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Fantasy's Killer

Categories Crime, Mind

Essay, Pages 6 (1271 words)



Essay, Pages 6 (1271 words)

A study of how fantasy plays an integral role in the creation of a serial killer.

“Through out history seldom has an individual been able to hold a city in fear. Most times people will just either ignore the individual, let the police handle the situation, or call them wacko or crazy. But then there are the extreme cases. On this end of the scale people may have extreme mental problems or very strong motives, so extreme or so strong that they captivate an entire city or even nation.

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Jack the Ripper did it by killing and murdering five prostitutes. In recent times it has been people like Charles Manson and the Boston Strangler, who assaulted and murdered thirteen women keeping the entire city captivated in a state of fear. Serial Killers…

Fantasy plays a very important role in creating and or modeling a serial killer and it is shown through remorse, uniform and weather or not they have or follow a trademarked style.

All of these elements combined expose the fantasy portrayed by a serial killer. Pain, does a serial killer have or feel pain for their victims? Sometimes the killer may depending on the psychological state they are in.

But then regarding the fact most serial killers grow up in violent households one might say that the killer does not or even can’t feel remorse because violence is what they were brought up in and to believe is true so it is what they have been conditioned to believe.

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Or you could take the approach that the killer feels they are being threatened by their victims so they had to be removed from the picture altogether. Or finally it might be the killer is so mentally unstable that they have very little to no consciences awareness of what they are doing.

But what if they do feel sorrow? Can a serial killer feel sorrow? One researcher says no. “The inner workings of the mind of a serial killer cannot grasp the feeling of any kind of sorrow or remorse”. Therefore a serial killer is hate manifested into a physical state and may or may not have motives to kill. Serial killers may be killing For many reasons weather it be for revenge or whatever but one thing remains as a standard among killers you have to be smart to stay alive. Once you have that intellect comes avoidance from the law and your capture.

One of the best cases of a extremely intelligent killer was the case of the Zodiac Killer in California. His uniform was to kill couples parked in cars, by shooting through the window with a .44 gun. Then he changed his uniform victim to single women who were walking. Then once again he changed uniform this time back to couples but only if they were not in a car. Thus showing he had a particular type of victim, although he changed it, it still followed suit he was just smart enough not to become a pattern killer and changing his uniform was so that the police would have little chance of catching him.

Many killers have a uniform, a favorite way of killing if you like, Sort of a pattern. This pattern mostly applies to the victim though. “Serial killers tend to go after women and children. However some homosexual killers enjoy hunting gay men.” The motivation of these killing spree’s are to some extent unknown but it is speculated that “Their methodical rampages are almost always sexually motivated.” Yet there are some killers who kill at random with little to no motivation and no uniform victim.

These killers travel around and kill whoever and whenever the feel it necessary, “This human predator claims more than three victims with a cooling off period in between each killing.” Some people attribute a killer not following a uniform the reason their killing rampage can continue for so long, yet also there are some killers who follow uniform and still get away with a lot for instance Pedro Alonso Lopez. Enter the most prolific and successful killer of all time. Pedro killed 300 estimated on the low end and 450 on the high end, all were teenage girls. Pedro’s killing spree took him on a tour over three nations. He would have gone free except a flash flood unleashed the bodies from their graves. Pedro like so many others had his way of killing his on trademarked style. In this part of the essay certain serial killers will be introduced and a description of their styles will be given. Warning: this part contains graphic material.

First of all there is the Green River Killer Who “using a stolen ambulance and police car would lure his victims inside and then brutally beat them and rape them their corpse he would then leave beside a river. He is believed to have killed 48+ victims . Next is “Gilles de Rais”. An ally of Joan of Arc in fifteenth century France Gilles started out as a war hero but then turned to torture and murder. “He enjoyed killing mostly young boys, who he would sodomize before and after the decapitation. When he wasn’t feeling up to the task he enjoyed watching his servants butcher the boys and masturbated over their entrails.”

Then comes “Andrei Chikato: The soviet Hannibal Lecter.” He lived in Rostov Russia, about 500 miles from Moscow, where he lived a quiet married life as a teacher. What the town didn’t know was that Andrei preyed on small children. He stalked many of his victims in train and bus stations and had a penchant for disembowelment and mutilation. He was also a cannibal and a sadist. And last is “John Wayne Gacy”. John liked to dress in a hand made pogo the clown outfit to entertain children. This lonely and sadistic contractor also liked to young boys privately in a very different fashion.

The prototypical organized killer, he had all the aspects of the murder worked out before each kill. Once he entered murderess fantasy there was no turning back. He enjoyed handcuffing his victims, anally raping them, beating them to a pulp, then offering them a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, finally he would recite passages from the bible and strangle them to death.” With this it brings to mind the saying “to each his own” show each different killers mind works in its own unique way having it’s own pleasure.

“Serial killers similar enough to put into one category, but different enough to make them difficult to study.” Although we may look inside the mind of a serial killer and in a medical sense understand how it works we cannot yet grasp the mental concept Behind why a serial killer kills. It cannot be denied that a serial killer kills however we can try to understand how to subdue these mad rampages displayed by a another human being. In that sense we don’t really understand why anyone kills for “A mere slip of the hand on the steering wheel can turn a normal person into a killer.”

So until we can fully understand the motives and workings of an individuals mind we cannot stop them from thinking the thoughts they think or conjuring the ideas they want. So until then the world has to move on.


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