College Entrance Examination System

Computers are known for their wide range of uses especially in scientific and mathematical fields.However little or no thought has been given to designing a complete and thorough intelligence entrance examination on a computer system in our immediate environment. This entrance examination system is designed to assist the college guidance administration. The design of the system is simple and easily understood. Its flexibility makes it amenable for future changes and amendment to either incorporate other aspects of intelligence or to be designed for any other school age or class.

The question of the college Entrance Examination System are programmed and visually displayed on the system‘s screen in an interactive form. The User/Examinee answers the question on the computer system, immediately the question is marked and notified. The result of the examination is also directly displayed into the server at the end of the examination which goes a long way to lessen the fears of Examinee that they were marked down in the examination.

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Since the entrance examination is examined by the computer, time cost of manual examination is saved.


An entrance examination is an examination that many educational institutions use to select students for admission, These exams may be administered at any level of education, from primary to higher education, although they are more common at higher levels. But this system is design for higher levels only. college entrance examination systems are very convenient and fast.

College entrance examination system has three purposes.

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1. To allow entrance examination takers wide and comfortable places to take the examination.

2. Through careful planning and proper coding, enable entrance examination, result checking and accurate checking the answers.

3. To integrate database with the program allowing administrator easily change and addition of question and creation of entrance examination.

This document will propose some features and procedures to develop the system.This document specially containing details about objectives, concepts, significance scope limitation, and definitions. College entrance examination system is very useful for Educational Institute to prepare an exam,safe the time that will take to check the paper and prepare mark sheets.It will help the Institute to entrance examinationof students and develop their skills.

But the disadvantages for this system, it takes a lot of times when you prepare the exam at the first time for usage.And we are needs number of computers with the same number of examinee.

The effective use of "College Entrance Examination System",any Educational
Institute or training centers can be use it to develop their strategy for putting the exams, and for getting better results in less time.

However the formulation of question for entrance examination is often treated with consciousness.With the developing of computer application technology, more and more computer application software is coming up. This application software‘s associated to every part of people‘s daily life, and so does the examinations. Just like other application system, examination systems develop very fast, from simple stand-alone system to C/S based system,and now some LAN based system.

Although there are a lot of examination systems, but there also have blanks in some special fields. Examination Evaluation System integrated into the Multimedia Emulation Training System of certain type equipment is designed and will be introduced.This system can be used to help people familiar with the equipment usage quickly which can save time and paperless. Now the following will analysis and contrast the existing examination systems, and shoveling out the improvement of our examination system.


Our system is all about the entrance exam the students who will enrol in Cainta Catholic College. The AUTOMATED ENTRANCE EXAMINATION is easier than the written exam because it’s automated and less effort and less expensive.

The objective of entrance examination is to test and evaluate the examinees ability. Different schools nowadays have their own way of filtering and scanning enrollees that will enter their institution. Mostly private colleges are currently having their entrance examination manual. Computerized Entrance Examination is a software that would test the academic skills and capabilities of an individual. It will generate the score of the examinees and will determine if he or she passes the examination. The software will be having categories, the logic, arithmetic, vocabulary, basic computer related questions and abstract reasoning.


The study aims to find out the effects of having manual and computerized examination to the examinees and the establishment that will use it. The following are the main problems of the manual examinations: a) Consuming a lot of time in summarizing and writing reports for the faculty staff b) It is space consuming, since the data are stored in filling cabinets, and the amount of work done on paper increases too. c) The speed of accuracy decreased, the processing is slower where large volume of data needs to be dealt with d) The possibility of having leakage of the exam answers and modification of the examination results. 1.3 RESEARCH OBJECTIVES

General Objective
The main objective of the study is to modernize the traditional entrance examination. Project aims to make the examination process faster, to minimize error, to lessen the use of paper and consume less time. The ultimate goal is to design and develop a productive entrance examination for all types of school.

Specific Objective
The proposed system specifically aims to:

a) Develop a better computerized entrance examination for students.
b) Provide fast and reliable results.
c) Lessen the errors


Conceptual Model of the Study
A college Entrance Examination System identifies the modern process of technology, on how it works quickly for the college guidance. Based on the objectives of the study the following conceptual model of study was developed.


Figure 1. Conceptual Model of Study
The conceptual model of study is best illustrated on the paradigm of the input box; it deals on knowledge requirements, User’s Needs, Existing Applications, Development Tools and Techniques, Technical Literature, Results of user’s survey, expert advice, software, requirements, and hardware requirements. It deals on the perceptions towards the existing manual system and the proposed Computerized Entrance Examination System as to accuracy, user friendliness and speed of data and information. On the process box, it deals on the process of gathering data using questionnaires and unstructured interviews, the different statistical tools as mean, frequency, percentage, analysis of variance in order to test the significant difference on the formulated hypothesis. On the output frame, it deals on the final objective of the study which is the development of the proposed Entrance Examination System for the Cainta Catholic College (College Guidance) in Cainta, Rizal.


This study intends to benefit not only the end users, but also the establishment that will use the software. The proposed software provides better method of computer usage. It will change the way of dealing number of enrollees, make the work easy, less paper, fast and reliable, decreases the time consumed during the examination process and its user friendliness for everyone.


Examinees - Examinees will find an easy way of answering examination from the schools. Staff / Examiner –As an examiner, it will help them a lot to lessen their burden in giving examinations, and also will lessen the effort that they will exert in filling those exam papers in places and they can already get the result. Establishment – Having a Computerized Examination in schools is a big factor in having such Examination. Not only they can accommodate large number of students to take the examination, also will get all results that they want in a short period of time which is good factor / background for the school. Environment – Computerized Examination is eco-friendly. It will not consume a large number of papers and also there are no harmful contents.


The proposed study aims to benefit the examiners and examinees. It focuses on the user friendliness, small use in memory and data storage, also its accuracy and reliability of the process for school, since it can help in evaluating enrollees’ academic abilities. The questions are in multiple-choice format. The proposed software can only provide offline use, automatically print the results, its installation in different personal computers, ready to use, run as a separate computer process. It is a standalone program that can only be run in Windows XP and higher Windows operating system.

The software does not cover any other process of enrolling, paying tuition, assessment and course evaluation; it does not cover any online processes. The software will evaluate students and will be the basis of the school in accepting students.



According to Aquino (2005), importamce of computer application is increasing day by day. In the latest dacades of the Millenium winning organization are those which are willing to integrate business strategy and computer information technology in plying their respective trades. The use of computer information technology results for them to be able to develop products fast and make decisions fast, ability to have fluid organization structures, able to cope with the demanding work force and external environment by the rapid development of innovative approaches and lastly using information system confirms the company’s missing vision.

The transformation of manual entrance examination to automated is one example of what has driven partly by rapid technological innovation. Any ways just to make work easier and faster like examination processing is possible with emergence of computer technologies.

A Lan Based entrance examination system has featured that meet most of academic institutions system’s needs and requirements.


According to some research, the origin of taking entrance examination started in China. Ancient China was the first country in the world that implemented a nationwide standardized test, which was called the imperial examination. The main purpose of this examination was to select qualified candidates for specific governmental positions. Steven Johnson (2009) says that the computer is the revolutionary technology that affected many facets of our lives including the schooling of the students. And having an entrance examination that is computerized will be a good help for the examiners and examinees for it will lessen the time of taking examination. Many schools that conduct examination are using manual based system up to present. In managing their system, they have encountered difficulties and problems.


Studies Cainta Catholic College says that schools are giving entrance examination to all incoming freshmen in order to test the mental capabilities of every student. In Manual System, the processing of transactions of the guidance counselor may take time consuming in recording, checking and retrieving files of students. If the students did not meet the cut off score in the examination,the student will repeatedly take the exam until the student will pass. If the examination is end and the student never meet the cut off score in the examination. the student will not be qualified to enroll in the school. Entrance examination is also known as the aptitude test in many universities, and the proponents agreed to it. An examination is an assessment intended to measure the examiners knowledge, skills, aptitude, physical fitness, or classification in many other topics. A test may be administered orally, on paper, on a computer, or in a confined area that requires an examiner to physically perform a set of skills.


Automation in the modern period will not only make our life easy and convenient, but also it makes our task easy. According to the study of Couse and Chen (2010), the programs and devices are increasingly user friendly. Schools started to use computer process for evaluating students. The commodities, new devices, services, in technology are needs of man for a better fuller life which is the concern of the research. Through the use of technology, the economy of the country is moving forward. Nowadays, most people are using computers to make their work easier and faster. Most jobs in the country involve use of computers because of their importance in the society


This section presents other related studies by the people who conducted studies similar to the proponents that will also greatly helping the progress of the study, and it will also help the understanding of the proposition Taking college entrance exams that will determine the schools and universities you will study at can be a daunting task, especially to someone who is yet to experience the true rigors of life. Taking one is inevitable and almost all of the universities nowadays require a student to take an entrance exam. Passing an exam is not just about wit, but it is also about the attitude. A college entrance exam is a standardized aptitude test. Aptitude tests measure your collective knowledge in various skill areas such as verbal, math, analytical and writing skills. These tests are not designed to measure what you have learned in school; rather, they measure your potential to perform well in the future. The college you are applying to and where you stand in school will determine which standardized test you need to take.

In addition to that, entrance examination has also connected with the behavioral capabilities of the students. According to, behavior is the response of an individual, group or species to its environment. It involves actions and response to stimulation. In addition to that, behavior deals with the development of every individual. Also, personalities are supposed to be assess, there are students who have difficulties in dealing with their classmates and even with their instructors and professors. In relation to examinations, behavior is the most important factor that the school should also consider because schools are also having a hard time handling the behaviors of their students, and evaluating the students’ behavior is an important thing to consider. Computerized entrance examination is a proposed study where it automates the task of the school in handling qualified students, not only in academic performance but also in behavioral and personality factors; proponents found these studies helpful in developing the software for the computerized entrance examination.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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