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3 Tips: How To Be A Fashionable Hijabi On Eid Al Adha
Words • 779
Pages • 4
Eid Al Adha is one of the best festive occasions where hijabis want to rise and shine to look their very best. In this summer heat, it becomes puzzling to decide what to wear on Eid Al Adha. Bokitta totally understands the dilemma of hijabis who want to opt for a formal yet inspiring look on Eid. We have brought our Ethere collection to take this worry away from hijabis. 3 Tips for a Fashionable Attire on Eid Al Adha…...
Eid Al AdhaFestival
Holi: the Celebration of Colors
Words • 593
Pages • 3
As you should already know Indian culture is known as full festivals, religious and traditions. This paper is going to talk about the traditions and the festival call “Holi” which is also known as the festival of colors, worldwide. Holi is the spring festival of colors that is the second most important Hindu/Punjabi festival of India after the Diwali. This festival is full of fun with parties, traditional foods, and bonfires. Holi is celebrated with people smearing colors with each…...
Favourite Festival HoliFestival
Holi the Most Renowned Festival in India
Words • 603
Pages • 3
Holi or the festival of colors is considered to be one of the most renowned festivals in the whole of India. The festival is celebrated for a day and an evening during the month of March with no specific date. Holi begins in the evening of Purnima or when the moon is at its fullest. It is celebrated by the name Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi in the evening, which symbolizes the beginning of spring as well as the triumph…...
Favourite Festival HoliFestivalHoli
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Fall Dance Festival Critique
Words • 1105
Pages • 5
Burbank High school fall dance festival 2019 was one of my favorite shows I have been to. The show was a combination of several types of dances with Unleashed and Advanced dance performing. With the first routine Strike a pose, and the last routine Improv, I started loving contemporary and jazz because I find them to be the most relatable and interesting to watch. However, the dance of my choice would be Roxie, since the choreography was beautiful, sassy and…...
Do You Know the Chinese Traditional Festival
Words • 261
Pages • 2
Do you know the Chinese traditional festival? Do you know how to the Mid-Autumn festival the Chinese traditional festival? Nowadays, I want to tell you something about my favorite Chinese traditional Festival-the Mid-Autumn festival, which is on the 15th august in China’s lunar calendar. When it comes to the Mid-Autumn festival, we have to recall the moon. The moon is the symbol of the Mid-Autumn festival. The people celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival by doing every thing about the moon. For…...
Examining Festivals Of Senegal And Taiwan Cultural Studies Essay
Words • 1198
Pages • 5
The festival is celebrated harmonizing to Chinese lunar calendar on the 5th twenty-four hours of the 5th month. It is celebrated the name of Chinese scholar Qu yan. In the 3rd century BCE he was a loyal curate of he ling of chu. In the twelvemonth of the 278 BCE, Qu yuan wad died and dropped himself in the miluo River. The people of chu attempt to salvage him. Thus a zongzi was mode by the people that hopes it…...
Discuss the Pros and Cons of Festivals and Fairs
Words • 1152
Pages • 5
Festivals are cultural celebrations that take place all around the world. People from different ethenic groups celebrate with traditional food and amusements . Popular festivals such as sport, music and food are common for fun loving people and many festivals are international festivals are a good thing as they bring people together from different places to enjoy common interests. They do have some cons however as, crimes like theft and issues like noise pollution and missing children do maniple themselves.…...
Demise Of The Traditional Festivals Cultural Studies Essay
Words • 1530
Pages • 7
February 14th is an of import twenty-four hours for lovers. When this twenty-four hours most people will purchase roses and cocoas give to the individual they like. We called this twenty-four hours Valentines Day. Valentine 's Day is from Europe. However, China besides has a festival like Valentine 's Day that is Double Seven Festival. Double Seven Festival is a Chinese traditional festival, in this twenty-four hours most of the misss would travel to pray to acquire a better love.…...
Cherry Blossom Festival
Words • 441
Pages • 2
The National Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual two weekends event. It locates at San Francisco Japantown Post Street between Laguna and Fillmore Street. I went to the cherry blossom festival on April 17th with my family there was so fun. It feature live bands, food booths, parade, traditional Japanese music , martial arts, dance, karate and other cultural performances. The sponsors are Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco and Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Executive Committee and Japanese-American…...
Celebrating Onam: The Festival of Food
Words • 723
Pages • 3
Indian cuisine reflects the history of various groups and cultures over the past 8000 years. Indian cuisine is famous for its diversity and ancient immersion in tradition. It is well known that India is one of the largest countries in the world, but in history it has dealt with other cultures, which have also influenced Indian cuisine. As we all know, it has the most kinds of food, which is characterized by its delicate and complex use of many fruits,…...
CookingDiwaliFestivalFoodIndian Cuisine
The prospect of putting on a festival excited me Having for years
Words • 1522
Pages • 7
The prospect of putting on a festival excited me. Having, for years, had an interest in the general world of event management, I was fascinated to allow this experience to broaden my understanding of the industry and eager to take away some pointers that would help me to put on an event in the future if I did decide to ever explore this avenue. I was also eager for this opportunity to allow me to work with other people and…...
FestivalSwot Analysis
Events and Festivals’ Importance for Communities
Words • 2104
Pages • 9
Events and festivals have always been an essential part of culture and society itself and helped to increase peoples awareness of certain cities or cultures for a very long time (Shone and Parry, 2015). In the past the main attraction of creating events or festival was religion. The connection between religion and celebration of festivals was very close, but as the humanity progressed further in time, this connection became thinner as the society was exploring all other reasons of celebrating…...
Sydney Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival Tourism
Words • 2298
Pages • 10
Sydney is the capital of the New South Wale of Australia, and it is best known as a vivid, charming and lively city and with its famous icons, such as Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. In addition, Sydney has started to build a new image of “gay capital of the South Pacific” (Kates, 2003). Since the late 1970s, Sydney has begun to hold Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras every year during end of February and early March and has…...
EntertainmentFestivalGayHomosexualityMardi GrasTourism
Events Planning and Management
Words • 4523
Pages • 19
What is an EventSpecial or spectacular occasions where people gather together for a purpose whether they be to celebrate, educate, promote or commemorate. They are not the usual and ordinary activities that one engages in as part of his daily life Who is an Event PlannerAn event planner is, quite simply someone who organizes events. He is the person behind the scenes who gets the job done and make sure everything is done and done flawlessly to ensure successful staging…...
Spring Festival Lahore Analysis
Words • 2112
Pages • 9
By The Name Allah the Most Merciful and Almighty Executive Summary Of Research on Basant or Spring Festival Event for the research was decided as “Basant or Spring Festival Lahore”. Basant was started 1300-1400 hundred century. But in near past the event was become controversial. Some religious activist called it Hinduism while some people in taking lead in kite-flying start taking lives of people and this activity was banned. Its was business event too and contributing national income. Was a…...
Japanese Obon Festival
Words • 1050
Pages • 5
A Buddhist monk, able to see the dead, saw his mom having a hard time in the afterworld of Hungry Ghosts, the Hell of Hunger. Horrified by his clairvoyant vision, the Buddhist monk, Mokuren, went to Buddha and was instructed to offer each Buddhist monk offerings on the fifteenth day of the seventh month. Doing so and seeing his mother's release, Mokuren recognized just how much she had actually compromised for him and danced in fantastic joy and appreciation. Similar…...
FestivalJapan CountryOctopus
The Importance of Poson Poya
Words • 1705
Pages • 7
Festival celebrated in Sri Lanka on the full moon of June. The Poson Poya, which is specially noteworthy to the Sri Lankan Buddhists as the day on which Emperor Asoka’s son, the arahant Mahinda, officially introduced Buddhism to the island in the 3rd century B.C. In addition to the normal ritualistic observances undertaken on a poya day, on Poson day devotees flock to Anuradhapura, the ancient capital city of the country, for it was there that arahant Mahinda converted the…...
BuddhismFestivalMy Country Sri LankaReligion
Spring Festival
Words • 543
Pages • 3
Spring Festival is the most joyful festival in China, and it is also the day of a family member reuniting. Do you want to know that Chinese how to celebrate this festival? Putting the spring festival scrolls up, hanging the lanterns, having the reunion meals, having dumplings, sitting up late and waiting for the ring of the New Year are all the Spring Festival’s custom. All the activities contain the nice blessings and willing. For instance, eating fishes during the…...
Oktoberfest is a festival
Words • 344
Pages • 2
Oktoberfest is a festival centralized around German culture. The festival was in Downtown Terre Haute at the Clabber Girl Festival Marketplace, September fifteenth through the seventeenth, and admission was free. It is made to resemble the world’s largest fair in Munich, Germany. Music, food, and dancing were just some of the activities that they had. The main focus of the true Oktoberfest in Germany is on beer. Of course the beer garden at our local festival draws in a crowd…...
Chinese Mooncake Festival
Words • 1328
Pages • 6
On the 15th day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, individuals of Chinese descent throughout the globe will be celebrating the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Mooncake Festival. It is the third major celebration on the Chinese lunisolar calendar which incorporates elements of both a lunar calendar and solar calendar, which is not uncommon among Asian cultures. This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival took place on the 29th of September. As it has always been in Malaysia, the festival was…...
My Favorite Chinese Festival
Words • 1024
Pages • 5
The Mid-autumn is my favorite Chinese festival. It constantly falls on the 15th day of August, but this year is on 29th September. "This fantastic tale is a depiction of a Chinese family coming together and preparing to celebrate the moon with a nighttime picnic that welcomes their Chinese customizeds with glowing lanterns and includes conventional dishes, such as the moon cakes, pomelos, and tea. "(LIN 94) A couple of days prior to the celebration, everybody in the household will…...
FestivalMy Favourite
Festivals in Davao Region
Words • 1277
Pages • 6
Held annually in the city of Tagum, Davao del Norte during February 21-27, Musikahan Festival also known as Musikahan sa Tagum, is a distinct cultural event celebrating Filipino excellence in music through composition, performance and production, providing the youth with more opportunities in the music industry as its goal. Local government of Tagum provides musical instruments to public schools aiming to amplify music appreciation and enhance the skills in performance of the youth in the field of music and prepare…...
Ethnic Group Of Bangladesh
Words • 5268
Pages • 22
Music Festival
Words • 1054
Pages • 5
“ When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest ” said Henry David Thoreau. Music was and still is a significant factor in almost every culture in the world. It is a form of art that can life the soul, or even heals a patient through music therapy. A music festival is a festival oriented towards music that is sometimes presented with…...
FestivalMusicMusical Instruments
Van Mahotsav – Festival in India
Words • 297
Pages • 2
Van Mahotsav is an annual tree-planting festival in India, celebrated in the first week of July. This movement was initiated in the year 1950 by India's Union Minister for Agriculture, Kulapati Dr. K M Munshi. This festival has gained immense national importance and every year, millions of saplings are planted all across India in observation of the Van Mahotsav week. It is expected that every citizen of India has to plant a sapling in the Van Mahotsav week. It helps…...
Festivals Reaction Paper
Words • 650
Pages • 3
1. The Pahiyas Festival Held on May 15 of every year, the Pahiyas Festival is carried out to give thanks to San Isidro Labrador for the good harvest. It is one of the country’s oldest festivals tracing its origin way back to the 16th century. Back then, farmers bought food to the foot of Mt. Banahaw as a sign of Thanksgiving, but eventually this tradition — done in the hopes of having a good harvest year — was modified to…...
Lohri Festival
Words • 285
Pages • 2
In Punjab the life is lead in a different style. A tradition of living life with fun and gaiety, enjoying very moment, can be seen here. Glimpse of this life style can be seen every year on Lohdi festival, 12 January. Lohdi is celebrated in the evening before Makar Sankranti, in the northern states of India like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and the near by areas. This day, the culture of these places display a new look. Lohri is…...
Lantern Festival
Words • 301
Pages • 2
The Lantern Festival is a festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunar calendar. During the Lantern Festival, children go out at night to temples carrying paper lanterns and solve riddles on the lanterns. In ancient times, the lanterns were fairly simple, and only the emperor and noblemen had large ornate ones; in modern times, lanterns have been being embellished with many complex designs. For example, lanterns are now often made in shapes of animals.…...
Chinese New YearFestival
Pohela Boishakh Festival
Words • 1482
Pages • 6
Pohela Boishakh is a Public festival of the Bengalis; it is celebrated among all Bengalis- irrespective of religious and regional differences. In Bangladesh, it is a national holiday celebrated around 14th April. The traditional greeting for Bengali New Year is "Shubhô Nôbobôrsho". Pohela Boishakh is also the beginning of all business activities. I am lucky enough that I am a Dhaka city dweller. Observance of Pohela Boishakh has become popular in Dhaka. People from all walks of life dressup in…...
FestivalRabindranath Tagore
Cultural Autobiography of a Person from Saudi Arabia
Words • 1854
Pages • 8
My name is Hanan Hassan, and I was born in September 21, 1992 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I am the eldest of nine children that consist of four girls including me and five boys. To most people I am an ordinary twenty- one year old who works and goes to school, but what most people don’t know is that I’m basically the second mother of my household. Even though my mother is alive and well, I was taught at a…...
BiographyCultureFestivalRamadanReligionSaudi Arabia
India is a country of festivals
Words • 311
Pages • 2
India: A Land Of Festivals INDIA, the world's second largest country, has over 1 billion inhabitants, who speak 18 major languages and more than 1,000 minor languages and dialects. It features an infinite variety of landscapes and unsurpassed cultural richness. With so much diversity embedded within one culture, it is easy to understand why India is called "a land of festival and fairs." Every day of the year there is a festival celebrated in some part of the country. As…...
Ganesh Festival or “Ganesh Chaturthy”
Words • 1487
Pages • 6
Indian calendar is filled with lots of festivals and holidays considering different religions. Few days ago, Ganesh Festival or locally known as “Ganesh Chaturthy” was celebrated all over India and also abroad in some parts where majority of Indians are living. Originally it was celebrated by every hindu religious person by establishing a small idol of lord Ganesha in their homes and by offering prayers daily with their family and friends for 10 days. But during British rule, to encourage…...
The New Year Festival in Vietnam
Words • 585
Pages • 3
Tet falls on a time when the old year is over and the New Year comes by lunar calendar. This is also the time when the cycle of the universe finishes: winter ends and spring, the season of birth of all living things, comes. Tet is an occasion for pilgrims and family reunions. It is a time when one pays respect to his/her ancestors and grandparents who have brought up him/her. It is an occasion when everyone sends each other…...
During the month of Kartik in the Bikram Sambat calendar
Words • 1608
Pages • 7
During the month of Kartik in the Bikram Sambat calendar (late September and early October), the Nepalese people indulge in the biggest festival of the year, Dashain. Dashain is the longest and the most auspicious festival in the Nepalese annual calendar, celebrated by Nepalese of all caste and creed throughout the country. The fifteen days of celebration occurs during the bright lunar fortnight ending on the day of the full moon. Thorough out the kingdom of Nepal the goddess Durga…...
Festival and Event
Words • 1250
Pages • 5
T in the Park is a music event which takes place every year which is usually held on the second week of July. This event is growing more and more popular as the year’s go on and as soon as the tickets are available it is almost an instant sell-out. This music event was first held at StrathClyde Country Park, it has now moved to Balado Airfield, Kinross in Perth. I chose this event as it is extremely popular and…...
FestivalHuman NatureMusicTourism
Role of Malls in Dubai Shopping Festival
Words • 1663
Pages • 7
Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) takes place every winter with its mammoth array of discounts, competitions, prizes, fireworks and entertainment. DSF offers amazing shopping discounts, attracting holiday makers from around the globe keen on grabbing a bargain. Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) started on February 15, 1996 as a retail event intended to revitalize retail trade in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has since been promoted as a tourist attraction. This yearly month long event is usually scheduled during the first quarter…...
FestivalShoppingShopping MallUae
About Chinese Festival
Words • 1425
Pages • 6
Do you know the most famous Festival of China? Have you ever heard about that Korea has conflict with China in the traditional cultural field? In order to call on people to realize the importance of Chinese own traditional culture and Cultural Identity, the research paper writes about Chinese Traditional culture, and make a questionnaire about ten questions to investigate people. By introducing the festivals and asking the questions, it tends to accomplish the goal that makes more and more…...
The Nepali festival Tihar
Words • 2583
Pages • 11
About Tihar : The Nepali festival Tihar is also known by many names such as Dipawali or Bhai Tika or Laxmi Puja or as a festival of lights. It is a five-days festival, which comes soon after the Dashain Festival, and Tihar is all about worshiping of different animals such as crow, dog, cow, and worshiping of the Hindu Goddess of Fortune or Wealth (Goddess Laxmi), and cooking great meals at home, brothers and sisters shopping for gifts, flying kites,…...
Short Essay for School Students on Indian Festivals
Words • 576
Pages • 3
A festival is an occasion of enjoyment and celebration. It brings gaiety and mirth thereby strengthening our bond of relationship and friendship. These festivals also promote social interaction and harmony. All nations have their religious and colourful festivals. However, Indian festivals are known to attract the world due to their harmony, variety, colour and excitement. Being multi lingual and multi racial country Indians celebrates a number of festivals all through the year. In India every country has its own festivals.…...
Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern
Words • 756
Pages • 4
Mid-Autumn (Moon Festival) is celebrated in Vietnam as a conventional celebration in which most of children participate in, that is why it is likewise referred to as Children's Festival- require to separate into 2 sentences or utilize distinction structure such as:: mid autumn(moon) festival is among the standard festival in vietnam and it is also called kids's festival, due to the fact that ... This is among the most popular Vietnamese holiday which is celebrated on the 15th day of…...
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3 Tips: How To Be A Fashionable Hijabi On Eid Al Adha
...Pair up an earth-toned grey-brown hijab with bright and bold contrast. You can match the dress with the color of flowers printed on the hijab. For Eid Al Adha look, get a dark-colored top with earth-colored pants. To accessorize the whole outlook, ch...

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