Plastic Surgery

Arguments Against Plastic Surgery
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It is not a secret that the standards of beauty nowadays are rather strict and demanding. No matter what combatants against discrimination say, appearances that match the existing beauty standards remain one of the crucial characteristics of a modern individual. People who are discontent with their appearances have different ways of improving the way they look, such as makeup, clothes, or being in harmony with themselves. However, there is a more radical alternative, which is effective in terms of changing…...
Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery
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Abstract Plastic surgery has always been a topic of interest to everyone throughout the years. The aim of this report is mainly for women and teenagers nowadays. Plastic surgery has advantages and disadvantages a few of which will be discovered throughout the report. Many women are influenced by models’ looks and bodies and started copying them by getting nose surgeries, breast implants…etc. society today has not only brainwashed today’s women, but also the men to believe that in order for…...
Plastic Surgery Addiction: An Unhealthy Obsession
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Addiction: the condition of being addicted to a substance, thing, or activity. When we hear the word addiction, we usually think of drug or alcohol addiction. Can plastic surgery become an addiction? In fact, it is an addiction. However, [u]nlike drug addicts who suffer from chemical addiction, plastic surgery addicts experience mental obsession to alter their bodies and face. I feel like since the early 2000’s to now plastic surgery has become excessive. Why are people addicted to plastic surgery?…...
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Social View to Plastic Surgery
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For many years plastic surgery has been viewed in two different ways: perfectly fine, even helpful to many people, or the exact opposite, absolutely horrible, morally wrong, and no one should change their body. Overall the positive effects of plastic surgery outweigh the misleading negative outlooks on it. Many people would completely disagree with me; they feel there is nothing good that can come out of plastic surgery regardless. One of those is Bill Climber, who writes articles concerning women's…...
Self Esteem Issues and Plastic Surgery
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High school for many teenagers can be a very difficult time, trying to fit in and becoming part of the popular crowd. Many teenagers experience low self esteem issues, what is the solution to a young adult’s self esteem problems? Cosmetic Surgery has been known to help older adults feel confident again, so why not provide teenagers with the same solution to their self image issues. Many teenagers experience low self-esteem and the latest solution to remedy these issues is…...
Breast Implants in Plastic Surgery Practice
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A discussion of the development and use of breast implants One of the first uses of silicone in a medical implant came in the form of lifesaving tubes implanted into young children to funnel excess fluid from the brain into the chest cavity, where the fluid could be safely metabolized and excreted. Since these "shunts" were first used, in the late 1950s, silicone in various forms has come to be an important part of many implants. "It is used in…...
Impact of Media on Plastic Surgery, Eating Disorders and Mental Illness
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Mental illness, eating disorders and plastic surgery are all outcomes of body and self-image portrayed and effected by media. Throughout history beauty standards has been as major factor that appeals on media to audiences, you have to look a certain way to feel accepted, beautiful and comfortable in your own skin, these ideal factors are always changing and getting more and more unrealistic. Media has affected teenagers by portraying the wrong body image that makes teenagers hate their own beauty.…...
Tragically Story of Georgy
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One night a misplaced foot on the accelerator instead of the brakes made Georgy the victim of someone's careless mistake. Rushing through the dark streets of his hometown in an ambulance, he attempted to hold back his tears while two supportive Emergency Medical Technicians comforted him. He suffered a minor knee injury. Fast forward twenty years to the present. Now he is sitting in the office of the Medical Institution, with his purple gloves on and stethoscope around his neck.…...
New Cosmetically Enhanced Look
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During the early months of 2018, ABS-CBN news anchor Korina Sanchez surprised social media and the world with her new cosmetically enhanced look for the Belo Medical Group. Since then, many online users have continued to complement the broadcast journalist, even praising Belo for making Sanchez look "ageless" and "youthful". Meanwhile during the near end of 2017, Former "Hasht5" member Xander Ford, formerly known as Marlou Arizala shocked the world with his nearly 500,000-peso face transformation. Ford received both negative…...
plastic surgery
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Although there are many ways women could enhance their natural beauty, Plastic Surgery has become one of the top considerations to doing so as it's become more normalized in today's society. In this paper, the research being used is to look deeper into what can be considered the reality of plastic surgery, including its dangers and how someone who has gotten plastic surgery can be affected. Is it worth all the risks? Plastic surgery includes many procedures that usually involve…...
Sterilization and Disinfection in the Operating Room
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INTRO Sanitation and disinfection in any surgical operations, injections, and oral surgery are necessary as far as safe surgical treatment is concerned. It is always a good idea to maintain an aseptic condition when carrying the operation. The process should be performed in a favorable environment devoid of contagion, contaminated products, and microorganisms. For example, during the positioning of implants in the larynx or buccal cavity, it is of critical value to prevent post surgical infections that can result to…...
Plastic Surgery Can Help For a Promotion
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Would you go under the knife to enhance your career opportunities? Why or why not? If financial resources are not an issue, it would be best to consider cosmetic surgery if doing it would make a people feel more confident about themselves. While the idea of obtaining skills and looking good can uplift chances for career advancement, physical appearance has become a primary source of confidence for everyone. Hirsch (1988) indicated that cosmetic surgery, good dental care, hair transplants, and…...
Against Plastic Surgery
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The debate on plastic surgery is well known around the world. First of all, what is plastic surgery? Plastic surgery is reconstruction of the face and body and can be used to improve a person’s ability to function as well as their appearance and self-image. Society has made people believe that beauty does not come in within, but on how perfect ones physical look is. Cosmetic Surgery dates all the way back to 800 BC in India where they would…...
The Negative Side of Plastic Surgery
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Cost Plastic surgery is a very expensive procedure, which involves skin grafting. It can put tremendous financial pressure on you and your family. While assessing the cost of this surgery, people tend to take into account only the cost of the surgery, and completely overlook the unexpected cost that can arise from postoperative complications and the hospital charges they have to shell out in case they have to stay back in the hospital for any postoperative procedure. People also forget…...
How Plastic Surgery Affects Society
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Often viewed as controversial; plastic surgery has the capability to change lives of various individuals from diverse socioeconomic levels. Plastic surgery covers a broad spectrum of services which are included in reconstructive surgery, as well as, the popular aesthetic appeal of cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery affects society both physically, psychologically, and emotionally. From Operation Smile to botox, accident victims to breast augmentation, and Little Baby Face Foundation to facelifts; plastic surgery can give hope and confidence to many people. Plastic…...
Appendicitis Background
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Considered as one of the most common diseases in emergency abdominal surgery, acute appendicitis affects approximately seven percent of the population with an estimate of eighteen percent of perforation rates. Checking a patient who has suspicion of acute appendicitis primarily depends on the patient’s history of disease and physical signs. Clinical manifestation, however, is rare evidence when deciding to check an individual for acute appendicitis. 2871 adults who were suspected of having appendicitis were sent to an academic medical center.…...
Celebrity Plastic Surgery Addicts
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Cosmetic surgery can broadly be specified basing upon two major neighborhoods. The first one is the reconstructive type whose sole purpose is to bring back the originality to various body parts that have been harmed either through injury or illness. The second type is the plastic surgery which is performed with an aim of enhancing or enhancing body part appearances which before the surgical treatment were functioning typically. Cosmetic surgery dependency is a mental condition where a person thinks he/she…...
Seeking Self-Esteem from Plastic Surgery
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There have been plenty of technological innovations present and it is undeniable that these technological innovations are influencing people and society as a whole. Whether technology is causing more harm than benefits has long been a debatable issue and yet, none can deny that it has both great wonderful benefits and unfortunately, disadvantageous and harmful effects as well. Technology, with all the wonder and power it is bringing is also causing disastrous effects to people—one of these is in the…...
Should Laser Eye Surgery Be Encouraged
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What is laser eye surgical treatment? Laser eye surgical treatment or laser corneal sculpting is a medical treatment that uses a laser to improve the surface area of the eye in order to improve or correct eye vision (Better Health Channel, 2011). Laser eye surgical treatment has become occurrence and there are several kinds of treatment available. The most popular laser eye surgery is referred to as LASIK, which means laser in-situ keratomileusis. LASIK is an eye surgery that permanently…...
Positive and Negative effects of Plastic Surgery
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Plastic surgery was designed to make the human body look better. Thousands of people have these operations done every year to change their face and body. When people think about having plastic surgery procedures, they think about how beautiful they will look once they have healed. They anticipate how much better their life will be when they finally had the rhinoplasty or breast augmentation that they had been dreaming about. What many of these people do not realize is there…...
Plastic Surgery Outline
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A The texts in area A focus on cosmetic surgical treatment on teens. Compose a paper (700-1000 words) in which you respond to the following questions. Address the concerns independently. 1. Offer an overview of the numerous views on plastic surgery for teenagers, which are presented in texts 1 and 2 2. How passes away Valerie Ulene engage the reader in the subject in text 1? Highlight your answer with examples from the text. 3. Taking your beginning point in…...
Pitfalls Of Plastic Surgery
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Throughout the article “The Pitfalls of Plastic Surgery” Camille Paglia in the Essay The pitfalls of plastic surgery the author states her opinion and views on the topic of Plastic Surgery she gives the reader for example the history of body modification and how it went from something not many people out of celebrities status had access to until the late 1990s-2002 where almost every major city has a plastic surgeon. First I will start with her example on body…...
The Reasons for the Popularity of Plastic Surgery in Recent Years
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Outline: a. Children Should /Should Not Be Left Fortunes Nowadays, whether children should be left fortunes has been a controversial issue. As far as I am concerned, children should not be left fortunes for the following reasons. First of all, children may be extravagant with the money that is left to them. Secondly, children were too small to have a right value of money. Finally, children can really experience life from pressure. All in all, it’s more wise that children…...
Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery
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The prospect of beauty has changed throughout the years. Many people consider beauty as the person who has the perfect body, the perfect nose and the perfect everything. Society has made this vision of beauty and with it many persons feel pressured to look perfect and this has caused many of us to choose plastic surgery as a solution. Plastic surgery is a medical specialty concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function. Though some of us think…...
Should Plastic Surgery Be Encouraged?
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What is Plastic Surgery? Longman Dictionary (1987) defines Plastic Surgery as the repairing or improving of damaged, diseased, or unsatisfactorily shaped parts of the body with pieces of skin or bone taken from other parts of the body. The word "plastic" derives from the Greek, plastikos meaning to mould or to shape and its use here is not connected with the synthetic polymer material known as plastic. There are two types of plastic surgery which are Reconstructive surgery which is…...
Plastic surgery: Profits and Risks
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Plastic surgery is an operation that allows a person’s image change into a new and pretty appearance. Nowadays, plastic surgery has been a growing fascination for many Asian countries, including Malaysia. Most Malaysians opt to pursue plastic surgery although some of them have good looking figure. In my opinion, is a good idea for someone to change their appearance though plastic surgery. Firstly, people who having plastic surgery can build confidence and increase their self-esteem. For instance, people feel comfortable…...
Annotated Bibliography for Plastic Surgery Speech Presentation
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This online scholarly journal describes the perceptions of plastic surgery of medical students doing their rotations before residency. It highlights the main points of how medical students perceive plastic surgery, what percentage of them are interested in the field, and how their exposure to plastic surgery changed their outlook on medicine. This information is useful for my speech because it gives me the feel of how medical students perceive plastic surgery and what their feelings are about the topic. It…...
Plastic Surgery: Pros and Cons
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Plastic surgery or plastic surgery is one of the most frequently performed medical treatments in today's world. Cosmetic surgical treatment, in the old days, was left for the repairing of various deformities and reconstruction needed throughout an accident. Nevertheless, today, plastic surgery is performed as a whim. Plastic surgery is considered a should by some, if one's nose is too large, breasts are either too large or too small or if one has wrinkles or areas on the face. Anybody…...
The Effects of Plastic Surgery
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Abstract There are many positive reviews on plastic surgery that can make anyone want to pursue it these days. Many men and woman have plastic surgery done because the way that plastic surgeons can change the looks of noses, eyebrows, eyes, cheekbones, breast, thighs, buttocks, and many other features of the body. These things can make anyone want to have these procedures performed because of the way people do not like the way that they look and can result in…...
Children with Down Syndrome Plastic Surgery
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Children with Down Syndrome: Plastic Surgery Introduction             Children with Down Syndrome share similar characteristics such as its effects on their facial features. The bandwagon of most children protracts such features as extra skin. As a result, these children have an epicanthi fold that is additional skin on their eyelids inner corners. In addition, they have slanted eye openings rather than the horizontal openings, a feature referred to as slant palpebral tissues. Besides, such children have flattened nasal bridge and…...
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