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Waiting For Godot
Original title Waiting For Godot
Author Samuel Beckett
Genre Play
Language French
Characters Vladimir Estragon Pozzo Lucky, A Boy
Published 1952
ISBN 802154467
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The play is set on a country road by a tree. It begins with two men, Vladimir and Estragon, who are waiting for someone named Godot. They do not know who Godot is, or why they are waiting for him, but they stay by the tree day after day in hope that he will appear.
As the play goes on, other characters enter the scene, including Pozzo, a wealthy man who is accompanied by his servant, Lucky. Pozzo and Lucky pass by Vladimir and Estragon several times, and each time they stop to talk, the conversation becomes more absurd.
Near the end of the play, Vladimir and Estragon finally meet Godot, but he is not what they expected. Godot is a mysterious figure who does not really do anything or say anything significant. He tells the two men that he will come back tomorrow, but it is not clear if he ever will.
In the end, Vladimir and Estragon are still waiting by the tree, not really sure why, but hoping that Godot will eventually show up.

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FAQ about Waiting For Godot

“Habit is a great deadener”. In what ways does Waiting for Godot illustrate this idea?
...Habit is indeed a deadener and Waiting for Godot illustrates this in numerous ways. All four characters in the play have been deadened by their habits and instead of their routine saving them, they caused their downfall. It seems as if Beckett is try...
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