Discrimination Towards The LGBT Community

As of now, one of the social issues on social media platforms and in our society is the LGBT Community, almost certain it's widespread discrimination over the world. The history of the LGBT people group is complex in light of the fact that society doesn't see bisexuals, gays, lesbians, and transgender as a standard. It is a serious concern particularly with regards to quality seeking after and has been socially perceived for a long time and still continues today. In all too many cases, research has shown the different types of LGBT discrimination.

(Mallory, et al., 2017) It varies from a hostile frame of mind to such significant issues as the refusal to employ such a person. Thus, many LGBT people are compelled to live, which they can't control. It is evident that discrimination is viewed as a perpetual issue for those who belong to the LGBT community.

From where I stand, discrimination against this group of individuals is unfortunate, yet tremendously common these days; an ever-increasing number of people are being harassed, not remunerated with satisfactory wages, as well as terminated from their employments in view of the manner in which they explicitly distinguish themselves.

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It can also affect a person's matter of fact, business, housing, social and workplace, and daily life perspectives. Be that as it may, since then certain groups of individuals have faced discrimination and shamefulness because a few of us consider being a part of a lower class of human beings, just as the reality of holding different ideals and beliefs alongside inclinations with regards to norms such as gender.

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I presume that we all have different perspectives and views on whether or not the LGBT community should exist or not but one thing's for certain is that our beliefs ought not denies basic human rights which are to be respected. According to Golding (1961), there were three types of thinkers - the grade three thinkers, which he depicts as individuals who don't depend much on rationale or reasoning to make opinions and decisions instead they rather preferably feel over to think. Most people may feel a range of negative attitudes and feelings towards LGBT just because they feel that these homosexuals don't belong to the community. Either inner or outside attribution could prompt misjudging or making a decision of homosexuals in the general society, such as making a negative presumption towards them without actually knowing the person is.

In grade two thinkers, who he says to be the people who like to repudiate any circumstance. Men and women have different dispositions towards the LGBT community. Men's attitudes toward homosexuals, in general, are more contrary than those of women reported by (Duhaylungsod, et al., 2018) Religious affiliations could be the primary reason how it influences a person's perspective towards homosexuality. In this manner, a religious person somehow didn't acknowledge LGBT in the community. The more individuals see the Bible the more prejudiced they become towards specific groups including homosexuals. Indeed, some religious people are specifically narrow-minded of homosexuals since they are seen to act in opposition to traditional religious teachings. For instance, the world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao where he stated that gay people were "worse than animals" and he would rather "obey the Lord's commandment than obeying the desire of the flesh". He then compared homosexuals to animals and drastically contradicts the idea of same-sex relationships because of what the bible says. Not only him but many people will have a negative response to the LGBT, having their own beliefs that being a homosexual isn't right, sinful, and forbidden by God. Others may feel awkward and furthermore befuddled on how they will interact with the LGBT; by having this kind of attitude it might prompt discrimination of the LGBT people.

Lastly, the grade one thinkers who analyze the situation without taking feeling into their decision making to be precise they are the ones who solve the problem and the one who seeks the truth. Only a few individuals view this circumstance thoroughly and look at it in a subjective manner. I consider these people as an open-minded person who accepts the fact that straight individuals and gay people are for the most part human who breathes, eat, sleep simply like anybody in the world, and accept that they have the right to have a similar life as every other person without the majority of the judgment. Surely, some people may disagree to this because they don't have the brain capacity to comprehend such things and that individuals will consequently judge for reasons unknown. But after all, every one of these individuals deserves the privilege to live their lives as they choose within accepted values; they should neither be discriminated nor harassed. Fortunately, there are still individuals who acknowledge this and support human rights to act along these lines without hurting any other individual.

Although every people have its own view in LGBT, people who cannot accept such a state of things, for example, homophobes will still protest against LGBT equality and we cannot please them to accept and treat them equally. As claimed by Simpson (n.d.) "there are forces in human nature which constantly tend to corrupt them, and every age has its own vices. The worst feature of ours is probably an obsession with violence." It is terrible what homosexuals experience and how the vast majorities are dumbfounded or even care less about what these individuals persevere. LGBT people are faced with discrimination, torment, harassment, and even execution due to what they look like, or what their identity is. Having these negative mentalities and viciousness towards them, as a result, they experience minority stress that may lead them to desolation and suicide attempts.

It is conceivable to state that the LGBT people still need to battle for their equal rights on the grounds that not all individuals are prepared to acknowledge the way that gender identity is a norm. But I do believe that gender identity and sexual orientation are fundamental aspects of our lives and ought to never lead to abuse and discrimination. Moral values are one of the three standards which mark an educated person (Simpson, n.d.). Everybody must be in the equivalent rights for discrimination however the right thing, as an individual we have our respect to one another, that this awareness will carry us to righteousness. Regardless of what one's identity is everybody must treat equally and obliged to respect what they are. As we are altogether brought into the world the same way and consequently, merit indistinguishable rights and acceptance as long as we all follow the laws and conform to the norms set to secure all people.


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Updated: May 19, 2021
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