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Life Changing Desicion Narrative

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (695 words)
Categories: Art,Career,Critical Thinking,Human,Life,Occupations,Teacher,Thinking
Downloads: 27
Views: 840

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine my life decision making such a great impact with in my life while seeming so small. Any decision made in life will co-exist with some type of consequence; in which can be wonderful, terrible, or in between. Even if a decision seems minor, it may create a remarkable impact in any life. As for me, my decision was nearly clear since I was young. Art was always a passion and hobby of mine in which I have always wanted to pursue it as a livelihood.

With the decision I have made, I will be able to create an occupation of art by attending Edinboro University!

As a child, I have always contemplated the career I would have as an adult. The interesting careers of my thoughts as a child have dramatically changed and would completely disagree with my personality and passion today. I have debated the future career I would chase for the longest time.

Finally, I made the decision to become an art teacher last year. After making that decision, I was able to decide the perfect school for the livelihood I am chasing. After applying to two schools and getting accepted to both, I believe I had to make the biggest life altering decision. Each school had great benefits but the reason for choosing Edinboro was the amazing art department and teachers. It was the most suited school for the life I was pursuing. This was probably the most stressful time of my life as well. It would be pretty difficult to turn back from this decision now.

It was also a bothersome concept for me to think if I would be college material. The media and even some student make college seem like it is the most difficult time in your life. They even made it seem like each teacher you have will pile 5 hours of homework on you every day. Most make classes seem like 3 hour long lectures and classes with a teacher that will not teach you anything. In reality, the teachers are only there to help you succeed and will do what they can to help you reach your goal. Only certain classes contain plenty of home work while other classes give little to none and classes are not long, everyday, nor are they as large as others make it seem (that is unless you go to a larger college).

One thought that has always been put to the test to me and always went through my mind was if my skill was good enough for a college level. Usually I would put many of my skills down and think it could be better. Perhaps that is a good thought because it will motivate me to become better but as an artist, I need to become confident in the things I create. Throughout the semester my skills will definitely improve somewhat rapidly. When people see my creations, they are usually amazed when really; I don’t think it is good. That feeling will always be there; but I will be able to hide it more and have a little more confidence in my work.

Everyone always has the concern of going somewhere brand new without knowing a single person beforehand, especially if you will be living there with no family. I was very nervous and anxious as to if people would like me and if I would make friends here. Fortunately, on the second day, I met some people that were similar to me. We have been friends since and the campus is so large, I always see new faces and make friends with new people all the time!

After graduating college, I will become happy with my career and my dream of a happy life will come true. College is not as complicated as it may seem to be. It has ups and downs but I’ve made so many friends and I am learning so much. Also, I cannot wait to see how much my artistic skills improve this year. There is still a long way to go, but I believe I have made the best and biggest decision coming to Edinboro.

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