Elton John: Life, Career, and LGBT Community Connection

Elton john is a British singer andis one of the biggest legends in the world. Known for his amazing music and has written over millions of top records (Wikipedia). At a young age in music he was already making top headlines across build boards. He composed many albums and songs all on his own. He taught himself how to play piano when he was about four years old (Bio.com). His relationship between his father and him weren't that good together.

As well as his mom who was a very strict towards him as a parent. Growing up Elton John has made history in a variety of ways. His presence on stage and off stage have really change how the world is through his music, to him starting a AIDS research to help raised money and awareness, and he himself fighting through same-sex marriage and fighting against protest in Russia. Elton John has made amazing things happen on and off stage.

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His musicality has really blown away many people all around the world. This British singer has really impacted the world influentially in many ways.

His music lyrics and sound of unique style of music was so different and cool. The way he perform and the outfits he wore on stage were magnificent. His style of how he present himself really express himself on stage was sweet. From this tool he became bigger and well known even more. His music really spoke to people everywhere. From here on his biggest impacts after all this was joining alongside in the research study against the fight against AIDS.

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John was a huge fighter towards the fight against AIDS (Wikipedia). He knew people around him were affected by this and wanted to help spread the awareness of it and its dangers. He established his own Foundation to help raised money to find a cure for AIDS. John has admitted to having unprotected sex during the 1980s considering himself a very lucky guy to survive the AIDS epidemic. At that time it was the highest peak of the disease. He raised over millions of dollars to help bring awareness to the world of this world wide problem affecting everyone.

AIDS was the most deadly disease happening and it was affecting mostly the LEGBT community a lot. He himself towards the LGBT community was a huge supporter in what it stood for. As well as this another big change in society was when same-sex marriage was finally approved in the UK. How Elton John as a person is connected to the LGBT community by society. He as a person towards the community has as well as has had trouble about being openly gay in the public. Just like many people like John back in the 50s and 60s back in that day it was a criminal act to be gay (RSS). A struggle everyone had faced together in those dark time then. Politically the world said no to gay marriage as well as society did too. There was a huge stigma of being gay and many people hid their feelings because they didn't want to lose friends, family, jobs, or be hated upon.They were tough times and were very hard for people to come out and express themselves as we even have seen to even today.John at the time has identify himself as bisexualman but then later saying he is gay. He is a big supporter of LGBT movements around the world and same-sex marriage (Bio.com).

John himself married his lover after the UK finally declared same sex marriage law that had finally became legal in the year 2014 (CNN). He was one of the first same-sex marriages that occurred in the UK.John was criticized by some Christian groups for his music and the way he express himself of his sexuality. John was a huge fighter for civil partnership over marriage of people meaning the definition of being called your partner verses your husband or wife. That someone you love should be called your husband or wife rather than labeling them as a partner. He felt the word "partner" should be assign for someone you do business with. You should express the person you love as your lover (RSS). Around the year 2013 Elton John had been involved in a protest that happen in Russia about a protest about the LGBT community there. That there was a Russian LGBT propaganda law that was inferring to some type of gay discrimination (BBC News). The president of Russia Putin claimed there was no such thing of gay discrimination happening at all in Russia (Al Jazeera English). As we can see his presence on stage and off stage have really change how the world is through his music, to him starting a AIDS research to help raised money and awareness, and he himself fighting through same-sex marriage and fighting against protest in Russia.

The general public affected of the strict laws of same-sex marriage, discrimination, and AIDS, it affected everyone equally in a sense. Even celebrities who face these fears of coming out of the closet even they themselves were scared about being openly gay towards the public. The high stigma of how society should be was tough. The life then was hard and bringing change was going to be very hard. It was a long and rough journey for everyone. The fight for equal rights in the LGBT has made so much progress. Though today we still have a lot of work to do still. Still have more ground to cover in helping stop discrimination of people at work and sexual education in schools. Even though same-sex marriage is approved in all fifty we still have problems of other countries around the world still saying no towards same-sex marriage. Religion being the biggest factor to what is right from wrong, sin verses not a sin has been the biggest controversial of all of this. We have covered so much ground now but it seems that we are just getting started.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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Elton John: Life, Career, and LGBT Community Connection essay
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