Same Sex couples Adopting

Life begins with natural order. That natural order is man and woman, mother and father, etc. When a child is adopted by same sex couples, this order is disturbed. Hence, confused gender roles such as two mothers or two fathers. A child will grow up believing that this is normal, not knowing which parent mother and/or father is. A child is born not knowing so what they learn comes from their environment and what they are taught. Same sex couples should not be allowed to legally adopt because it’s simply not a natural way for them to grow up.

The child doesn’t have a chance from the start because their sexual preference is already being influenced. They will be rejected by society because they’re being raised as if being gay or lesbian is okay; when truthfully, it’s not.

As we strive to give our children the best home for growing up, we condemn them to a world that is ruthless by exposing them to LGBTQ ways.

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Multiple aspects of life are altered before a person has the insight to decide their sexual preference due to same sex marriage exposure. For instance, religion, how do you teach religion when the bible says “Adam and Eve”, not “Adam and Steve”; How do you teach about childbirth and science when man and man or woman and woman cannot reproduce?

Reasons such as these are why same sex marriages should not be able to adopt. I am supporting of sexual preference, but I believe that a non-knowing child should know the way were created and how we are meant to keep the cycle of life going.

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Following, are more arguments that support my decision in this matter.

I searched for information on under “Same Sex couples Adopting” and it brought me to an article (Should Gays & lesbians Be Restricted from Adopting, 2008). In this article it was stated that Gay people can’t provide a stable home for children. I agree with this argument because children need to feel and be secure in their homes and most same sex relationships aren’t even stable so how can they provide stability to a child. How can they protect them? Especially when they are having relationships that come and go. Most of these relationships are meaningless and based off sexual relations. This is not an environment that a child should grow up in. It teaches them promiscuity, instability, and abnormal roles in a relationship. I believe that if a person chooses to be in a same sex relationship, it should be their choice but being raised in a same sex home, that decision is being forced on the child indirectly because that’s all that they know. That’s all they have been accustomed to throughout their life from their parents, family friends, and lifestyle.

When being adopted by same sex couples, children’s needs tend to get put on the back side because same sex parents tend to get so caught up in their own agenda of trying to prove their rights. Trying to prove that they should have the same rights as heterosexual couples, they aren’t worrying about giving their child the love, attention, and care that they need and deserve. So many people of LGBTQ community are so caught up with their feeling of being persecuted and rejected, even when they aren’t, they don’t see anything else, so it makes them self-centered. If you are so wrapped in yourself, how can you take care of a child? It would be like you are teaching them to hate, to hate what’s normal. A same sex couple adopting children is wrong, unstable, and not natural.

Kids who are adopted by same sex couples are more likely to have social and emotional problems. According to a research study that was conducted on over 15,000 Americans between ages 18-39, by Mark Regnerus, more of them who were raised by same sex parents were found to have emotional and social issues than those of heterosexual parents (Jaslow, R., 2012).

In my opinion these results prove the major effects same sex parenting will have on a child growing up. Children in this type of environment, while they do love their family, try to hide their way of living from the world. Being raised in same sex households, kids are being subjected to not only, instability, but also sexual assaults, psychological disorders, depression, and suicide. School can also be a cruel place for a child in todays society. Bullying is becoming something that is happening often, and the suicide rated is getting higher. LGBTQ community is a hard way of living already, so to put a child in that type of environment is not a smart decision. Already having to face the fact that your biological parents don’t want you is already a hard experience. But having fight unnecessary obstacles of defending your livelihood can be even more stressful to deal with when all you want is to find a home and find love. Hence, leading to depression.

In conclusion, if same sex couples continue to adopt children and raise them, it is forcing them to live in a hard lifestyle with no choice. It is also putting them at risk for an abundance of stresses that they are not ready for, when the whole purpose of adoption is to find them a home where they can be happy, and all their needs are met. Not to a family where they are being used as a gateway to prove sexual rights. This can be done in other ways, but having a child is not one of them


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