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What Personality Traits Do Veterinarians Have?
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Since a young age, I always knew I wanted to become a veterinarian. I always had a love for animals, and having pets during my childhood just added to it. A veterinarian is a person that has compassion for animals, perseveres through school, and treats injured animals. To begin with, veterinarians have to have compassion for all animals. Dr. Yoko Haneda states, “One of the most important skills veterinarians must have is a passion for all types of animals.” Haneda’s…...
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Veterinary Communication for Professional Excellence
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During my veterinary life, in the extern year, the veterinarian was required to practice in the animal hospital of the faculty where I had to communicate with pet owners. In that moment, I realized that communication is truly important as it involves both sending and receiving information with each other. Veterinarian communication has significant effects on the pet owner’s emotional responses and trustworthiness (Tuisku et al., 2018). When pets and owners come to the hospital, the major issue is usually…...
Should Puppy Mills Be Shut Down?
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There are an estimated 4,000 puppy mills currently operating in the United States. Puppy mills are large scale dog breeding operations. These puppy mills produce around half a million puppies per year. The people running these puppy mills claim to have individual rights and property rights to own and run these operations. However, these people are not focused on the health and well being of the dogs and puppies in these puppy mills. They are more focused on the profit…...
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E-Commerce Issues Research
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Next Step in E-Commerce: Rationale:     Once upon a time, individuals found doctors, dentists, carpenters and other services through the use of personal referrals. A person in need of a root canal would call a friend for the name of a dentist. A homeowner with a leaky roof would consult neighbors whose roofs had been replaced recently. Word-of-mouth has always been the safest, most reliable form of obtaining referrals. In our modern society in which our neighbor might not…...
CompetitionE CommerceResearchVeterinarian
My Current Career Aspiration
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Choosing the right career path can determine how successful you are in life. It’s very possible to change your mind several times before you find the career that works for you. Over time my career interests have changed with a wide variety from my childhood ideal career, the different careers I’ve previously attempted in the past, and my current career goals. Looking back on my childhood ideal career of becoming a veterinarian seems kind of silly now. Watching my childhood…...
CareerCareer AspirationsCommunicationVeterinarian
General Background about Sulfonamide
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Pages • 7
From 1950s the antimicrobial agent has been widely applied on animals, because it has contributed significantly to the growth promotion, and treatment and or prevention of infectious disease. (Haoet al., 2016) It is given nowadays for growth promotion also in very low doses like an additive for the animal which it enhances absorption of nutrient in the intestine, suppresses the gut bacteria and it also destroys pathogens that reduce the release of toxins therefore improving animal's physiological performance and its…...
Statement of Purpose’I would use academic training to find
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Statement of Purpose'I would use academic training to find wildest imaginations, a possible rationale and explore their justification to the limits of the current social norms'.I adequately define myself as a person affected with three spirits. I inherited the spirit of a farmer from my village community which infuses in me the quality of brotherhood and a vigil against the disintegrating forces of life. The spirit of a philosopher compels me to see the world in poetic distortion and perceive…...
Why Do I Want to Become an Engineer?
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Why do I want to become an engineer? Is a question I often ask myself and often have difficulty answering. When other people are asked with this question, they would have instant answers such as: It’s been my dream since I was little, I like machines, It’s because of LEGO., My father is an engineer., and etcetera. I wish I could have the same answer as them. I wish I could tell a story where when I was young, I…...
Veterinary Technician
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Have you ever wondered who is in care of your pets besides the veterinarian, as you drop them off at the animal hospital? Well, that is the veterinary technicians of course! These trained technicians are required to assist the veterinarian and provide patient monitoring on each animal. Vet techs assist with performing medical tests to help the veterinarians diagnose the illnesses and injuries of animals. Becoming a Veterinary Technician requires an associate’s degree, and is typically the most popular path.…...
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The Role of Veterinarians in Society
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Louis Pasteur, a French chemist and microbiologist in the 1800’s, began his study of rabies when two dogs infected with rabies were brought to his laboratory. One of the dogs suffered from the dumb form of the disease: his jaw hung low, he foamed at the mouth, and he had a vacant look in his eyes. The other dog suffered from the viscous form of the disease: he let out terrifying howls, he snapped, and he bit at any object…...
HealthLouis PasteurMedicinePetRole In Society As SisterSociety
Biopure Marketing Goals Concerning Oxyglobin
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Pages • 4
The key issue is to determine when Oxyglobin should be introduced to the market without jeopardizing Hemopure’s potential and how it should be marketed. In addressing the issue, the following were considered: a sensitivity analysis for potential consumption of different price series, associated revenues and costs, and gross profit from different distribution methods. It is recommended that Biopure: 1. Introduce Oxyglobin immediately at a price of $100 to veterinarians. 2. Have an independent sales force distribute the product to maximize…...
Path to Veterinary Technician
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Every person lives to bring self-satisfaction to their life- to find a purpose. Sometimes that self-satisfaction comes from leadership jobs such as being a politician, and sometimes that feeling comes from humanitarian jobs like being a psychologist. However, that incredible feeling of self-satisfaction can also come from careers that don’t directly involve helping people, but involve helping animals. For some, that career might be to become a veterinary technician. It takes effort for one to achieve a dream and obtain…...
Becoming a Crime Scene Technician
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Pages • 4
Ever since I was a little girl I always thought about what I wanted to do when I was older. I wanted to be a doctor or a veterinarian just like most children wanted to be. As I grew up and matured I started thinking about what occupations really interested me. At first I thought about something regarding sports or possibly something involving mental health. I was all over the place until senior year. I finally decided I wanted to…...
Biopure Case Study
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Pages • 6
Oxyglobin and Hemopure are two blood substitutes that Biopure Corporation was developing. Oxyglobin was recently approved by the FDA for veterinary use while Hemapure is estimated to be approved in two years for human use. If Oxyglobin is launched it will be the first blood substitute for the veterinary market a small and price sensitive market. There is a perceived risk by Ted Jacobs, the VP of Human Clinical Trials at Biopure, that if Oxuglobin, the vet product, is launched…...
Case StudyHealthVeterinarian
What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Career?
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Pages • 3
Some people spend their entire lives asking themselves what they want to be when they grow up. Other people know from childhood and by following an interior compass, they end up in a career that never feels like going to work. If you're somewhere in the middle, you might consider several factors that may help you make a choice that's right for you. Read on to discover some road signs that can help you choose a career. What Interests You?…...
CareerChoosing a careerVeterinarian
My Dream: Becoming A Veterinarian
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Dreams is a series of thoughts,images or sensations occuring in a person's mind.Dreams is something important that all of us need to have to achieve something in life.Dream is anything that we can fathom,anything that our hearts desire,anything at all.Besides,a dream is anything that you want it to be,there is no limit on what you can dream.In life,we are always told to follow our dreams by our parents,teachers,friends and family.Moreover,every people around the world has different types of dreams even…...
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What Personality Traits Do Veterinarians Have?
...All in all, we can conclude that veterinarians value hard work and dedication. Though it consists of many years of school, veterinary careers are very fulfilling. As a veterinarian, you have to have compassion for animals, persevere through school, a...
Why Do I Want to Become an Engineer?
...Sometimes I ask myself if I was who I wanted to be, or will I be who I want to be but I believe that I can be whoever I’d like to be. My road to become an engineer may seem bumpy and my journey may be slow but I do have faith that I would reach my ...
What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Career?
...No goal is too distant if you're armed with a roadmap. Once you have an idea about what type of career moves you, examine what you'll need to do in order to get through the door. Starting at the end and working your way back by reading job postings, ...

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