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Examinations. Good or Bad?

Some people point out that examinations cause a large amount of stress to many students. Admittedly, students tend to feel extremely pressured when they hear the word “examinations”. This is because they are being pressured to meet their parents’ expectations by studying extremely hard, and sometimes, even burning the midnight oil. While doing so, they also have to attend extra co-curricular...

Grade 9 Geography Exam Review


Concept of examination malpractice

Aje S.A. (2001) Problems of Cultism in Nigerian School, Ilorin. Afri – Focus Investment Daily Champion, Nigeria (2004) “Alarming Rise in Cultism”. An Editorial Opinion in Daily Champion, Nigeria. August 30th (Available at: http://championnewspapers.com/) Edeki, E. (2004) “Personal View: Curbing Cultism in our Educational System”. Vanguard on line Edition January 05. (Available at: http:w...

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CBP Officer Entrance Examination

term is “associated with” and not “associated from.” Objects are “associated with” one another, which means they are related to each other in some way. 5. Correct Answer: A The correct answer is (A). The sentence should read as follows: The impact of this training will be measured by the number of new CBP Officers who successfully complete the probationary period. This is a well-constr...

Should Public Examinations in Malaysia be Abolished

Schools also have monthly exams or small class test for students. These exams are consistent and very often, compared to public exams which in some cases in every two years, three years, so on and so forth. However, after public exams there is no Parents’ and Teachers’ Day. This day is for parents to consult the teachers on their children’s performance. Usually after year-end exams or mid-ye...

Computerized Admission Examination System

On-line Exam system is designed for Educational Institutes (like schools and universities). The system handles all the operations, and generates reports as soon as the test is finish, that includes name, mark, time spent to solve the exam. Allow students to see or display his answers after the exam is finish. The type of questions is only multiple choice or true and false. The scope and limitation...

Should Examinations be Abolished

An over-competitive environment is not a good place for students to learn, because then, all they want to do is to be the top. This is bad because is defeats the purpose of going to school in the first place, and that is to learn and gain knowledge. Also, students might not need to even pay attention during lessons and still get a high score. All they need to do is to memorise all thier notes giv...

Should Exams be Abolished?

Firstly, a person will be able to know his performance. Exams encourage the performance of student. For instance if a person score low grade, it encourage him to work hard in order to score high grade. And also it encourages people to work and learn, creates competition, and develops ones personality and confidence. For instance, if a person passes the exams and got a good result, it helps to get ...

Recommendation for Oral Examination

According to the study of Luisa Baquiran Aquino of Xavier University , the students in the Xavier University of all year levels. Students will be given information on how study effects their academic performance. Based on the theory of confluent education can be drawn provisions of remediation courses, academic learning centers, academic and career skills can be regarded as helpful in improving st...

Summary of The Accounting Standards Setting Process in the U.S.: Examination of the SEC-FASB Relationship

It may appear to some that the SEC has little involvement in the standards set by the FASB however this is not the case. The extensive research that was completed and compiled shows how the SEC plays an active role in the Standard setting process. The SEC has power over the FASB’s budget and potential members, and has the ability to put pressure to address specific issues and respond the way the...

College Entrance Examination System

In addition to that, entrance examination has also connected with the behavioral capabilities of the students. According to kids4research.org, behavior is the response of an individual, group or species to its environment. It involves actions and response to stimulation. In addition to that, behavior deals with the development of every individual. Also, personalities are supposed to be assess, the...

An examination of the role of retributive justice

As previously stated, 'what goes around comes around', is an ideal phrase to describe Macbeth's murder. Macbeth had killed countless people in order for him to succeed as king. Among these people are innocent women and children. Retributive justice plays a significant role in the murder of Macbeth because he had committed so many crimes and justice must be served. Macduff stepped in to kill Macbet...

Holden Caulfield Character Examination

Holden Caulfield is a truly fascinating character. In writing this essay, the complexity and the inconsistency of his character traits became more and more evident to me. Holden is a great example of many negative qualities often associated with teenagers such as, impulsiveness, recklessness and various other negative traits not affiliated with teenagers such as cynicism, and a lack of faith. Hold...

Should Exams be Abolished or Not?

I personally think that exams should be abolished. Because exams are stressful and they do not show real results of the student's hard work and mental ability. They favor people who are gifted or have good memory and good exam techniques, and neglect the less able students who actually need the most help. Even though, those who have good memories may not be very smart during the classes and may no...

An Examination of Bias in Focus on the Family’s Website

This does not mean that Dobson should abandon his beliefs nor should Focus on the Family retract their statements, but the organization would be far better served presenting an unbiased look at the subject and avoid presenting opinion as fact. Bibliography Focus on the Family. (2007) http://listen. family. org/daily/A000000198. cfm Dobson, James. (2006) “Do You Believe Homosexuality is Inherited...

Examination Day and Harrison Bergeron

So many weights that he "looked like a walking junkyard." On top of it all, he is so handsome that they gave him a clown nose, shaved off his eyebrows, and blacked out his teeth. Also, Harrison is so frightening that he is arrested "on suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government." The government's news bulletin describes him as "a genius and an athlete, […] under-handicapped, and should be...

A Critical Examination of Cultural Influences in the Film Bend It Like Beckham

This feel-good film is a perfect illustration of Contact Hypothesis whereby Chadha has brought to life some contentious issues of Eastern and Western culture and allowed for a gradual process of cultural integration throughout the film. Concepts such as the gender roles, homosexuality, stereotyping and generation gaps are highlighted so as to demonstrate that multicultural societies should not inv...

Entrance Examination System

Entrance Exam System is very useful for Educational Institute to prepare an exam, save the time that will take to check the paper and prepare mark sheets. It will help the school to testing of students and develop their skills. But the disadvantages for this system, it takes a lot of times when you prepare the exam at the first time for usage. Examination System is a software application which all...

Curbing Examination Malpractices in Nigerian Educational Assessment

Part of the provision of the Decree reads: Any person who fraudulently or with intent to cheat or secure any unfair advantage to himself or any person or in abuse of his office, produces, sells or buy, or otherwise deals with any question paper intended for the examination of persons at any examination or commit any of the offence specified in section 3 (27) (c) of this Decree, shall be guilty of ...

Final examination

As a teacher, these exams are one of the tools I use to help me know what my students' strengths and weaknesses are for that course. This allows me to adjust the curriculum and teaching techniques for the weaker areas. I also can see my own areas that need improvement. These tests hold both the students and teacher accountable for the course. Although students will never love final exams, they do ...

The Examination of a Teen Killer

In conclusion, the fact that Kipland Kinkel was raised in a different country and held back a grade made him a frustrated child right from the start. He was also an all American kid, who was raised around heavy firearms and this impacted his decisions to express his emotions violently. The final point that describes Kip’s actions is how he always listened to aggressive and shallow music, which r...

Exams Are a Necessary Evil

Also there are those scores of cases which point at psychological and physical trauma such as illness and depression owing to unwarranted stress levels. Man evolves with time and so will the educational system and the methodology of testing. While in the short to midterm, exams are here to stay, there may be a day when a bold patriarch chooses to shun this process and allow students to flourish in...

Examinations Should Be Abolished

Another factor is that quite a lot of the things that we study are not required much when we enter the working world. Let’s take, for example, Mathematics. Not all that we learn in Mathematics needs to be applied when we work. Students study so hard about Mathematics just to do well for their examinations to get good paper qualifications and being able to get a good job. In conclusion, I feel t...

Objective structured clinical examination Assessment of Critically Ill Patient

The handover I gave to the registrar was slightly muddled and I jumped back and forth instead of remembering the systematic order that the tool was designed for there for I missed out information about Mrs Jones that could of been highly important to the doctor. Conclusion The ABCDE assessment gives health care professionals a framework which helps detect life threatening conditions and are addres...

Prepearing for Your Muet Testing

What should you read? Be smart about it. What kind of topics are you likely to get in your test. Read articles that are relevant to those. Do you know about Plastic surgery? Social problems? Crime rates? Crime prevention? ICT updates? Work related stress? Not much? Then read about them. Read online magazines, newspapers, good quality blogs, articles from english language websites. Save them, email...

University Entrance Examination

An entrance examination is an exam that applicants must pass with great scores for access to an institution of higher education as universities. The entrance exam to enter a college must be mandatory for all people who are interested in pursuing a career and vocational training for several reasons. First of all, the exam helps to measure and evaluate the level of intelligence, ability and knowledg...

Performance of Sdssu in the Licensure Examination for Teachers

A permit to conduct the study shall be secured from the university president, and shall be furnished to the campus directors and concerned respondents and the campus offering Teacher Education programs. the pursuance of this study, the researcher will use researcher-made questionnaires that would show the relativity of the data subject to this study. The questionnaire shall be administered persona...

Examination of Clinical Psychology

Kazdin, A. E. (2008). Evidence based treatment and practice: new opportunities to bridge clinical research and practice. American Psychologist, 63(3), 146-159. Parsons, T. (1958). Social Structure and the Development of Personality: Freud's Contribution to the Integration of Psychology and Sociology. Psychiatry: Journal for the Study of Interpersonal Processes, 21(10), 321-340. Plante, T. (2011). ...

Examination Day

‘This is the Government Educational Service. Your son, Richard M Jordan, Classification 600-115 has completed the Government examination. We regret to inform you that his intelligence quotient is above the Government regulation, according to Rule 84 Section 5 of the New Code. Across the room, the woman cried out, knowing nothing except the emotion she read on her husband’s face. ‘You may spe...

A Lesson Before Dying: an Examination of a Prodigious Storyteller

The character Paul is a perfect example of Gaines’ use of charactonym. Being one of the first white men in the story to accept the black people, it could be said that he is so named after Paul the Apostle, who “was one of the most influential early Christian missionaries” (Livingstone, and Cross 1840). The final stylistic device used paradox. For example, when Grant describes Jefferson’s t...

The problem of cheating in exams

To get good marks, they cheat as much as possible they can. They do not feel anything wrong, and only think about the result that they can get if the teacher find out his cheating. In conclusion, being under pressure for expressive scores, having no ability for doing exams and the lack of self-respect are the contributing factors to cheating in exams. In the future, I hope the awareness of student...

Examination of the Newborn

It provides a paper trail to identify if abnormality has been seen and what has been done as a result of it. Nurses and midwives can seek guidance in record keeping from the NMC (2009) document “Record Keeping: Guidance for Nurses and Midwives”. Peer review of documentation can be a way to promote ‘best practice’ and help with finding ways in which to improve it. Midwives must also remain ...

Civil Service Examination Reviewer for Android

What the user needs to do in using this application is to analyse the question and understand it, is more likely essential because it is logic and stacked knowledge quest. The frequency of answering and playing the game simply leads the user into the mastery of the topic. It is fervent hope that this material will contribute in improving the examination performance and boosts their real expertise....

Online Examination System

The Researcher conducted the study in Computer Technologies Institute to provide an Online Entrance Examination System in there institution. The said school is located in Baliwasan Chico, Zamboanga City. The expected total of 500 students in current semester. With ages of 16 and above. This study want to help the said institution to know the knowledge of the student (who will take the Online Entra...

Self examination

Thursday at “happy hour” is an addict, even though he is not drunk.  For it is not the effect of the alcohol that defines the alcoholic addiction say many.  Rather, it is the dependence on that Thursday evening martini that brings the label “addiction”.  Gilmore Girls is on (insert what night it is on here ) and like the alcoholic, I find myself planning my weekly plans with my weekly ...

Public Examination Should Not Be Abolished

Teacher and student empowerment Teachers and students become part of the assessment process; collaboration and sharing of expertise take place within and across schools Teachers play little to no role in assessment of their students and have no opportunity to share their expertise or knowledge of their students; students treated as numbers Professional development Builds teacher assessment skills,...

FAQ about Examination

Why Examination Should Not Be Abolished

...In conclusion while examinations may have some drawbacks with regards to pressuring students’ health. I believe that they should not be abolished as an examination are great motivator for students; showing students merits, short comings and give te ...

Why Students Cheat in Exam

...They will think that there is no point for them to study so hard since their friend can get a good result by cheating. As a conclusion, there are many reasons why students cheating during examination. It includes the wish of getting a good result in ...

What Are the Reasons for Students to Cheat During Examinations

...In conclusion, the reasons that make students to cheat on their exam are desire to have a good grades, high-paying job and lack of high-esteem. Cheat on exam is a very bad and dishonest habit, so, students should avoid cheating during exam and studen ...

Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried: An Examination of What They Carried and Why.

...The aesthetic value of O'Brien unorthodox approach is unmistakable but in focusing on the style he ignores the fundamental reasons why the war occurred in the first place. As well as America's role in the destruction of nation and it's people. The Vi ...

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