Play Essay Topics

King Lear

Shakespeare’s “King Lear” in a play filled with betrayal and various acts of deception. This becomes evident in the first few lines. The superficiality of Goneril and Regan empty words combined with their lack of love for their father foreshadows the events to come. We first see dishonesty in Act1 Scene1 with Lears “love test”…. View Article


Peter Shaffer’s play, Equus, tells a young man’s story of faith and struggle. Through Alan, Shaffer explores man’s relationship with God and himself, the concept of pain and passion, and eventually, shame. Indeed, Alan blinded the horses because he was shamed, not merely of his inability to perform, but more so because Equus, through the… View Article

Commentary on ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’

In the novel ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ by Tennessee Williams, a scene that often catches the attention of readers is the poker scene. It begins when Blanche and Stella return from seeing a show too early, not wanting to have been a distraction or a nuisance while the men played poker. Stanley rudely dismisses the… View Article

Cosi Lewis Nowra

Lewis Nowra’s semi autobiographical play ‘Cosi’ is a touching yet biting portrayal of human relationships in a Melbourne mental institute, where the patients are astracised by society. Throughout the play Lewis Nowra illustrates each and every character that suffers with a mental illness as normal people with a desire to do or think things different… View Article

Analysis of the Play Equus

With its minimalistic set design, small cast, and a stage with nearly no lighting, Peter Shaffer’s play Equus relies heavily on a masterfully written script to spread its message with the audience. The play is “neither great theatre nor bad psychology, but it has elements of both” (Witham). With the assistance of the character Martin… View Article

How I Learned to Drive Analysis

In Paula Vogel’s “How I Learned to Drive”, we follow our protagonist nicknamed “Lil Bit” on a gut wrenching, and downright disturbing journey through her adolescence, told as a series of narrations, monologues, and flashbacks with the occasional interjection of a PSA like voice over. The play recounts the physical and emotional abuse Lil Bit… View Article

The Significance of Marriage and Friendship in Our Town

Companionship is arguably one of the most important things in the world. Without companionship, it has been scientifically proven that a person becomes depressed, lonely, and in extreme circumstances, insane. Two forms of companionship are marriage and friendship. Most people spend their entire lives seeking new friends, waiting until they find someone special enough to… View Article

A View from the Bridge

Pride plays a great role in the play, “A View from the Bridge”. The biggest victim of pride is Eddie, who loses both his pride and respect throughout the play. And this gradual loss heavily affects the characters’ behaviors. However pride does not seem to be the only factor that dictates the progress of the… View Article

Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Dario Fo’s original play, Accidental Death of an Anarchist has been adapted and transformed an innumerable number of times, to greater or lesser success. Most often, adaptations that involve a modernisation or complete transformation of the play can be seen as less successful as they tend to alter the original so much that the original… View Article

Youth Sports

Abstract Most recreational leagues are designed to teach the fundamentals. Focusing on the skills needed and the rules of the game, preparing both boys and girls for team play. Some kids’ athletics have gotten too competitive. Youth sports may not be about winning or losing, but it is about learning to compete as best as… View Article

Elements Of Design In A Play

There are many things which can both attribute and take away from the overall production of a performance or play such as a Shakespeare play. Such things include costumes, props, lighting, set, and sound. All of these factors are vital in the ending effect that the performance has on the viewing audience. Firstly, when attending… View Article

The Shoe-Horn Sonata

Distinctly visual texts through various techniques depict an environment with great clarity so that to allow the audience to picture a vivid mental image just the way the composer intended it. A couple of examples of distinctly visual texts are the famous play “the Shoe-Horn Sonata” which uses lighting, project images, music, and the use… View Article

The stereotypes of Madame Butterfly

The play shows the situation of relying on unchallenged stereotypes and cultural confusion. David Henry Hwang attacks the western stereotypes by refiguring the well known theme of Madame Butterfly. He tries to break the century year old butterfly myths of the Asian obedience to a western authority. In the play instead of an submissive Asian… View Article

Arsenic and Old Lace

The play opens in the living room of the Brewster home, where Abby and Martha Brewster, and their nephew, Teddy live. Teddy, who is rather crazy, believes himself to be Theodore Roosevelt. Mortimer enters and announces to his aunts that he intends to marry Elaine, the minister’s daughter, whom he is taking to a play… View Article

Love Suicides at Amijima

This paper discusses how suicide is viewed in Japanese society, and how a greater understanding can be gained of the Japanese viewpoint on voluntary death by a study of Chikamatsu Monzaemon’s famous drama “The Love Suicides at Amijima. ” The writer provides an overview of Chikamatsu’s life, literary career and the era in which he… View Article

The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus

Christopher Marlowe, in his play The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, examines the renaissance spirit that aims for secular and materialistic knowledge, and explores its affinity with magic. In our modern era secular knowledge has lost all its associations with magic, and this makes it difficult for modern audiences to appreciate the concerns of Marlowe…. View Article

Roxane in Cyrano de Bergerac

I. Synopsis Edmond Rostand’s magnificent captivating play Cyrano de Bergerac features a very fascinating character in the person of Roxane. The play’s main protagonist is none other than Cyrano. Cyrano is the French soldier and poet who is challenged by the dilemma that he can never win Roxane’s heart with a hindrance such as a… View Article

Prometheus Bound

In the play “Prometheus Bound” by Aeschylus, it states ideas about the concept of power through force. The play deals with conflict between force and intelligence which realates to the main concept of power and force. At the beginning of the play, Hephaestus is joined by Kratos, who represents power, and Bia, representing force. Heaphaestus… View Article

The Shoe-Horn Sonata

John Misto, the person behind the play The Shoe-Horn Sonata, uses his distinctively visual text as a memorial for the Australian Army nurses who died in the war, as they were refused one by the government. “I do not have the power to build a memorial. So I wrote a play instead. ” This drama… View Article

Academic Writing on Riders to the Sea

Edmund John Millington Synge (1871-1909), an Irish playwright, wrote ‘Riders to the Sea’, one of his first two one-act plays (the other one is ‘The Shadow of the Glen’). ‘Riders to the Sea’ (1904) is Synge’s dramatic response to the experience of his frequent sojourns in the Aran Islands. ‘Riders to the Sea’ dramatizes the… View Article

Halfway House

‘Aadhe Adhure’ or ‘Halfway House’ has often been described as a cross between Naturalist Theatre and Theatre of the Absurd. Interestingly, both these elements actually undercut each other as theatrical movements and are said to have polarized western theatre. Naturalism argues for heredity and a global perspective on human behavior, which is said to develop… View Article

The Ghost Sonata

August Strindberg’s play “The Ghost Sonata” represents an expressionistic approach to drama. Expressionist elements are obvious through Strindberg’s use of distortion of reality, “typing” of characters, and the use of musical pattern. In the lecture, we discussed that one of the elements of expressionistic drama was “extremism and distortion”, the lecture also mentioned how expressionistic… View Article

Importance of Play

Play is one aspect that is common in every child’s life. The importance of play for children is huge. It is so much more than a recreational activity for them. Play is essential for children; it contributes to healthy child development cognitively, socially, and physically (McFadden, 2010). Because of this, it is vital for parents,… View Article

Libraire Gallimard

With people nowadays trying find the meaning of their existence and the true way to live, one can understand why there would be confusion among the members of society since there will, inevitably, exist differences and approaches on how to find the answers one is looking for. Yet we tend to forget the basics and… View Article

Topdog/Underdog by Suzan-Lori Parks

‘Topdog/Underdog’ by Suzan-Lori Parks is a play about struggles of everyday life of African American, about family identity and fraternal interdependence. There are two African American brothers, Booth and Lincoln who have to struggle together from teenage because their mother has left them at a very early age and their father abandons them. Initially Lincoln… View Article

Best Admissions

0-4 Central Square Redhawks playing the 4-0 Christian Brothers Academy (CBA) on their homecoming. As a captain, you have to always be positive with your team and keep them going. You have to be the one to pick your brothers up when they need it, no matter how tragic something is. Football is a very… View Article

Amy Tan, Two Kinds

This story’s main events take place in Chinatown throughout the 1950s and perhaps early 1960s. The main character of the story, who is also the protagonist, is the author herself: Amy Tan. The antagonist happens to be her own mother, who is always pushing Amy to discover some hidden talent and be someone she is… View Article

Dolls House an Madea Comparrison

Like men, women have always played a specific role in society. Depending on the perspective of the viewer, one may say that the role woman have should change dramatically. In Ibsen’s play, A Doll House, legendary Greek playwright Euripides’ play, Medea and Eavan Boland’s poem “A Woman’s World,” the idea of a “woman’s place” and… View Article

Desire Under the Elms

This article discusses several different elements of the play. It talks about things such as the nature of the play, the setting, and even the concerns that were happen around the time that the play was written. The critic opens up by giving a brief synopsis of what’s happening in the outside world during the… View Article

Different types of play

The activity called playing is a form of enjoyment that provides pleasure, excitement and competition. A person playing more often than not is enjoying himself and having fun. Games are the factors of playing that creates the whole essence of the word. Studying two “types” of games can help provide more understanding regarding this subject… View Article