Social and Cultural Effect of Tourism

Tourism in a particular area can have distinctive effect on the social and cultural aspect of life, depending on the strengths and weakness of that specific region.

The main reason of these impacts of tourism is because tourism brings about changes in the value system and behavior of the local population, thereby threatening the native identity. Furthermore, changes often occur in community structure, family relationships, traditional life style, rituals and ethics.

There are many positive as well as negative changes in the social and cultural aspect of life in Puerto Princesa, Palawan were the underground river is located.

Positive Impact: the tourist buzz about Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Park would bing more benefits to the local community and To boost tourism huge money will be invested to preserve the local heritage, which will improve infrastructure

To provide better facilities to the tourist it would improve the education system, a lot of good firms would invest there for better leisure facilities and organizing frequent social events and thus the local people would get a better lifestyle.

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The interaction with the tourists and mixing with people from diverse backgrounds would create a cosmopolitan culture in the region.

Due to the demand for better services, varied employment opportunities are created within the region and this would give a boost to the economy of Puerto Princesa.

Negative Impact: Due to the heavy traffic in the region, the present infrastructure may not be able to cope up the increased rush thus leading to overcrowding, poor sanitation which may further lead to diseases both to the tourists as well as local people.

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The intrusion of outsiders in the area may disturb the local culture and create unrest among the people. The local people might start to copy the lifestyles of tourists through the demonstration effect and the result could be loss of native customs and traditions. Some people may enter into criminal activities to fetch easy money from tourists that lead to increased crime and anti social activities and loss of moral and religious values.

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Social and Cultural Effect of Tourism

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