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The LGBTQ community faces many challenges such as discrimination and hate crimes every day. Some individuals turn to drugs such as alcohol, illicit drug, marijuana, and prescription medication to ease the pain. Another reason they do this because they don’t feel accepted by others or they struggle accepting themselves. The LGBTQ community has always been looked at differently, but they are humans just like any regular person. The LGBTQ community starts to abuse and misuse alcohol at a very young age.

According to researcher’s alcohol has become a major issue for the LGBTQ community. Roughly between 20 to 25% of the LGBTQ community have a drinking problem compare to 12.7% of the overall population (2019, May 15). In a 2016 study they found that drinking was higher in homosexuals and lesbians. Roughly 63 percent and 56 percent among the heterosexuals. In 2009 bisexual women were more heavier drinkers then the LBGTQ community. They would consume 4 or 5 more drinks within 2hours while men would consume 5 to 8 drinks within 2 hours.

This causes many health problems such as liver failure. They have homosexual bars everywhere throughout the country. A lot of the LGBTQ community attend these bars because they know that’s where they will be accepted in not judged at. They come to these bars to drink in socialize with other people just like them.

The LGBTQ people repeatedly faces violent behavior such as bullying, harassment and physical assault. According to the National Survey on drug use, homosexual men are likely to use Cocaine, Marijuana, Tranquilizers and stimulants.

Majority of the LGBTQ community turn to drugs because they are rejected by their family members.

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To think your family is there to support you through anything they turn you down. Another reason is stress. They stress so much because they are not accepted into this community. People reject them for their sexuality instead of accepting them. Another study showed that homosexual men and bisexual men that injected themselves with methamphetamine have a higher chance of catching HIV/AIDS (Tagliareni, S). They face discrimination when it comes to employment, housing, and health care. This can lead to depression and anger which leads to drug abuse.

Drugs such as Ecstasy, Ketamine, mephedrone and methamphetamine, heroin are used by Homosexual and bisexual guys. 29 transgenders people were analysis. During this study they found that 26.7% have used illicit drugs, 43.7% abused alcohol, and 20.2% used cannabis (Hatchel, 2018). Tobacco use is high in the LGBTQ community this leads to health problems such as cancer and health complications. 1in 4 people who are homosexual smoke cigarettes. Homosexual men are likely to used Amphetamines then heterosexual man. Using this type of drug can cause cardiac problems.

Heroin is one of the most powerful drugs. Homosexual men are 9.5% likely to use heroin then heterosexual men. 63% of the LGBTQ community has used Ecstasy. In 2015 10.4% of homosexuals have abused opiods. Poppers which is a club drug is highly abused in the LGBTQ community 48% of men have used poppers. Other prescription drug also have been abused. 4.2% have abused prescription stimulants.

To reduce these numbers, we need to come as a community to understand why homosexuals become what they choose to be. It’s always a story behind there choosing. They often feel attack by others. Parents should have open conversation with their child. They also have LGBTQ Rehabilitation centers that treat Homosexuals with their addiction. They offer drug detox to patients within the facility. When the LGBTQ community get help they need special attention. A counselor would definitely be helpful for them. It is already hard for them to talk to someone about their drug problems or any issues they might be having going on, a counselor would be somewhat easier for them to open up.

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