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Social Stratification

Social stratification
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The term social stratification refers to, "the division of society into layers, these layers are distinguished by unequal rewards and life chances."(Brown K 2000) Sociologists use the term to refer to the structure of society and the way in which people are classified. Social classification is a method of grouping individuals who have similar wealth, income and occupation. There are many ways people can be divided into groups. In years gone by a person's gender would have been a major…...
Social Stratification in “The Great Gatsby”
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West Eggers are portrayed by Fitzgerald as the ‘new rich’ people who are ostentatious, have made their fortunes too quickly and don’t really have any deep connections and lack aristocratic values. They are characterized by lavish displays of wealth (Gatsby’s mansion). East eggers on the other hand are the old rich who are more aristocratic, and more connected with the traditional values. Having said that though, overall, both east eggers and west eggers are fashionable in their wealth, even thought…...
SIMROC Reflection
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The SIMROC project is based on society as a whole and split into many different layers. There are the upper class, the upper middle class, the middle class and the lower class. The upper class in the game were the green (capitalists), the upper middle class were represented by yellow, the middle class were blue, the purple were the working poor, and the reds were the underclass. I was a part of the purples (the working poor) and had little…...
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Theoretical Paradigms
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Introduction Theoretical paradigms allow sociologists to analyze effectively virtually any dimension of society.  It is a set of fundamental assumptions that guides thinking and research.  Two among the three paradigms in sociology that I want to compare and contrast in terms of their strengths and weaknesses of their explanatory value for social inequalities are the Conflict Approach and Functionalism Approach. The Conflict Approach is a theoretical framework based on the assumption that society is a complex system characterized by inequality…...
Distinguish egalitarian, rank, and stratified societies in anthropology
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There are universally acclaimed structures of society and these can either be useful for the people or not. One of the many political doctrines that can be helpful to the individuals of a society is Egalitarianism. Egalitarian is described be as a kind of society which gives equal rights and opportunities to the individuals. Egalitarian societies offer equal treatments to their people, equivalent rights to resources, equivalent in moral status and equivalent rights of the laws and church and they…...
Extent to Which Social Stratification Is Usefull and Inevitable in Society
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We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal. With these familiar words of the Declaration of Independence, the founders of America established social equality as a guiding principle. Yet for almost a century after the document was signed, slavery was common in much of the United States, and legal infringement of the rights of women and black Americans continued for almost two centuries. Today,the “Inalienable right” to “life,liberty,and pursuit of happiness” is still not…...
Systems of Social Stratification
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The caste, the class and the colour-bar are among the systems of social stratification. The main aim of this essay is to compare and contrast these systems as well as indicating their advantages and disadvantages to development. The essay begins with defining the key terms which include comparing, contrasting and development. It further goes on to define as well as explain social stratification itself, the caste, the class and the colour-bar systems respectively. The essay further talks about the advantages…...
Gender as a Dimension of Social Stratification
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Everyone knows and speaks about equality between men and women, and we just conclude that men and women are not equal. Gender is considered a major dimension of social stratification since the responsibilities of both men and women are different which can be traced since old times. The society provides more power to men rather than women resulted consider gender as an important dimension of social stratification. The family is considered as the basic unit of society and that the…...
Pygmalian and Its Appropriation
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Texts reflect the context of the time in which they are composed as well as the culture their respective society possess. This is evident in Pygmalion, a play by George Bernard Shaw and its appropriation She's All that, a film directed by Robert Iscove. In these two texts, the same Pygmalion myth is approached from two different viewpoints to reflect distinctly the context of the time in which each was written. Shaw, through the use of a wide range of…...
Functionalist and Marxist Theories of Stratification
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Stratification is the separation of society into layers which are distinguished by unequal rewards and life chances and many systems of stratification have been based on slavery, caste and feudalism. Slavery, being the oldest and most extreme form of stratification, involves the enslavement or ownership of others. This ownership came about as a result of conquest, trade, kidnapping, hereditary status or the repayment of a debt. The classic example of the caste system is based on the Hindu religion, where…...
Social Stratification Essay
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Social stratification is defined as, “a concept involving the classification of people into groups based on shared economic conditions… a relational set of inequalities with economic, social, political, and ideological dimensions”. All societies around the world people have different terms for social and biological characteristics like age, gender, and size, ethnic backgrounds etc. when the characteristics are valued differently we tend to start having social inequality and social stratification. We’re ranked and evaluated according to social values, and the results…...
Sociological Studies Quiz
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Pages • 20
1. Some people accuse sociologists of observing conditions that are obvious. How does looking at sociology as “making the familiar strange” help counter this claim? How does sociology differ from simple commonsense reasoning? Sample answer: Sociologists may appear to study conditions that are obvious, but by making the familiar strange, they are able to move beyond commonsense reasoning and use evidence to really understand a topic. For example, students will say that they plan to marry for love, but society…...
Systems and Theories of Social Statification
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Social stratification is the division of large numbers of people into layers according to their relative power, property, and prestige. It applies to both nations and to people within a nation, society, or other group. Social stratification affects all of one's life chances from the access to material processions to their position in society to their life expectancy. Although they may differ as to which system of social stratification they employ, all societies stratify their members. The four major systems…...
Social Stratification and Classism
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Class is a relative social rank in terms of income, wealth, education, occupational status, and power. Nevertheless, classism is the bias or discrimination on the basis of social class. Classism is the institutional, cultural, and individual set of practices and beliefs that assign differential worth to people according to their socioeconomic class and an economic system that develops excessive inequalities and causes standard human needs to go unmet. I would define myself as belonging to the upper middle class. Upper…...
Social Stratification and The Great Gatsby
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No matter which facet we view society from we have always been divided by social class. Whether it is wealth, power, or family, the majority of people cannot seem to resist having a prejudice against individuals belonging to a different social class because of one of these aspects. Since the beginning of civilization society has been divided due to wealth, which usually goes hand in hand with power and family. The novel The Great Gatsby is an excellent example of…...
The Functionalist Theory of Stratification
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The Functionalist theory of stratification is more relevant According to Haralambus and Holborn, stratification is referred to as a particular form of social inequality. That is, the presence of distinct groups which are ranked one above the other in terms of factors such as prestige and wealth. Functionalism and Marxism are both sociological perspectives that ask and state certain theories about society and the people that live within it. They both explain how society influences people and how people influences…...
Karl Marx and Max Weber About Society
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Karl Marx and Max Weber are among the famous theorist who formed the pillar of the study of society. This come about in their contradict theories the conflict and protestant ethic respectively. It is understood that these two people lived in different eras, Marx being exposed to conditions and perspectives of the eighteen century whilst Weber dwells in the nineteen century where noticeable changes on the fast emergence of innovative technology, and a path where modernity take its toll (the…...
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Extent to Which Social Stratification Is Usefull and Inevitable in Society

...As is alluded by the functionalist theory and the Davis Moore thesis,it plays a vital part in the operation of society and as such has beneficial consequences as discussed. And as alluded by the conflict theory that it is not entirely beneficial to t...