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FAQ about Liberalism

With what success did New Liberalism use state intervention to improve living conditions between 1906 and 1914?
...Some critics also argue that reform was only really the work of two men Churchill and Lloyd George who dragged the Liberal party behind them. Even men such as Lloyd George were portrayed as men with a shrewd political mind who realized the importance...
What are the main themes of classical liberalism?
...The main themes of classical liberalism were the ideas of the individual and egoism. This idea enabled liberals of the time to expand and develop other key themes such as justice, reason and later on economic liberalism. Without the idea of the prima...
To what extent did Sir Robert Peel reshape the modern British state, 1841-46? 
...Peels economic policies also helped to shape the modern British state. Peel passed a series of economic reforms which allowed the revolution of economics and the railway. Peel passed a number of acts to continue and authorise more railway constructio...
To what extent did the aims and ideals of the French Revolution affect the following century?
...In conclusion, I would say that the French Revolution did have an impact on the following century as it allowed the Italian Unification to take place as well as the forces for change (liberalism and nationalism) to spread. But should be taken into ac...
How to Present the Past to Prevent the Future?
...This is why K-12 is not suitable for the large societal change that needs to happen in America. The post secondary institution is ideal and would be a good place for this to exists. Furthermore the diversity that exists within post-secondary both wit...
How Successful Was the Quiet Revolution?
...For these programs, the Quebec Liberals had to struggle with Ottawa for a larger share of the tax dollars. One of the greatest reforms was the modernization of the entire school system. The Church used to own the schools of Quebec. Most of the teache...

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