King Lear

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FAQ about King Lear

How does Shakespeare present Lear’s increasing lack of power and authority?
...As an audience, during the first act we see the loss of Lear’s power through the disobedience of other characters. In handing over his kingdom to his two daughters, we soon discover that in doing so he also handed over the respect others have for h...
How does Shakespeare explore madness in King Lear in Act 3 Scene 2?
...Lear’s thoughts are further explored when Shakespeare writes, “ is it the fashion that discarded fathers should have this little mercy on their flesh? Judicious punishment” The use of “fashion” reflects his previous criticism of Regan’s v...
How does Shakespeare create a sense of unease in Act 1 Scene 1 of King Lear?
...It is through the exploration of these themes that aspects such as conflict, confusion, and instability arise, the product of which is the pervading feeling of unease- the feeling that life, not only family life but also the typical English life, is ...
If Justice is relative, depending on personal point of view, how can it be Justice?
...Cordelia's death can be viewed as a sacrifice to eliminate her father's sins in biblical perspective. Assuming that Shakespeare intended her justice to be served in heaven, poetic justice to most characters portrays that the play employs some justice...
Just How Admirable is Edmund?
...Everything he has done has been for his own advancement and he can never carry out the worst of acts himself, he leaves that duty to others. At the end of the play when he attempts to save Cordelia and Lear when he realises he will die and hence has ...
How does the first scene of King Lear foreshadow the themes and imagery of the rest of the play?
...Personally, I do not find Lear a particularly drawing and interesting read, as it is almost the exact polar opposite of the kind of literature I prefer, but I do appreciate the genius, the effort and the motivation pumped into it by the playwright, a...