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Social and Cultural Effect of Tourism
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Tourism in a particular area can have distinctive effect on the social and cultural aspect of life, depending on the strengths and weakness of that specific region. The main reason of these impacts of tourism is because tourism brings about changes in the value system and behavior of the local population, thereby threatening the native identity. Furthermore, changes often occur in community structure, family relationships, traditional life style, rituals and ethics. There are many positive as well as negative changes…...
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Crimes and Anti Social Activities in UK
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Pages • 22
Antisocial behaviourt The construction of a crime Now the New Labour government has revealed its 'respect' agenda, the problem of 'antisocial behaviour' has moved to the forefront of political debate. But what is it? by Stuart Waiton 'Antisocial: opposed to the principles on which society is constituted.' (Oxford English Dictionary, 1885). 'Antisocial: contrary to the laws and customs of society; causing annoyance and disapproval in others: children's antisocial behaviour.' (Oxford English Dictionary, 1989). 'Antisocial behaviour' is used as a catch-all…...
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