A Backstage Life Changing Experience

For the past five years I have been going to concerts. Time and time again I have seen my favorite band Less Than Jake. Four days after my 16 birthday, my view of them changed forever. That was the day I went from fan to friend of today’s most popular punk/ska band. The day started normal, well as normal as a Saturday can be when you’re going to a concert. I woke up, watched cartoons, took a shower and then left with my friend Kevin to go to the mall.

At the mall we walked around for a hour or so then went to get something to eat at A&W. We left A&W and went to St. Andrews Hall for the concert that started at four. Inside St. Andrews I started to talk to this girl named Jessica.

I started spilling my guts about how it was my birthday a couple of days ago and that LTJ was my favorite band.

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She told me to wait right here and she would be back in a few minutes. She walked away and I realized who she was, I felt very stupid. I turned around to wait for the show to start. A few moments later she comes back and says “Happy Birthday” as she hands me a backstage pass. The first band just started to play and she kept talking but I couldn’t hear her. If it was because of the music or just how shocked I was.

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Anyway she started to walk away and she motioned for me to follow her. In my state of shock I followed her through the crowd to their dressing room backstage. Being backstage was the experience of my life; I never wanted to leave. Everything was free and to me at the time the two best things were I was underage and drinking and I was hanging out with my favorite band. When I finally sat down and talked to them I could not believe how laid back and happy to talk to me they where. I mean they didn’t care about making money as much as they cared about making their fans happy. Shawn the rodie /manager /friend of the band came and told them they had ten minutes before they went on.

Vinnie had me follow him, he took me onstage and sat me down on the side so I could see them and the crowd. The lights dimmed and all of them came and began playing “Ask the Magic Eightball”, the crowd started to go wild. After their third song “Black Coffee” Chris introduced me and LTJ played “Happy Birthday” to me. To cap of my night the last song they played “Jen Doesn’t Like Me Anymore” Roger grabbed me and let me sing along with Chris. After the show they said goodbye and gave me a free jacket. Since then every time Less Than Jake is around the area, I am on the guest list with a backstage pass and I get to sit on stage during their set until the last song which they let everyone on stage sing with Chris. On that day I went from fan to friend and ever since we write via email 2 or 3 times a month just to keep in touch.

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