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In this chapter presents the review of related literature and studies, the theoretical framework, conceptual frame work, and the definition of terms used. Related Literature Malunggay The “malunggay” in the Philippines, is “saji” in Indian Subcontinent is a popular tree. Many Asians use the leaves of Malunggay (Sajina) like spinach and also the fruits it produces as a vegetable, like asparagus. Both the leaves and the fruits are very nutritious, which contains many vitamins like Vitamin C and other minerals.…...
FoodFrameworkMoringa OleiferaVitamin C
RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS1 Weight Loss The highest weight loss
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RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS: Weight Loss (%): The highest weight loss was recorded in T4 (2ml/1L) followed by T1 (control) while the lowest occurred in fruits treated with 0.5ml/L thyme oil i-e T2 (Table 1). A consistent increase in weight loss was observed in all the treatments throughout the storage period (Fig.1). Thus, the results of this study suggest that thyme essential oil might have reduced respiration and transpiration rates which in turn delayed senescence in peach fruits. Sellamuthu et al.…...
ChemistryFruitVitamin CWeight loss
Root and Tuber Diets
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Diets prepared from root and tuber crops have the potentials to be used for prevention, management or treatment of diseases because of many active nutrients and compound in them. Aside from being a very rich sources of fiber, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, they contain bioactive compounds such as bioactive proteins, phenolic compound, saponin (sapogenin), glycoalkaloids and carotenoid (Chandrasekara, et al., 2016). Fiber which is abundant in root and tuber diets is known to have health benefit. Evidence from individual…...
A Healthy DietBiologyDiabetesHealthNutritionVitamin C
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Strychnos Cocculoides
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Background of the study The African continent has a variety of indigenous fruit, and many are not processed and this study will try to mitigate the fact that little research is done on the processing of many of this indigenous fruits, the focus is on Strychnos cocculoides commonly known as monkey orange. The monkey orange tree is a compact tree 2-8 m tall (occasionally reaching 10m) found in the Kalahari and its surrounding savannas and dry woodlands. It is found…...
ChemistryFoodFruitResearchTitrationVitamin C
Phytonutrients Present in Murraya Loenigii
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Phytonutrients present in Murraya koenigii The leaves of the plant contain various compounds such as Essential Oil, Tannins, Resin, Glucoside Girinimbin, Isomahanimbin, Koenidine, Koenigin, Koenigine, Koenimbine, Koenigicine, Koenine, Koemine, Mahanimbicine, Bi-Cyclomahanimbicine, Phebalosin, Coumarine as Murrayone Imperatoxin, Mahanine, and Scopolin. Triterpenoid alkaloids such as Cyclomahanimbine, Tetrahydromahanmbine and Murrayastine, Murrayaline, and Pypayafoline alkaloids are the other chemical compounds in the leaves of Murraya koenigii. The leaves also are rich in Carbazole alkaloids which are suggested to have stimulating effects on the central…...
BiologyCancerHealthNutritionPresentVitamin C
Vitamins as a Necessary Part of Nutrition
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Vitamins are an essential part of our diet, but one probably hasn't given a great deal of thought to their chemical and building structures. These vitamins perform a range of roles in the human body functions; below is a concise explanation and a look at the evidence for taking vitamin supplements.First of all, it's valuable discussing what develops a chemical compound into a vitamin. A vitamin is termed as any organic compound that a living organism needs, but which it…...
HealthNutritionVitamin C
Banana Flour
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The industry is growing at fast rate due to increase in population and purchase power, tastes and preference change. And the supply of feeds from flour by-product as well as availability of cheap noodles grows. Four of the largest millers on the Philippines alone comprise the bulk of potential market for suppliers of fortificants (Vitamin A and Iron), as well as equipments or machineries, and labor in fortification. Over the past few years, different kinds of crisis or problems are…...
CrimeLawMedicineScienceSocietyVitamin C
The Feasibility of Guava
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I conduct this research study since I observed that other public locations are stinky. Not just in public locations but even in our homes. Some kitchen areas are likewise foul-smelling because of what we prepare and what we consume. If our kitchen area utensils are filthy, it can trigger disease like diarrhea. That's why I have actually decided to make an antimicrobial air freshener utilizing natural materials rather of using some chemical. It will not also be antimicrobial but it…...
FruitVitamin C
The Amount of Antioxidants
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Hypothesis: The amount of antioxidants would decrease as the number of brews increases. Biological principal: An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction involving the loss of electrons. Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals. These radicals can start chain reactions. When the chain reaction occurs in a cell, it can cause damage or death to the cell. Antioxidants terminate these chain reactions by removing free radical intermediates, and inhibit the oxidation…...
Chemical ReactionChemistryVitamin C
Quantative analysis of your food diary
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You need to write up your analysis of your food diary. State how long you have kept your food diary for, and write about the following points: 1. Consider how you have recorded your information. Where have you got your information from that will be analysed – how useful are these sources of information? (e.g food labels, weighing portions, recipes etc) 2. Research the Recommended Nutritional Intakes for your age and gender on . Choose 3 whole days of…...
FoodHealthVitamin C
Iron Deficiency Anemia
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What is it and what are its causes?Anemia is an insufficient amount of red blood cells in the bloodstream and iron deficiency anemia is where there is a lack of iron in the blood. You need iron in your blood to make hemoglobin, which contributes in distributing oxygen to tissues from the lungs. One of the most common causes of iron deficiency anemia is an inadequate intake of iron in your diet. Another possible cause of iron deficiency anemia is…...
BiologyHealthHumanVitamin C
How has chemistry made your life better?
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Chemistry is one branch of knowledge that grew from human curiosity about the world and has played a central role in the development of the modern world. Chemistry is the study of the composition of matter, the stuff things are made of, and the changes that matter undergoes. Now, we may not think chemistry plays such a big role in our life but it perhaps more than any other branch of science has bettered our lives. Almost anything we touch…...
ChemistryLifeVitamin C
Pineapple (Ananas comosus) Skin Extract
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Nowadays, individuals have utilizing various organic soap that are pricey and less efficient. Our objectives is to make an effective and cheaper natural soap. Like pineapple skin, pineapple fruit has some active concepts with crucial. Pineapple Skin has a benefits in making natural soap since it has that properties that can make the skin look good and protects the skin. Declaration of the Problem Main Issue: Does the pineapple skin soap more reliable than the other commercial soap? Particular issue:…...
Apple IncPineappleVitamin C
The Characteristics of Malunggay and Spinach
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“ Malunggay and Spinach Powder” ACKNOWLEDGMENTSThe study aimed to introduce the combination of Malunggay and Spinach powder inorder to make a natural, nutritious and practical supplement for all especially to thosehealth-conscious individuals.Nevertheless, this study wouldnt be possible without the everlasting love, care andassistance from the researchers family, who supported her in the procurement of the muchneeded logistics and references, cultivated and propagated the Malunggay and Spinachplants for the study, and uplifted the researcher emotionally when she is taken aback withdiscouragement.…...
HealthMedicineMoringa OleiferaNutritionScienceVitamin C
Benefits of fruits
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ACAI BERRIES Acai is rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin C and polyphenols. It contains ample amount ofiron, calcium and vitamin A. Acai has high caloric values and fats when compared with other berries Read more KUMQUAT These fruits are cholesterol, fat, and sodium free. They provide a good source of fiber and of the vitamins A and C. Can cook with sugar then use to top pound cake or ice cream. Read more POMEGRANATE In the Christian art, it…...
FruitLemonVitamin CWatermelon
Biology Concept. Vitamin C Content in Various Fruit Juice
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This experiment examined the effect of vitamin C content in fruit juice on DCPIP’s colour changes using acid-based titration method. A titration is a method of analysis that will allow us to determine the precise endpoint of a reaction and therefore the precise quantity of reactant in the titration flask. The objective of the experiment was to determine vitamin C content in various fruit juice which it is include freshly squeezed juice( orange and lemon), commercial juice(orange and lemon) and…...
BiologyFoodFruitLemonTitrationVitamin C
Vitamin C & DCPIP
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Since the number of fruit juice required decolorizing the blue CDPIP solution in decreased in the order: Red pepper >kiwifruit >lemon >orange. Therefore, Red pepper contain the largest concentration of vitamin C, the second is kiwifruit , the third one is lemon and the lest one which contain the least concentration of vitamin C is orange. Discussion: The reason for diluted the fruit juice is because the fruit juice are colored by the pigment in the fruit juice. It caused…...
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Effect of Temperature on Content of Vitamin C
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Introduction A daily intake of Vitamin C is essential for humans. Without it, the disease scurvy develops as sailors, explorers and people during the long winters in the Northern hemisphere found before the time of Captain Cook. The British Navy started giving sailors lime juice to prevent scurvy on long voyages in 1795. Vitamin C is found in high levels in foods such as oranges, limes, lemons, blackcurrants, parsley and capsicums. Vitamin C is water soluble and is therefore not…...
HealthVitamin C
Determination Of Vitamin C Content Of Tablet
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ABSTRACT In this experiment, the vitamin C content of a commercial tablet is determined and compared with the manufacturers’ specification. Vitamin C is water-soluble and is an enantiomer of ascorbic acid. (Commercial vitamin C is often a mixture of ascorbic acid and other ascorbates.) Ascorbic acid, C6H8O6, is a reducing agent that reacts rapidly with iodine (I2). As the iodine is added during the titration, the ascorbic acid is oxidized to dehydroascorbic acid, while the iodine is reduced to iodide…...
TitrationVitamin C
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How has chemistry made your life better?
...As I have shown in my mini essay chemistry plays a major part in our lives. Chemistry has not only made one persons life better but every ones. The advances in chemistry everyday not only promise to improve human health but also to give man understan...

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