Renaissance Essay Topics

Renaissance And Baroque

The word “baroque” originally was a derogatory term. It was used to describe objects that are absurd or grotesque. However, it is the best word to pertain to the art form that involves deliberate contortion, twisting, and interruption of rigid, symmetrical, and complex forms that the late-16th century artists grew tired of. When the Renaissance… View Article

Renaissance Artifacts

OBJECTIVE Renaissance world-view can be characterized by its humanistic orientation. The objective of this work is to analyze cultural artifacts from the Renaissance showing how they reflect the values of the time and will incorporate the testimony of two experts in the field.   INTRODUCTION             The manner in which the expression of values that… View Article

A Roman Revolution

It was May 30, 1347.   The city was once at the center of the world, and varying nations vied to pay homage.   Since that time, however, its institutions, its buildings, and its very name seem to have been forgotten by time.   Local nobility compete for control while the rest of the populace starved, and banditry… View Article

The Italian Renaissance

Introduction The literature of the Renaissance featured heroism, justice and power, influencing modern political, social and philosophical ideals. In contrast to the middle ages where censorship limited to themes and genres for literature, the Renaissance served as platform for public commentary and discussion. However, it should also be noted that though many of the writers… View Article

The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

The Renaissance, which took place in the fifteenth century, was an important time for artist. For many years, art had not played a significant role in the lives of individuals. Instead they had worked hard and worshiped a god that they felt was out to destroy them. Then came the Renaissance when art was reborn… View Article

The Renaissance Period

The period in time referred to as the “Renaissance” started in the late  1300’s and existed through the 1500’s. The term translates into “rebirth”, and describes the process of intellectual and cultural change that began in northern Italy and eventually made its way to  countries lying further north. In this era, Christianity began to evolve… View Article

The Spread of the Renaissance

What do Da Vinci, Petrarch, Alberti, Erasmus and Shakespeare have in common? More than just being from Europe, these great men of arts and literature all flourished during the Medieval Ages. They are all product of the renaissance period and greatly enriched the development of philosophy and humanism during this period right after the Dark… View Article

Art History Renaissance

The making of a work of art is much like the story of Creation in the Bible. However, this divine ability was not fully realized until Michelangelo described the creative experience as “Liberating the figure from the marble that imprisons it”. Perhaps that is why the concept of creativity was once reserved by God, as… View Article

Harlem Renaissance

What do we know about the Harlem Renaissance and what role did writers play in this time in our history? The Harlem Renaissance, originally an outstanding time for black writers which held the exact time period that are typically hard to describe. Most commonly, the thoughts of scholars has been that the Harlem Renaissance in… View Article

Photographers during the Harlem Renaissance

The years between World War I and the Great Depression was a period of prosperity for the United States. 1 There were plenty of jobs in the city especially in the North which caused 750,000 African Americans to migrate from the South. Harlem, a section of New York City, drew a great number of African… View Article

Bel-Imperia, a Walking Contradiction

How does Bel-Imperia’s behavior contradict Juan Vives’ Instruction of A Christen Women? The Spanish Tragedy by Thomas Kyd, a play about revenge, honor, love and tragedy, was published in the late 1580s. A little before its publication, The Instruction for a Christen Woman by Juan Luis Viveswas published in 1524. During this time, the roles… View Article

Italian Renaissance

The history of mankind knows many female names who were extraordinary for one reason or another. A number of them were renowned and greatly honoured within their own life spans, but their eminence has died away over the centuries. At the same time, some of them acquired more attention and admiration from the next generations… View Article

The Ultimate Renaissance Man: Scholar, Artist, Politician

The Ultimate Renaissance Man: few scholars achieve the degree of success necessary to qualify for such a distinguished title. Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, the famed painter, sculptor, architect, and inventor set such an example as the quintessential polymath and the world still struggles to produce another mind of his magnitude 500 years after… View Article

W. E. Du Bois: Leader From The Harlem Renaissance

The importance and criticality of water for the existence, continuity, safety and comfort of human existence has remained acknowledged since the beginning of human life. Different generations and civilizations have tried in various ways to harness it for diverse purposes, for sustenance, transportation, human safety, irrigation, power generation, and industry. While previous civilizations were content… View Article


Renaissance is a French word that literally means “Rebirth” and is referring to the rebirth of learning in northern Italy after there was hardly learning in the middle ages. During the Renaissance, there was a great renewal of education and ancient times. But, the Renaissance was more than just studying works of ancient scholars; it… View Article

The European Renaissance

The European Renaissance was one of the most important periods of time in all of Western Civilization’s history as many of the cultural, social and philosophical movements that derived from this movement not only greatly effected the people who lived during the time period of the Renaissance, but much of what occurred during this time… View Article

Rome and Milan During the Renaissance

The Renaissance is a period in the history of Europe beginning in about 1400. The word “Renaissance” in French means rebirth. During the Renaissance, there were many famous artists, many writers and many philosophers. Many people studied mathematics and different sciences. A person who is knowledgeable in many different things is sometimes called a “Renaissance… View Article

Dance history

Ballet is a form of dancing performed for theatre audiences. Like other dance forms, ballet may tell a story, express a mood, or simply reflect the music. But a ballet dancer’s technique (way of performing) and special skills differ greatly from those of other dancers. Ballet dancers perform many movements that are unnatural for the… View Article

Renaissance Humanism

The Northern European and Italian renaissance period was a time of rebirth of Greek and roman studies, arts, and culture. The people of this time period were call humanists or people who studied Greek and Roman classics and works. The humanism movement not only influenced culture, but it also influenced how the individual was perceived…. View Article

Renaissance Humanism

Renaissance means to be born again. The Renaissance was a period of cultural and intellectual rebirth for Europe; it started in Italy in the 14th century and lasted until the 17th century. Humanism was a very important piece of the Renaissance. This period happened just after the Middle ages which is dated from 400 to… View Article

Landscape and Setting in Room with a View

Consider how important a role description of landscape and setting play in the two novels you have studied. You should make detailed reference to your core text A Room with a View and wider reference to your partner text, The Remains of the Day. Forster makes it evident that the roles of landscape and setting… View Article

The Changes of Art During the Renaissance

Art changed in many ways starting with one of the main points is that they started showing more depth in the painting making it more 3D like. This made it more interesting for the people and made them appreciate the artists more. They also changed by using perspective, which meant they showed a better way… View Article

Painting Analysis at the National Gallery of Canada

On a recent field trip to the National Art Gallery in Ottawa, as a class, we looked at some paintings. The painting that stood out to me was Simone Martini’s painting titled St. Catherine of Alexandria. We have been studying the Renaissance period and this one was identifiable instantly. For our class assignment, we are… View Article

Documents’ Review: Machiavelli and Della Mirandola

The two articles written by Niccolo Machiavelli and Pico Della Mirandola was set during the European Movement, Renaissance, during the fourteenth century until the sixteenth century. The renaissance movement was a period of reawakening or rebirth in culture after the dreadful events during the Middle Ages, also known as the dark ages. The text written… View Article

The Renaissance & Erasmus

The Renaissance was a period of great change, characterized by a revision of many concepts and the birth of many ideas. One of the greatest scholars of this time was Desiderius Erasmus. He was born in Rotterdam, Holland. His birth name was Gerrit . He attended the school of the Brothers of the Common Life… View Article

Women in the Renaissance

“What was life like for Renaissance women? ” “If you were a woman in that time, would you have liked it? ” and “How was the treatment towards women? ” Questions like these keep pestering my mind as I research about the Renaissance. It is preposterous at how little freedom women were given compared to… View Article

Analysis of “The School of Athens” by Raphael

Raphael, the youngest of the three great artists who defined the Italian High Renaissance, was born in the small yet artistically significant Central Italian city of Urbino. It seems that Raphael attained his natural gift of creativity from his father who was a poet and a painter. Orphaned at an early age, Raphael was sent… View Article

What Changed During the Renaissance and Reformation?

Many things changed during the Renaissance and reformation. The peoples’ prospective changed due to the major changes that came about. The three main things that changed were art, religious views, and the printing press. Each one of these changes made a significant difference in shaping the future of the world. At that period of time… View Article

The American Renaissance

One of the most prominent conflicts in the works of Edgar Allan Poe is that between the past, the present and the future. Almost all of his protagonists have to choose between adhering to and deviating from established practices and or face the consequences of past crimes or sins. In The Fall of the House… View Article

Oration on the Dignity of Man

“Oration on the Dignity of Man” by Pico Mirandola offers its readers and interesting and innovating for those times look into the mind of the praised Renaissance period. In the oration Mirandola is willing to show that human quest for knowledge is important, especially if it is framed in neo-Platonic views. Mirandola assumes that it… View Article