Examinations Should Be Abolished Essay

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Examinations Should Be Abolished

Examinations should be abolished. When examinations are abolished, it means that it should be ridden of. Ever since our primary education started, we were all studying for examinations every year. The education system set by the Singapore government stated that examinations are a good way to test a student’s capability of a subject. The examinations’ purposes are to also allow teachers to know where each student’s individual standards, and letting them to be able to differentiate each student’s abilities and talents. It is also a common universal yardstick used around the world, since a long time ago. But, is it an accurate method? Nowadays, students are just required to memorise formulas and texts to answer the questions in examinations. Examinations do not measure one’s capability accurately.

Examinations bring about stress and sleepless nights to students. These few factors affect the students’ emotions and feelings, and they might also affect the students’ performance in examinations. When students study, they will feel tired, and they will also feel that they have not studied enough, which leads them to not having enough sleep. At this period, students are also prone to falling sick. Tiredness will affect the students’ thinking, and memory will not work well when examinations come. The results of their examinations are not desirable which might also lead to other factors like, for example, the students’ parents getting angry because they did not do well. Students might get depressed and their attitude will change towards people.

Examinations are also not fair. People who took examinations and did well received paper qualifications which state how well they did and what did they achieve. By applying for a job, this acts like another examination. If you are clever enough, you will pass the exam. The same thing applies too. If you have high qualifications, you can take the job. But it is not fair because there are so many hidden talents out there. Some might not have the money to take major examinations like the O and A levels which determine their achievements and grades, and these people are not being noticed. These people are seen in an unfair light.

Another factor is that quite a lot of the things that we study are not required much when we enter the working world. Let’s take, for example, Mathematics. Not all that we learn in Mathematics needs to be applied when we work. Students study so hard about Mathematics just to do well for their examinations to get good paper qualifications and being able to get a good job. In conclusion, I feel that examinations should be abolished because it does not measure a student’s potential and ability accurately and that it is unfair. An alternative is that schools should not have any examinations at all, and teachers should just teach throughout the year.

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