Analysis of "The Phantom of the Opera"

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     The phantom of the opera is a play based in the novel by the same name; it is a captivating play that brings out many themes and character traits as depicted by the main actors. This plays revolves Erik the phantom who is so possessed in winning the heart of a beautiful girl Christine. He is faced with many predicaments in his endeavor to win the heart of this blonde. He faces stiff competition from Raoul who is the girl’s childhood friend and who she has loved so much.

The play revolves these characters that bring out mastery in acting and bring out various themes that keep the viewers glued to the stage.

       The play starts with Christine singing and her old childhood friend hears her melodious voice and recalls his love for the girl. The play starting with the girl singing and Raoul rekindling their love shows a very good starting of a play. The viewer knows for sure that Christine and Raoul had a thing going on before the occurrence of events (Francis & Leroux, 2007).

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The viewer warms up to the events that will unfold when the two lovebirds meet again. There is a rumor of existence of a phantom, for many people no one can believe that phantom does really exist. This aspect of an imaginary character gives the viewer the anxiety of what to unfold. The viewer is kept in a suspense mood and this is what makes a play interesting, not knowing what to expect.

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       The actors were portrayed in both believable and unbelievable manner. The main characters are the one who’s their characterization is seen to come out very clearly. Erik is the phantom who nobody can believe there exist the phantom. He makes it hard for the two love birds to actualize their love and does everything he could do to ensure he wins the love of Christine. Erik performed the role of a phantom very well as he did inhuman things to ensure his mission accomplishes (Francis & Leroux, 2007). A phantom character is not for easy hearted and Erik acted very well to bring out the picture of a phantom. Christine on the other hand made sure no matter the threats from the phantom her love for Raoul could not be moved. She stood her ground until the phantom obliged to her love. These two characters undertake their roles very well and keep viewers yearning for more.

       In my view Erik brings out the best in the play, though deformed in his face and never heard the experience of love, he refers to himself as the opera ghost and also the angel of music. This shows the confidence in him in his quest to find happiness and love from Christine. During the construction, he is able to make a playground for himself in the opera house creating trapdoors and making and secret passage ways through out every inch of the theatre. This shows determination to prove his cause.

       Acting is a combination of several actors who seem to have a connection and interrelate well. In the phantom of the opera this is depicted by Erik relation with Christine, the quest for him to win Christine’s heart, doing everything in his capacity as a phantom. He even inflicts pain on Christine childhood love to ensure his cause becomes a reality (Francis & Leroux, 2007).On the other hand Christine unshakeable love for Raoul remains intact; the relationship between her and the phantom brings out many good and bad themes. She remains her stand until the phantom lets go, when she finally kisses the phantom. Though it has a happy ending, the phantom is left with no choice but to oblige.

       The costumes in this play depict the clothes worn in ancient times. The characters in each set have clothes relating to the theme. The phantom costumes reveal a hat with an attached mask and cape, this feature depicts fear and the true state of a fearless living. A phantom should hide his face so as to inflict a sense of fear and suspense to his subject. The costumes worn by Christine reveal the character of an innocent girl in such of love, she is adorable and every one falls in love with her at first site. The setting of the theater is fantastic as rights change depending on the character and theme.

       The sounds also change with the mood and what is about to happen (Gale, 2014). In the scenario where the bad things are to happen the sounds played make every viewer glued with suspense and expecting the worst. The period of the costume and style is ancient when people believed existence of phantoms. The costumes per character showed what each character is made of beneath the clothes, like the case of phantom wearing a mask to hide his ugly side (Francis & Leroux, 2007).

       The central character in phantom of the opera is Christine, she brings together all other characters and she is the cause of agony, joy and hatred amongst other characters. Christine plays her role very well in bringing the phantom to her knees and her charm is irresistible. Though she is faced with a dilemma between forsaking her childhood friend and taking on the phantom, she stands her ground which makes the play more interesting at the turn of events. Christine is seen as adorable, loveable and strong willed woman, this is due to the fact that phantom devises many means to win her heart, she stood to her point and nothing could shake her faith in believing in true love.

       Erik the phantom is depicted as a ruthless, merciless and strong willed character. Although Erik was abused and hated all his life, he was capable of beautiful things. This can be seen by the way hew devises unorthodox ways to win Christine’s heart. Although he bows down to the true love of Christine and Raoul he is seen as a go getter in his quest for this woman. Raoul is depicted as a lover, helpless and good character who believes in true love and a second chance. Although he suffers in the hands of phantom he believes that true love will conquer (Gale, 2014).

       The world of this play is constantly hilarious as many events unfold opposite of the viewers thinking. The element of phantom depicted as a ruthless person and also as a loving person humbles me. The writer of the play shows that every person has his good side despite the negative deeds each one does. The play puzzles me how phantom let’s go Christine and wishes her well in her love endeavors despite his stand all along to never bow down to defeat. The character of phantom changes at the end of the play where he is seen as a reasonable person unlike in the past where he is seen as a ruthless guy. The high point in the play is when phantom threatens to kill him and the whole opera house if he could not have Christine for himself (Francis & Leroux, 2007). The low moment is when the phantom lets Christine go and ask her to come for his burial, this scene leaves the viewers remorseful.

       This experience of going to the theater is unforgettable experience in my life and is looking forward to going to the theater again and experiences this connection to plays. I felt as if I was part of the cast.


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Updated: Apr 19, 2023
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