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Emily Dickinson’s View of Death and the Afterlife
Words • 1179
Pages • 5
Emily Dickinson has been known to write poems expressing grief and pain while portraying Death in varied ways. However, if we read her poems about Death and Pain, we see that there are commonalities between her works. Emily Dickinson sees Death as something that is both final and yet a gateway to infinity. This finality is expressed as the inevitable ending all of us must go through. And yet, the perpetuity of life never ends in a death of a…...
CultureDeathEmily DickinsonHellReincarnation
The Tibetan Book of the Dead
Words • 2444
Pages • 9
Introduction All the teaching of Buddha, known all over the world as Buddhism, is based on the ideas of karma and reincarnation. Buddhists believe that after death the person is reborn and gets another incarnations in order to pay his karmic debts and get a chance to become enlightened of liberated. That is the reason they regard death as nothing but a pass to another physical incarnation and try to use this chance to get better conditions of life. The…...
BuddhismReincarnationThe Dead
Finding Inner Peace
Words • 1388
Pages • 6
Being at peace with one’s inner self sounds inviting but some aspects of many different religions can be hard to grasp at times. While most religions influence others, some have ideas and beliefs from sources unknown. Hinduism and Budhism are two of many religions. Having many similarities, their differences are what make them unique. Hindus have many gods, polytheism, and Buddhist believe in finding one’s inner peace. They both focus more on one’s inner self rather than on religion it’s…...
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Death and Afterlife Beliefs
Words • 1828
Pages • 7
There remains no scientific evidence or facts which can prove the existence of the after life. Such concepts like reincarnation, salvation, and near-death experiences have been very controversial topics of debate over the years. However, different religions, philosophies and spiritual beliefs from different cultures amazingly provide very detailed and meticulous explanation about the concept of death and the afterlife. These explanations vary as their core of ideologies and philosophies vary as well. The Mesopotamian civilization has been known for its…...
Comparison of Hinduism and Christianity
Words • 552
Pages • 3
Hinduism is a body of religious and philosophical beliefs and cultural practices from India. It is a faith with numerous beliefs and practices. Hinduism is defined by a belief in reincarnation, belief in a supreme being of several forms, the view that opposing theories are elements of one everlasting fact, and a desire for liberation from earthly evils. Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the life and mentors of Jesus which is displayed in the New Testament. Christians believe…...
Woman, Land and Nation
Words • 3251
Pages • 12
The word "ecocriticism" was probably first used in William Rueckert's essay "Literature and Ecology: An Experiment in Ecocriticism" (1978) and was subsequently accepted in critical vocabulary when Cheryll Glotfelty, at that time a graduate student at Cornell, revived the term in the meeting of the Western Literature Association in Coeur d'Alene in 1989, and recommended the use of the term to refer to the scattered critical field that had been known as "the study of nature writing." Glotfelty defines ecocriticism…...
Margaret AtwoodNationReincarnation
Theda Bara portrayal of Cleopatra
Words • 281
Pages • 2
The 1917 Theda Bara portrayal of Cleopatra came across as threating and ominous as, at the time of filming, women were getting stronger willed and fighting for equal rights with men. Hollywood showed her image as alluring sexual and self-assured with good looks and air of authority and the power to control men as and when she deemed necessary. The depicted her as the reincarnation of Cleopatra and not just an image of an historical figure. Cleopatra relationship with Julius…...
Death of Marat
Words • 1529
Pages • 6
I love the story of a conversation that took place at an English country house during a dinner party, where the host had just started up the discussion of death and asked the various guests what will happen to them after they die. Some thought about reincarnation and others though about different plains of being, and others thought that they were going to be annihilated. All of the guests had answered the question except for sir Roderick, who was a…...
Buddhism Versus Greek Mythology
Words • 3634
Pages • 14
“[A human being] experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness, “said Albert Einstein. “Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty” (“Heart Quotes”). Einstein’s view on nature is similar to that of Indian Buddhists. Life-giving Indian weather inspired the Buddhist cyclic view of rebirth while the rugged terrain…...
BuddhismGodGreek mythologyReincarnationReligion
Tenzin gyatso 14th dalai lama and his contributions to Buddhism
Words • 1300
Pages • 5
Tenzin Gyatso was born Llhamo Döndrub in 1935 in North-Eastern Tibet and was just like any other normal child until the age of two when he was recognized as the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama before him. When he was fifteen years old he took on a huge role and became a political leader for Tibet as a response to the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army. At the age of twenty-five he graduated with a doctorate…...
“Little Buddha” Summary and Review
Words • 1324
Pages • 5
Little Buddha starts with a Buddhist monk, Lama Norbu, going to Seattle in search of Jesse Conrad, a boy who Lama Norbu believes may be the reincarnation of Lama Norbus old teacher, Lama Dorje. Lama Norbu and his fellow monks find Jesse and his family, and after an awkward first meeting gives Jesse a book called Little Buddha, which is read to him over the course of the movie to teach him the history and basic points of Buddhism. We…...
What is reincarnation?
Words • 5347
Pages • 20
It's hard to believe in this wide universe that there is only one chance to live in a lifetime. There are many controversial issues surrounding the subject of reincarnation. Who created those ideas? Were these ideas created to steer people away from their religion? Did reincarnation exist before the New Testament? The Bible, the Quaran? Or can the truth of reincarnation be traced to the Holy Scriptures? What is reincarnation? Answer to this question can be different for different people,…...
Only a belief in embodied existence after death is philosophically justifiable. Discuss
Words • 1367
Pages • 5
1- Christian belief in resurrection- outline Jesus’ resurrection after death- Link to hicks idea of the replica. 3- The only meaningful way to talk about survival after death is to say that souls can be reunited- Peter Geach 5- Characteristics and memories can be changed and falsified- Bernard William Descartes said ‘ My essence consists solely in the fact that I am a thinking thing’. This, if true, implies that our consciousness is separate from our bodies and so we…...
Comparing Eastern and Western Religions
Words • 1015
Pages • 4
During a time when no vehicles existed or any type of technology, there was religion. This was part of the pre-modern times. Depending upon what part of the world you are from depends on what type of religion you are likely to encounter. This also determines the likelihood of what religion you may have grown up with. Your religion and your background helps in determining what values you may have. These believe and values vary in different religions. Some may…...
Stylistic analysis of a short story “Laura”
Words • 774
Pages • 3
The story under analysis is titled "Laura". It is written by British author, master of the short story Hector Hugh Munro, better known by the pen name Saki. The very story belongs to fiction genre with a unique touch of mystery, psychological themes, as it concerned with two main heroines' (Laura and Amanda) emotional states. The tone of the story is full of irony and even sarcasm, especially in the dialogues and closing lines. The mysterious ideas and incredible circumstances…...
IronyReincarnationShort Story
Monkey Journey to the West Book Review
Words • 678
Pages • 3
Monkey: Journey to the West is a story of an adventure for knowledge to India in order to discover ancient Buddhist scriptures. The story consists of Chinese legends, tales, and superstitious notions. Daoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism play a big function throughout this story. Monkey: Journey to the West is a story that goes over faith, and ethical problems. The monkey acts the way he does due to underlying spiritual styles played throughout the story. At very first understanding why the…...
Book ReviewJourneyReincarnation
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