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Disney World Speech

Paper type: Speech
Pages: 4 (792 words)
Categories: Art,Cinematography,Walt Disney,World
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Views: 810

“The happiest place on earth” “Where dreams come true” I bet at least one of you in this room thought immediately of Walt Disney World. Well you are right. I am here to inform you about the happiest place on earth. Disney World has a huge impact on me and my family and This is one of our favorite places to travel due to the Adventures. Knowing that I could probably go on all day about this wonderful place, I am going to take you through a mini tour of the four attractions Disney has to offer.

We will start at the very first park that was open to the public and that was Magic Kingdom. The main icon in Magical Kingdom is Cinderella Castle. This castle has always been so beautiful ever since I first saw it. There are many attractions as you stroll through Magic Kingdom. You can visit Main street where they offer shopping and dining. You can then head over to Fantasyland to meet the princesses and to visit their castles, you can also head over to Tomorrow-land where you’re able to ride my two favorite rides Space Mountain, and into the future.

Speaking of the future, Many people would like to travel to the future, so let’s head over to Epcot. The first thing you see when entering Epcot is the big huge silver ball. This is where Spaceship Earth is located. This ride you learn all about communication. Some favorite times I have had in Epcot is traveling to the future, soaring over California, and building my own vehicle. As I grew up my favorite part of Epcot became the world’s showcase wall. Hear you can go to many different countries, learning about their food, their cultures, their clothing, and their different artifacts.

Through amazing animations of the countries you can learn so much. Speaking of animations Hollywood Studios is a good place to go if you want to learn about Disney’s animations. This is where Animation Courtyard is located. Hear you are able to see how ideas from animators actually became Disney characters in films. Now I am not the best drawer but people who are would love this. While at hollywood studios you are able to enjoy many attractions. A very scary and one of my favorites is the tower of terror. This is a tower where you go to the very tippy top and drop all the way down. If you are a scared cat then maybe a roller coaster would do? Hollywood Studios is where my all time favorite roller coaster is located. This is a pitch dark, indoor, adventurous ride. My favorite part about it is that is contributes to rock-in roll music and I love that! The last park I would like to inform you about is Animal Kingdom. What I love most about this park is the real live animals.

One thing my family and I did ever year was take the Safari Ride. This consists of seeing and learning about the different kinds of animals such as elephants, giraffes, and rhinos. The neat thing you’ll learn about is why the animals are there. Many of these animals and other species are preserved in the park because many of them are facing endangerment. Interesting fact I learned from Disney World and this Safari Ride was why to recycle. As a child I learned why we Recycle and that is because it helps the animals. One thing I will always remember about Animal Kingdom is their Shows and musicals. Two of which include The Lion King and The bear Necessities.

I would like to share some fun facts about Disney I thought was very interesting that most people do not actually know. Did you know that Mickey Mouse has 290 outfits that he wears on a regular basic? Minnie Mouse wears 200 of those. Another fun fact that some people do not know is that Walt did not like the way trash was picked up on the streets. So when he created his theme park he wanted the trash system to be different then normal. He made a collection system where trash is jetted underground so that no one can see the trash. This makes Disney World a very clean and safe environment.

As the tour ends, I hope that one day you are able to enjoy this wonderful place the way I was able to enjoy it. I could explain to you all so much more of this wonderful place but I would take up your whole day. With just one visit all of your dreams will come true, just like mine did. Disney started off as an imagination and became a well-known established park that will forever be expanding.

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