Obesity Essay Topics

Health drinks

In India Consumers behavior towards purchase of food drink products like beverage are changing due to economic and personal factors. Once if we compare last five years the prices of beverage products, it could be noted that there is an increase. The major reasons for the increase in the sales of food drinks are due… View Article

Images of Beauty

Beauty is among all of us, both women and men yet women and men are looked upon differently, causing a negative impact on themselves and society, targeting the young generations that can be very harmful to them emotionally and psychically. In the images of beauty, when men and women are promoted in magazines, movies, billboards… View Article

Obesity in America

Did you know that between 1980 and the year 2000, the obesity rates had doubled among adults in America ? About 30% of the adult population in America is suffering from obesity . Since 1980 , overweight rates have doubled among children and adults . Most people still do not practice healthy behaviors that can… View Article

Obesity Statistics

Obesity statistics in Malaysia are getting scarier by the day. The World Health Organization (WHO) survey in 2010 ranked Malaysia as sixth in Asia with the highest adult obesity rate. Obesity statistics from the Malaysian National Health and Morbidity Survey in 2006 showed that 43% of Malaysian adults were obese or overweight at that time…. View Article

Nursing And Diabetes

Patients with diabetes need to understand what diabetes is. Patients who understand what diabetes is and the complicated process associated with the disease are more likely to comply with the prescribed regimen. Diabetes Mellitus is a syndrome with disordered metabolism and inappropriate hyperglycemia due to either a deficiency of insulin secretion or to a combination… View Article

Surgeon General Report Summary

1) Donna E. Shalala Secretary of Health and Human Services c) Summary of the surgeon general report in relation to: I. Benefits of physical activity Higher levels of regular physical activity are associated with lower mortality rates for both older and younger adults. Even those who are moderately active on a regular basis have lower… View Article

Parental Decisions Impact Childhood Obesity

Society, in general, has drastically changed over the past century. Growth and expansion have paved the way for new technological advances, but not with some downfalls to go along with it. One such downfall of new technology would be the “convenience factor” (convenient stores for junk food, convenient to watch television, play video games, watch… View Article

Children Obesity

The problem of childhood obesity in the United States has grown considerably in recent years. Between 16 and 33 percent of children and adolescents are obese.From Environmental Health Perspectives website, the recent data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey estimate 17% of youths ages 2-19 years old to be overweight compare to just… View Article

Argument Essay: Technology and Children

This technology revolution sparked a debate on children’s use of technology. Children are constantly using iPads, iPhones, tablets, and other computerized devices. By over exposing children to technology, they are being robbed of the mental stimulation that comes from doing real, non computerized, activities. It has gotten to the point where one can see a… View Article

Causes and Solutions of Obesity

If you can prolong your life, and make yourself feel better about who you are then why not overcome this overweight issue. In today’s world we are facing an epidemic that seems to be affecting even are young at an early age. We all know that obesity can have adverse effects on health, well-being, and… View Article

Obesity and Pregnancy

Have you ever leisurely walked down an isle at Target and noticed a pregnant women waddling from side to side and thought to yourself man she is fat? Well she really is. Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on… View Article

Physical Education and Nutrition Legislation

In order to make the younger generation capable enough to face the upcoming challenges in sports and physical involvement in extra curricular activities, there is a need to think seriously about the growing trend of eating disorders due to obesity and lack of physical education. Measures have been taken, steps forwarded but still obesity is… View Article

Town of Manchester

In the article “Kentucky Town of Manchester Illustrates National Obesity Crisis,” Wil Haygood demonstrates how the dangers of obesity are rampant in small towns. Specifically, how their surroundings are contributing to the alarming obesity rate in this charming little town of Manchester. While Haygood depicts how the locals “celebrate the joys of community closeness,” he… View Article

Health and Fitness on nutrition needs for body

Nutrition for athletes Journal of sports science. 22(1): 39-55. (2004) Journal on Timing of Energy and Fluid Intake. The journal I read says physical activity increases rate of energy and fluid loss. Your body needs fluid intake and food intake when you exercise if not it results in loss of fat free mass and it… View Article

This essay explains the benefits of recreation

We’ve all heard it before, “Personal recreational activities involves those actions that relax, refresh, and rejuvenate us” – yet how much do we truly gain from these activities? Recreation is a healthy part of each individual’s own life and can be enjoyed by everyone. The benefits of recreation are not only positive to the community… View Article

Metabical Case Study Summary

The Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (“CSP”) is an international healthcare company that had completed successful clinical trials for its newest weight loss prescription drug, Metabical. With the final FDA approval expected, Metabical’s launch was set for January 2009 and a clear marketing communications strategy needed to be in place before the launch. With 10 years and… View Article

The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home

In Daniel Weintraub article “The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home” argues about childhood obesity starting in the house and how its a lack of responsibility from the parents. Weintraub writes, “Parents, not state governments, are in the best position to fight the epidemic”(par 2). He also argues that in our world right… View Article

Application of Epidemiology to Obesity

Obesity has been defined as a condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to an extent that health may be adversely affected. The classification of overweight and obesity allows the identification of individuals and groups at increased risk of morbidity and premature mortality. 1.Analyze the obesity problem in the U.S. as compared to another… View Article

Obesity Debate

In the five section article, “Rethinking Weight” by Amanda Spake, the author outlines the conflict surrounding whether obesity classifies as a disease. Spake discusses the prevalence of obesity in America and sheds light on the idea that obesity may contain genetic roots. The article continues with the author’s insights into whether weight or fitness retains… View Article

Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a growing health concern nationwide. Obesity is a disorder in which the body fat content has become so high that it creates health problems and increased risk of health problems (Childhood Obesity: An Overview. Children & Society, 21(5), 390-396). Doctors agree that there are two primary factors in creating obese children. First,… View Article

McDonald’s Chain

One of the largest fast-food chains in the world, McDonald’s, is an Olympic sponsor. This has caused much controversy in the UK, where health problems caused by obesity are on the increase. Discuss. Nowadays, with rapidly global economic development, a wealth of food corporations are expanding their businesses. An increasing number of fast-food chains have… View Article

Dangers of Online Dating

In this article the author was relating teenage obesity to some of the dangerous activities that teens may be experimenting with. The authors theory was that since sometimes teenagers who are obese may be socially isolated, they may do things to try to fit in with the crowd. Also being socially isolated may cause stress…. View Article

It Is Not Natural for Young People to Feel Stressed

1) Stress It is not natural for young people to feel stressed and hopeless about the situations they face. All young people want is to be happy, to make a real difference they need our help to develop a more positive mental attitude and to understand that the real source of their happiness or their… View Article

Education and obesity

Although many have studied the association between educational attainment and obesity, studies to date have not fully examined prior common causes and possible interactions by race/ethnicity or gender. It is also not clear if the relationship between actual educational attainment and obesity is independent of the role of aspired educational attainment or expected educational attainment…. View Article

Diseases and Conditions of the Endocrine System

Assignment: For each scenario that follows, explain how and why you would schedule an appointment or suggest a referral based on the patient’s reported symptoms. Be sure to first review the “Guidelines for Patient-Screening Exercises” found on page iii in the Introduction section of your Workbook. 1. A male patient calls for an appointment. He… View Article

Applying Theory to Practice

Theory offers procedure and arrangement to nursing knowledge and provides a methodical way of collecting data to define, clarify, and forecast nursing practice (McEwen & Willis, 2011). Nurses use nursing theory to develop a certain outlook about patient care. Nursing theories serve as a shared groundwork for nursing practice across all settings to develop better… View Article

The High Blood Pressure

The double whammy for people with hypertension is that the extra adrenalin required by being overweight or obese: constricts our arteries and blood vessels to raise our blood pressure and give us an energy boost ready to defend ourselves or to escape a dangerous situation; and it could also lead to type 2 diabetes! The… View Article

Individual Assignment on Research Methodology

The problem that the article covers is obesity. According to Reynolds, obesity involves an inbalance of the caloric intake to energy expenditure, meaning that more calories are consumed than are burned, which causes weight gain. But obesity is more than a simple equation of weight and height; it’s also a complex health issue involving genetics,… View Article

Young Children and Sports

There are many different perspectives from parents when it comes to putting their children into sports at a young age. Some parents feel that competitive sports for children at an early age can have a negative effect, while others simply just don’t have the time or support children needed to participate in sports. Parents should… View Article