Same Sex Marriages in the Canadian Law

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In Canadian law, any “two persons” are deemed spouses, not a man and a woman, not any two men or two women, but just two persons. Everyone has the right to equality and not to be treated in a discriminatory way, so we cannot judge people because of their sexual orientation.

Should we allow same-sex marriage to be legalized? As a society we are growing more open and understanding. Just because it’s legalized doesn’t mean that everyone will turn around and become homosexual, it’s a feeling that somebody is born with or chooses, not everyone will agree with that, but will all agree with all the laws that we already have in place? Of course not, obviously there will be people in opposition and the govt should take a stand and allow these people who have waited so long to feel equal to have the right to say they are married.

The Canadian Charter of humain rights and freedoms States Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination (s.

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15), and this should be said for the sexual orientation of poeple as well, if we have come this far as to not descriminate on colour of skin, mental abilities shouldnt we not judge someone for their prefrences. Someone should not be judged because their life partner is of the same sex, they should get eqaul rights jsut as if they were a heterosexual couple.

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Its fair to say a common law marriage is a man and a woman who have been living together for a certain amount of time, why can’t we say the same about two men or two women. They obviously share a home, food and use both of their incomes to finance their bills and everything like that, it’s just fair they recieve the same benifits as others.

Canada hs become a very welcoming country and has recognized many minorites and helped them stay strong. They have also become more aware of the homosexual comunuity and how the comunity has become more open. Also the government has recognized that there is nothing diffrent between a homosexual relationship and a heterosexual relationship. If a couple chooses to get married, to some its nothing to do with religion, it’s an extra step in their relationship proving that they love eachother and want to remain together forever and nothing can break that. If and man and a woman can do that why cant same sex couples do that, they are devoted to eachother and have all the same feelings as the others.

If same sex mariages were to become leagalized in Canada, there will be people who disagree and become outraged because it is against their moral belifs, but arent there people who dont agree with laws we have today. Many religious groups will not be happy with this disison because God apprently did not put us on the earth to for that reason and their religious morals. And other people will disagree as well just because we need procreation, if people are gay our race will not survive and no one will be there to make other generations. How do they know that once it becomes leagal everyone will “come out of the closet”, not everyone is homosexual, its something that people are born with or they choose to experiment with. And as for the bible, how do the religions know god didnt put some of us here for that reason, maybe he meant for this. People are scared of new things they dont understand, older generations dont understand something that they didnt have to deal with because it wasnt accepted in their years so no one talked about it. As for newer generations they see it and are educated about it and are more accepting towards things they are more exposed to.

In conclusion if Canada allows Same sex mariages, it would create controversy but they are people, they have the right be to treated equally and shouldnt be descriminated upon because of their sexual orientation. If they are judged by others doesnt that create an un-equal society, and we have the right to be equal, no one has to right to rob you from your freedom because you love someone. Same Sex couples should be alloud to have the same priviledges that heterosexual couples have its not fair that we look at homosexuals as if there is something wrong with them because there isnt anything wrong with it.

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