Advantages and disadvantages of Same Sex Marriage

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This study describes the advantages and also the disadvantages of couples of the same sex being married. It aims to explore how it affects the society and most importantly the church. Same-sex marriage, popularly known as gay marriage, is a socially or legally reorganized wedlock between two persons of similar social gender or biological sex. Although the idea of same-sex marriage can be traced back to ancient times, it is not legally reorganized at the national level. The issue of same-sex marriage is one that has attracted a lot of controversies world over.

In many nations, it has attracted conflicts in such issues as social, moral, political, religious and civil rights. So I asked some concern individuals of what is their point of view in this certain phenomena.

There are many reasons that have been given for opposing same-sex marriage in the Philippines, most of which are variations of well-established facts. While most of the arguments do not hold water, a number of them have basis.

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Most opponents of same-sex marriage in the Philippines believe that marriage is meant for man and woman. Most people believe that marriage is an observance of religion and, therefore, same-sex individuals should not be allowed to form of union. It is indisputable that children born form heterosexual parents benefit a lot from both parents. A good proportion of Filipinos believes that children have a right of being raised by two parents.

While scientific research has proven that children reared by same-sex parents are just as healthy as children brought up by heterosexual parents, most people believe that same-sex family set ups results into moral decay in children.

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In every aspect of the law, particularly laws relating to marriage, no mention has been made regarding same-sex marriages. This means that from a legal perspective same-sex marriage is not condoned. From a legal perspective, the dictionary defines marriage as a state of being in sexual union with an individual of the opposite sex as husband and wife. In legal terms, marriage is a binding relationship between two parties, of the opposite sex, which joins their belongings, lives and income. Marriage is reorganized by law, and dissolution of marriage can only happen by court process for divorce.

According to the church, marriage was established in Eden by God to be a lifelong union between a woman and a man in a caring companionship. To the church, same-sex marriage is a sin that has perverted the idea of God about marriage and family. Most priests and clergymen believe that same-sex marriage is a manifestation of brokenness and disorder in the human relation and inclination as a result of sin. While all human beings are subject to the fallen nature of humans, the church believes that through the grace of God people live in harmony with the world. To the church, same-sex marriage is disgusting and unnatural.

Same-sex marriage is equally unnatural. While the satisfaction and pleasure may be the same as heterosexual sex, it is definitely the way the human body was designed to have sexual intercourse. For example, most people argue that the fact that same-sex lesbian couples use dildos and vibrators to pleasure themselves is proof enough that sex was meant for a man and a woman. The same way, anal sex in gay couple is a proof that sex was designed for the opposite sexes. Most churches believe that sex is meant for married couples to express their bond and intimacy and most importantly to reproduce.

Reproduction is necessary and essential because death is imminent and dead people have to be replaced for sustainability. To the church, the institution of marriage is not constructed arbitrarily; rather, it is based on the complementary natural differenced between women and men- how they associate, support, complement, and encourage each other. To insist that people should keep the traditional and ethical understanding of marriage is not an attempt by the church to put marital restrictions. The church is simply acknowledging God’s intention for marriage. It is the church’s opinion that sexual revolutions have had negative repercussion on the institution of marriage. Good examples are out-of-wedlock births and no-fault divorce.

To the church, the institution of marriage is a keystone to human civilization and developments, and any issues pertaining to marriage must be conducted in radical and untested social experiments. While opponents of same sex-marriage in the Philippines believe that marriage is religious institution, a lot of marriages take place government offices and courts without necessarily passing through the church. Same-sex marriage supporters believe that issues of marriage are societal issues and should be separated from the church.


The idea of same-sex marriage is a new one and has attracted a good amount of controversy. Every adult has a right to marry and be married. However, as people exercise such right, caution should be taking not spoil the whole idea behind marriage. Marriage is important for the continuity of humanity, and any alterations to this institution will mean an alteration to humanity. While it is important for us to acknowledge and accept change, changes such as same-sex marriages should not be accepted or acknowledged in haste. If same-sex marriage gets legalized in the Philippines, as a legal tantamount of heterosexual marriages, it will have many repercussions in numerous areas.

For example, sex education in schools will be forced to teach both heterosexual and same-sex marriages as being equal. Parents who would insists that their children should not be taught same-sex marriage will be considered as illiberal bigots; the will be at odds with the law of matrimony and its resultant curriculum. The institution of marriage should be looked at from all perspectives. Marriage provides husband and wife; mother and father and is a conduit by which children are born. The relationship between children and parents, the family unit, are all grounded in a marriage relationship between a man and a woman; not same sex relationships.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Same Sex Marriage
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