Footsteps Of Buddha Tour – One Of The Best Pilgrimage Tours

Pilgrimage tours have always remained a highly preferred choice for many people all over the world. People from various parts of the nation love to explore various religions as well as cultures. One of such highly preferred tour is the Buddhism tour India. It is quite popular as the footsteps of Buddha Tour. Every year huge number of tourists not only from India but also from all over the world set out for the India Buddhist pilgrimage tour.

As can be understood from the name of the tour, this tour actually follows the footsteps of the famous Gautam Buddha.

Here, the tourists get to know the details of the life of Gautam Buddha along with a tour of all the important places associated with his life. Buddhism as a religion is one of the earliest and the largest of world’s religions. Buddhism flourished during 3rd Century BCE. Buddhism is one of the most significant religions in history which crossed the Indian borders towards the south, east and south east Asia.

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Even to this day, thousands of pilgrims are attracted to the monasteries of the Buddhists in India and Nepal. So, if you wish to have a detailed idea about the “Footsteps of Buddha Tour” or simply planning for a Buddhist tour India, please read through.

Destinations Covered and Their Importance

The destinations so covered in the India Buddhist pilgrimage tour offer the tourists with a detailed knowledge about Gautam Buddha’s life, his teachings, attaining enlightenment and so on. Most importantly each of them has their own significance.

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This is one of the most important places in the Buddhist India tour. Lumbini was Buddha’s birthplace and hence of great significance. By birth he was prince and was called Siddhartha. This is the place where the journey began in search of truth. The notable tourist sites at Lumbini are Buddha’s birth place, the Pashkarni Pond, the Mayadevi Temple and the pillars if Ashoka.


The first sermon was delivered by Gautam Buddha at Sarnath thereby another place of major significance. The place has become one of Buddhism’s important centre due to the foundation of the first sangha by Buddha. It is actually referred to as the Dhamekha Stupa which is major place of tourist attraction.

Bodh Gaya

This place is of great significance because in Bodh Gaya Gautam Buddha achieved first enlightenment after continuous meditation under the famous Bodhi Tree for 49 days. The major places of tourist interest in Bodh Gaya include the very famous Bodhi Tree, the Mahabodhi Temple, the Animesh Lochana Chaitya, the Vajrasan Throne and the Muchalinda Lake.


Vaishali is the place where Gautam Buddha before passing away delivered the last sermon. It is another of the important places in the pilgrimage tour which later hosted the 2nd Buddhist Council.

Rajgir & University of Nalanda

The 1st Buddhist Council was held at Rajgir. This is the place where Buddha imparted his teachings and discussed about his principles. Girdhkhuta Hill, Saptaparni Caves and the world famous University of Nalanda are the major places of tourist attraction. Additionally, the University of Nalanda has the fame of being the ancient epoch’s one of the greatest monastic universities.


Kushinagar is the place where all of the teachings of Gautam Buddha are preserved and this is place where he breathed last. Gautam Buddha’s earthly remains are preserved with care in eight commemoration Chortens. Later, these were conserved in the Stupas throughout the empire of King Ashoke which was built by the king himself at the time of his reign. The must visits for the tourists here is the reclining statue of Buddha made of fine red sandstone and the Mukatanabandhana Stupa.

Apart from the significant places of the Buddhist India tour mentioned above, a few of the others that are spread through the North Eastern regions that lies in the Indian state of Sikkim and neighbouring states are as listed below.

  • Kapilvastu
  • Sravastii
  • Kathmandu in Nepal
  • Padum
  • Kargil
  • Leh
  • Rangdom
  • Uletokpo
  • Sankasya

So, touring all of these places finally concludes the India Buddhist pilgrimage tour and necessarily one of the best pilgrimage tours.

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