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Buddhism Essay Examples

Essay on Buddhism

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Monkey: Journey to the west

The qualities of forgivenes are in each path to reaching great peace. Monkey realizes the way he acted before being imprisoned was not suitable for his pilgrimage he set out on. Monkey becomes a student of Hsuang-tsang and joins his journey to India. The Buddha shows the Monkey. He explains to him how his spiritual mind has opened his inner soul to help interpret and accept forgiveness from others...

King Devanampiyatissa

During the reign of king Asoka of india,Srilanka was ruled by king Tissa who was the second son of kung Muthaseeva. King Asoka and King Tissa were very close friends. Kung Tissa sent delegation to meet kingAsoka with several gifts. The leader of that group was Prince Maha Aritta who was the nephew of King Tissa. This delegation was ceremoniously received by Emperor Asoka. This delegation spent abo...

“A Flowering of faith: Christianity and Buddhism”

These were known as the important principles in Buddhism. The four truths are best understood, not as beliefs, but as categories of experience. They more so discussed what we call cause and effect, i.e. the truth about stress is suffering. When dealing with their similarities the main thing they had in common was the enormous faith in them through their disciples. In conclusion, like Jesus, The Bu...

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Social Philosophical Thoughts and Contributions of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

In this presentation I have made an attempt to present some of the social thoughts and contributions of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, a great personality, a revolutionary, a great fighter for the respect and dignity denied to the shudras, untouchables and the pariahs. By his relevant questions he challenged the divinity and the infallibility of the Hindu Shastras which created the society of inequality. Acc...

Wesak Festival

The abundance of Buddhists celebrates Wesak in a variety of ways and in a substantial amount of countries are all celebrating the same cause, the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha. The fact that the majority of them are spread apart and across the world from each other displays how far Buddhism has spread to become a significant cultural and religious part of the universe. Individually...

Reflection paper On Buddhism

3. The temptation from Mara and his hordes. The story of a god or deity that tempts the hero in the story is common in religions for examples Satan temps Jesus while he is in the desert for 40 days in the Christian religion. I think that this story is meant to teach the householders that there will always be temptations in life and that if you do not give in to these temptations you will prosper a...

Ashoka country/region: India Lifespan

Ashoka's military power was so strong that he was able to crush those empires that went to war against him. Ashoka also planted trees in his empire and his neighboring countries. Ashoka was perhaps the first emperor in human history to ban slavery, hunting, fishing and deforestation. Ashoka also banned the death sentence and asked the same for the neighboring countries. Ashoka commanded his people...

Ajanta Caves

The Archeological Survey of India board outside the caves gives the following detail about cave 4 : "This is the largest monastery planned on a grandiose scale but was never finished.An inscription on the pedestal of the buddha's image mentions that it was a gift from a person named Mathura and paleographically belongs to 6 th century A.D. It consists of a verandah , a hypostylar hall, sanctum wit...

Personal Reflection Essay for Trip to Buddhist Temple

All in all, I can definitely say that this was a positive experience for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take part in this service and felt very welcomed throughout the entire service. I was impressed by the reaction the people had to the meditation and felt as though I learned a lot from the trip as a whole. Although this may not be my religion of choice, I felt as though I benefited ...

Tourism in nepal

Tourism Sector plays a vital role for increase the GDP of Nepal. Although the main source of economic sustenance is agriculture, the tourist industry employs around 42% of the total working population of Nepal. The major religion in Nepal is Hinduism, and the Pashupatinath Temple, the world's largest temple of Shiva which is located in Kathmandu, attracts many pilgrims and tourists. Other Hindu pi...

Asoka: Ruthless Conqueror or Enlightened Ruler?

All of the documents together shape Asoka to be a very enlightened ruler. He always put the best interest of the people first and wished to educate them on the peace-seeking of Buddha. In order to better understand Asoka's true personality, characteristics, humane and nature, it would be of great convenience to be provided with an additional document from a civilian whom lived during the time of A...

Eastern and Western Philosophy Comparison

The Western philosopher that I felt Rene Descartes made the most compelling argument. Descartes believed that he could prove to himself that objects exists outside the mind (McGraw & Hill, 2008). He also set to prove that God exists also. Descartes came up with three reasons to prove Gods existence. The Second proof that he came up with he stated,” I exists as a thing that has an idea” (Mc...

Hinduism and Buddhism vs. Confucianism and Taoism

Li governs customs, ceremonies, and relationships established by human practice over the ages; and jen is realized through li. Jen is the ground of li; what makes li a standard of conduct is the fact that it is in accord with jen. Customs and regulations not in accord with jen are not really li. By li, we tame our unruly impulses and transform them into civilized expressions of human nature: that ...

Cultural heritage in Thai Buddhism

Rebuilding Buddhism: The Theravada Movement in 20th Century Nepal / David N. Geller/Sarah LeVine, December 2005, Harvard University Press, USAEngaged Buddhism: Buddhist Liberation Movements in Asia / Christopher S. Queen/Sallie B. King, April 1996, State University of New York Press, New York, USAWomen's Buddhism, Buddhism's women : tradition, revision, renewal / edited by Ellison Banks Findly, 20...

Compare and Contrast the spread of Christianity and Buddhism

Buddhism believed in nirvana and Christianity believed in heaven and hell. All in all, Buddhism and Christianity have many different beliefs and roots that each contributed to their diffusion. Buddhism and Christianity are two of today’s major world religions, but they each gained followers in many different ways. Spreading from Eastern Asia to Europe, both religions influenced a variety of peop...

Compare and Contrast Buddhism and Christianity

Buddhism worships either no god or else false gods. It teaches that man must save himself over a period of many lives by human effort.The gospel provides the only true way to worship the only true God. It provides a way for man to be forgiven by the death of the Son of God who paid the penalty for our sins. To receive the benefit, we must trust Jesus and obey Him in this life. Then we have the hop...

Comparing and Contrasting Cultures of Cambodians and Filipinos

Within the Asian country lie many cultures, beliefs, religions and much more. Cambodians are very superstitious and believe in mostly Buddhism. Filipinos are also very superstitious but have different folktales and most Filipinos are Christian, Catholic, or some other type of religion. Both countries also have a lot of similarities in their cultures; they both respect their elders and take respect...

Spread of Buddhism in China DBQ

Even if the Buddha is not mentioned in them, what occasion is there for suspicion” (Document 3). (??? ) A leading Buddhist scholar named Zong Mi compares the teachings of Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism and says “all three teachings lead to the creation of an orderly society and for this they must be observed with respect” (Document 5). In conclusion during the 1st century to the 9th, the...

"Little Buddha" Summary and Review

Little Buddha was an educational film that displayed thought and emotion throughout, and gave the viewer a look at the inside of Buddhism. It was displayed in a way that taught more than a textbook paragraph ever could, with likeable characters, (for the most part) realistic character interaction, and the intention of spreading knowledge of Buddhism and possible Buddhism itself to anyone who is w...

Tenzin gyatso 14th dalai lama and his contributions to Buddhism

Bibliography: Websiteshttp://www.1000ventures.com/business_guide/crosscuttings/cultures_buddhism_dalai_lama.htmlhttp://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G1-131433480.htmlhttp://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/d/dalai_lama.htmlhttp://www.savetibet.org/tibet/hhdl/5pointplan.phpwww.dalailama.comen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenzin_Gyatso,_14th_Dalai_Lamahttp://www.tibet.com/DL/http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/p...

Karma in Bhagavad-Gita and Shakuntala

Because of their social status in the society, their dharma becomes more demanding and regulating. Both show a pleasurable sense of life and their religion guides them not to end up tragically. Both value knowledge as means to salvation and liberation. In _Shakuntala,_ the trial which she brings upon herself matures her in the knowledge of love and prepares her for the life which she is destined t...

Similarities and Differences of China and India

In conclusion both India and China both showed many differences, but also showed political, cultural, and economical similarities in the Classical period during 1000 B.C.E.- 600 B.C.E. Both civilizations prospered during their times but they both also failed at some point. Both civilizations developed very differently due to their geographical features. China was isolated and India had great conta...

Shinto Illustration

In its present form; Shinto is characterized less by religious doctrine or belief than by the observance of popular festivals, traditional ceremonies, and customs, many involving pilgrimages to shrines. Currently, there is no dogmatic and no formulated code of morals (Infoplease.com, 2014). However, Shinto practice is usually wherever large Japanese communities exist. The common religious practice...

The Differences Between Buddhism and Hinduism

9. 'Maitri is extending fellow feeling to all beings.' 10. 'Upekka is detachment as distinguished from indifference.' The religion of Buddhism teaches that the will of man is in control of his own suffering, and as such, in control of his salvation. In other religions, it is God that is the only way to salvation. Man being obedient to the rules and rituals counts more for eternal happiness in heav...

Mystical and Numinous Religious Experience

Conclusion My smart distinction between the two religion lies within their within their believe system. This is because they initially shared a common religion before the breakup. It’s also emphasized by the fact that they all share a common sub continent, above this they all share same physical features. References Smart, N. (1983). Worldviews: Crosscultural Explorations of Human Beliefs, 3rd E...

Buddhism Versus Greek Mythology

As a consequence, Buddhists thought that nature and man are one while Greeks were taught to be above nature and manipulate it in any way possible. Buddhists lived in ultimate peace while the ancient Greeks lived in love of carnage. The Buddhist outlook on nature is derived from the belief that man is one with nature whereas the original Greek outlook is derived from the thought that man is above n...

Dalai Lama

Through his rhetoric and speeches he has adapted the Buddhist teachings in a contemporary context, causing a direct impact on the Buddhist stance on current ethics. His teachings are not based solely on the concerns of the problems of Tibet but rather he makes a plea to all people to have a sense of compassion and justice. The Dalai Lama set out to use life as an example, because he knew what he w...

Buddhism 4 Noble Truths

The Four Noble Truths is a great argument and can really help anyone in some way. The reason I have chose The Four Noble Truths is because I love Buddhism, and it’s such a bold argument that all human beings can end suffering because everyone in the world wants to. The Four Noble Truths was written by Buddha around 500 B. C. E. and to this day Buddhism is one of the most powerful religious pract...

Zen Buddhism

Zen has blended with Japanese society, and culture, influencing thought, art, and expression. Because of the influence of Zen Buddhism, Japanese arts have developed around the ideals of simplicity, practicality, and emptiness. An example of the ideals of Zen Buddhism can be found in the practice of the koan. A koan is a question that cannot be easily answered with logic, meditated on and answered ...

Ashoka Maurya’s Conversion to Buddhism: Effect on the History of India

I desire that they be provided with complete welfare and happiness in this world" (Kalinga RE 1). India for him was now a large family over whom he presided with the Buddhism as his guide. The concept of dharma was not solitary to Buddhism alone. Hindus, Jains and other popular sects at that time included a code of ethics. Dharma was part of the currency of ethical norms propounded by various teac...

Spread of Christianity, Buddhism and Islam

The Islam development was enhanced by the establishment of mosques and it is considered that in human history no other religion has rapidly spread so far like Islam. Conclusion Despite the different places and period in time the three universal religions spread across. The fact remains that they used the same means in the development of their faith. The willingness of the religions to change throu...

Jainism and Buddhism: A Comparative Study

London: Cambridge University Press, 1999. 331pp. Rebello, I. Indian Culture and Civilization. Bangalore: Prakasha Sahitya, 1978. 238pp. Seshiengar, A. Studies in Indian Culture. Bangalore: Sri Rama, 1973. Solomon, Robert C. & Higgins, Kathleen M. A Passion for Wisdom: A Very Brief History of Philosophy. New York: Oxford University Press US, 1999. 137pp. Mahayana. Encyclop? dia Britannica Premi...

The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac

His studying of Buddhist philosophy finally pays off. There are many complications and sufferings Ray goes through in order to follow the Buddhist philosophy of all life is suffering and suppression of suffering can be achieved. At last, with the help of Japhy, Ray is able to achieve the suppression of suffering because Japhy helps inspire and motivate him. When Japhy leaves, Ray sets out to Desol...

Japan, Korea, and Vietnam in the Process of Sinification

Use of Chinese models of military and political organization aided the Vietnamese against their southern neighbors. In all three, Sinification was sought, and Chinese culture was viewed as more sophisticated than native culture. Chinese culture had an impact on all sides of the three cultures. Despite different patterns, the power of Chinese model had one other important result for Korea, Japan, ...

Worksheet: Buddhism and Basic Buddhist Teachings

Mahayana Buddhism says that nirvana is not only attainable for monks, but is a possibility for anyone to achieve. Mahayana also stresses enlightenment is a call to compassion, and that a person has to save himself by saving others.(Malloy 2010) Vajrayana Buddhism is known as the Diamond Vehicle or the lightning bolt. The name suggests wisdom, clarity, strength, and flashes of light, which are all ...

The Explaintion of 3 Orientations of Religion

This concludes my explaination of sacramental orientation, mystical orientation, and prophetic orientation. Even if all these concepts may come easy to you or may be hard to grasp. They all have one thing in common, Religion. No matter how big or how small, how in depth you explain it or how well you can pronouce a single religion. They all have their unique aspects along with many other things th...

Textbook Evaluation

Students could be assigned different chapters to read (about Siddhartha’s life, the beginning of Buddhism, the spread of Buddhism and his teachings) and then summarize the chapters to the rest of the class. This would be a good text for the Assistance stage of PAR because it allows students to build comprehension about Buddhism. It would also be good to use a KWL chart with this text because stu...

Jewish and Buddhism Life Cycle Rituals

Welcome your baby: Jewish traditions. Retrieved February 10, 2009, from http://www. beliefnet. com/Love-Family/Parenting/2000/05/Welcome-Your-Baby-Jewish-Traditions. aspx Kushner, H. (2009). Some meanings of brit milah. MyJewishLearning, Inc. Retrieved February 10, 2009, from http://www. myjewishlearning. com/lifecycle/Ceremonies_For_Newborns/Overview_History_and_Themes/Brit_Milah_Ceremonies_for_B...

Gautama Buddha

Decorations are put up around houses and villages and their neighbours are encouraged to join in on the festivities. An important ritual that happens during the Wesak festival is the bathing of the Buddha. The bathing of the Buddha in fragrant water has been important since the legend of the Buddha’s birth has been told. It is a symbol of inner purification, the ritual is said to help get rid of...

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