Homosexuality Essay Topics

Politics and the American People

Being able to marry your most beloved one is the happiest and luckiest thing in this world. However, not everyone can do this because of the Defense of Marriage Act which defines marriage as being between a man and a woman. Same-sex couples have to suffer a lot in order to fight for their rights… View Article

The Ethics Of Gay Marriage

Obviously, there are several problems inherent to trying to conclude definitively whether or not God, the Bible, or religion in general has an absolute stance on the issue of whether or not homosexuality—and by extension, marriage between homosexuals—is a sin, and therefore, a violation of God’s ethics. The most significant problem is the fact that… View Article

Homosexuality in the Military During

Homosexuality in Canada: From late 19th Century through World War II Today, one only has to look around to see that popular culture has made no qualms about accepting homosexuality and homosexual behavior. Ages ago this was not the case. And to think that in the latter part of the 20th century mankind has discovered… View Article

Gay Marriages

When newer lifestyles creep into our society, inline with our thoughts and liberties, guardians of the older versions are likely to be taken back. These lifestyle changes happen in every sphere of life, like the way we eat or work. In getting along with it, we may have to abandon our traditional ways. Sometimes these… View Article

Ancient Homosexuality

The modern self is primarily built up of one’s history, body, religion, politics and entertainment – a Freudian composition of what identity is. And all of these things, the very factors that make the modern self the way it is, roots from the ancients. Cicero once thought that without the knowledge of the past, once… View Article

Lesbians as Represented in Mainstream Television

Lesbian images have been entering into mainstream media more and more. Some argue that this is a sign of a wider acceptance of lesbianism in Western culture. In this paper, two mainstream television programs, Grey’s Anatomy and Law and Order: SVU, will be looked at to assess the nature of lesbian images. It will be… View Article

Transgenderism and homosexuality in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq

Introduction In this paper I will address the issues of transgenderism and homosexuality. These issues are quite controversial and attitude to them is different in different countries of the world. It should be mentioned that attitude to sexual minorities is different in different countries of the world and varied though time. Brief Outline of the… View Article

Society and Identity

In Tony Kushner’s play “Angels in America” the strong concept of “identity” is explored through each character. Factors such as religion, sexuality, and social class play a role in assigning the play’s characters with their own sense of individuality. In an ideal world, each person’s unique identity should serve to broaden and enrich his or… View Article

Homosexuality: An Epic from the Beginning to the 21st Century

Homosexuality, being gay or lesbian, has been unacceptable to many in the past centuries, but the acceptance of open homosexuality in the societies has grown in the past decades. In fact, there are now countries with laws that allow same sex marriage. In many societies, though there is no law that allows same sex marriage,… View Article

Homosexuality and God

LGBT is an initialism that collectively refers to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. In use since the 1990s, the term LGBT is an adaptation of the initialism “LGB”, which itself started replacing the phrase gay community beginning in the mid-to-late 1980s, which many within the community in question felt did not accurately represent… View Article

Effects of Homosexuals in Schools

In the 19th century, a German psychologist coined the term “homosexuality”. Basically, homosexuality is often a sexual attraction that is primarily towards the members of the same sex (Pickett, 2006). Oftentimes, homosexual equates to being gay and/or lesbian. There are varying points of view regarding homosexuals and homosexuality. Many religious groups believe that there no… View Article

Evolution of Homosexuality

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton once said: “Gay people are born into and belong to every society in the world. They are all ages, all races, all faiths. They are doctors and teachers, farmers and bankers, soldiers and athletes. And whether we know it, or whether we acknowledge it, they are family, our… View Article

Fear of Disclosure of Sexual Oreintation in the Work Place

Abstract The expectation of coming out in the workplace causes great fear of workplace bigotry, anxiety, loss of advancement opportunities; and a reduced amount of positive consideration by coworkers for lesbian, gay, or bisexual folks. Studies show that many lesbians and gay men expect discrimination. Researchers note that, in some cases, gay men and lesbians… View Article

Five Things Your Fingers Tell About You

Purpose: To inform the audience about what their finger length tells about them. Theme: How to know more about yourself using your ring and index finger. Thesis Statement: Finger length cannot be an indicator of what or who you really are because it just informs us more about ourselves through our fingers length. Introduction: Hello… View Article

Same-Sex Marriage

It is unbelievable that the United States of America, the land of the free, still has laws that ban the marriage of homosexual couples. Many states within the United States have been debating over this issue for years. Massachusetts was the first state to legalize gay marriage in May of 2004. As of November 7,… View Article

Same Sex Marriage Content Analysis Paper

Homosexuality is a global topic of debate. The topic of homosexuality has been discussed constantly throughout various media outlets and is a hot topic in the republican primary. A number of debates have been argued in regard to the rights of homosexuals. One of the most hotly debated subjects is the rights of homosexual couples…. View Article

Same Sex Marriage Research Paper

In the United States, there is social unrest regarding the government’s decision to prohibit the legalization of same sex marriage. Our modern day society suggest that people should have the ability to express themselves however they deem fit. Yet for gay and lesbian people, the right of same sex marriage is prohibited but should be… View Article

An Analysis of Brokeback Mountain

Annie Proulx’s Brokeback Mountain is a tragic story of forbidden love. It chronicles the romance between Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, two cowboys who fall head over heels for each other in the spring of 1963. Their relationship endures for twenty years, never fully resolved, never fully let go of, and always surrounded by… View Article

Prejudice and Discrimination in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a movie which demonstrates not only the cold-blooded and hypocritical members of corporate society, but the indignities and prejudices that people living with AIDS have to go through. This movie was set in an era when homosexuality was not socially accepted and not many people were educated on the disease AIDS. Andrew Beckett,… View Article

Homosexuality in the Middle East

Homosexuality lacks respect in the Middle East. It is considered to be an immense scandal. Nowadays, the idea of gay marriage is completely disregarded. They don’t display it on Arabic television. The media is controlled by the government, and hence they are not allowed to air or publish such ‘dishonors’. Therefore, most Arabs remain unaware… View Article

Homosexuality, Genetic?

1. Introduction Homosexuals have under the course of history been one of the most heavily criticized groups in society; they have been harassed and declared sinners and as mentally ill for their sexual orientation. Solely for their personal sexual preferences have they been persecuted and murdered. It is understandable that scientific research aiming to discover… View Article

Affirmations Lesbian Gay Community Center, Inc: Overview

Affirmations, a non-profit organization of section 501 (c) 3, was set up to serve and advise people by means of sexual orientations that are centered on gender identities. With a multi-use facility at the 17,000-square-foot building at Ferndale, Detroit, it has been distinguished as “the center for LGBT activities throughout the community” (About us, n…. View Article

Should homosexuals be able to marry?

In the United States marriage laws are not supposed to discriminate, yet many people believe that marriages are clear religious and official vows, between a man and woman, which include the ultimate expression of love. The traditional belief does not claim a specific sexual orientation for homosexuals in this country who are Americans, and have… View Article

Gay Marriages Make Them Legal: Rebuttal

Thomas Stoddard’s Gay Marriages: Make Them Legal, has some valid points, but I am not convinced nor persuaded to agree that gay marriages should be legalized. Stoddard begins with the sad story of a gay couple. Karen Thompson and Sharon Kowalski who exchanged vows that were not recognized by the government, and were living with… View Article

Gay Parenting in the Media

Same-sex parenting is an issue that many people worldwide have come to either totally accept or totally dis-approve of. Although the number of individuals that are for it is a minority, the issue still causes various heated debates. People who are in favor of Gay and Lesbian parenting rights claim that as long as there… View Article

Types of Gay Students at Thammasat University

“Have you ever wondered why there are so many gays at Thammasat University?” Maybe it is because gay people are fairy accepted in Thailand or maybe because the inborn hormonal factors. Nobody really knows why. These students may have something in common which is same-sex attraction; however, each person can be so much different. After… View Article

United Way and the Boy Scouts of America

This case study is covering the controversy surrounding the “gay issue” surrounding the Boy Scouts of America and United Way regarding donation and funding issues. While United Way does have antidiscrimination policies, organizations such as The Boy Scouts of America did not ultimately have to follow their model; thus continuing their discrimination within the group… View Article

Social Psychology and Homosexuality

This film portrays the story of Andrew Beckett, a lawyer that suffering from AIDS and is a homosexual, is fired from his law firm in retaliation against him for concealing his illness. Andrew decides to sue for wrongful termination and begins inquiring with several attorneys to represent him. After being turned down several times he… View Article

Racial Discrimination Within the Gay Community

My community is the most diverse of all. I am speaking of the gay community. Our community consists of people from every race, every religion, every gender, and every economic sector. We claim to be all-inclusive, embracing everyone despite our differences and celebrate our diversity with pride very openly. The issue of gay civil rights… View Article