously. In other, to learn anything in life the issue of patience cannot be taken for granted. You have to be patient. Another issue is the practice.

You have to be repeating or practicing this act almost every time or everyday in other to master it. Learning to play an instrument is not a days or weeks job. This act has to be continuous and consistent for sometime until one is perfect. Another aspect is paying attention to the rudiments or skilled that will be needed in learning the instrument. There should be full concentration. However, people have different motives for learning how to play an instrument of any kind. In the context of our discussion, people desire to play instrument because of what they will get.

These might come in form of financial reason, pleasure or happiness. Why some specific people may want to learn how to play instrument because of the financial benefit that is attached to it, others may what to learn how to play these instrument at leisure or for pleasure. Then what are the benefits of playing an instrument. One of such is that this act teaches discipline because playing an instrument is like trying to learn a new language, which in some cases can be demanding. Therefore, you have to be disciplined in other to learn how to play these instruments.

Another benefit one can get from playing an instrument is can be having a sense of accomplishment. At start, when one starts to learn it might look like a challenge, but when the act is mastered, one can be proud of it. It can also be a means of exercise. Sometimes when we are strained out we can just try our hands on an instrument to cool off and relax. Moreover, there are different problems people may encountered when playing an instrument. For instance in buying a grand piano the issue of quality is vital.

If you want buy any instrument there are some things that are vital and of most important. Quality is one of the things that are vital. In addition, costs and functions are also vital. For example, the work of a lead guitar is different from the bass guitar. There can also be problem caused by the instruments itself such as the bowing of the violin. These can be harmful on the part of the person playing it. In conclusion, playing of any instrument depends on different aspect of life: interest, skills and efforts. This write up has been able to give meaning to the phrase playing an instrument.

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