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Agriculture Essay Examples

Essay on Agriculture

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Sample Project Proposal

1. The Local Government Unit( LGU), in coordination with the DA- LGU and the SIFACO, will do the procurement activities. 2. The household farmer beneficiaries will do the land preparation activities. 3. The DA and DAR will conduct necessary trainings and seminars. 4. The SIFACO will manage the project, formulate policies, systems and procedures that ensure the sustainability of the project, and ma...

Aztec Food and Agriculture Informative Speech

Overall, the Aztec diet consisted of mainly corn. Without corn, the meal wouldn't be considered as a meal. Agriculture techniques was recreated with the invention of the Chinampa. With the newly invented Chinampa, Aztecs were able to dramatically increase the amount of crops they could grow unlike how they were struggling with growing crops on the unfertile lands. The Aztec food culture had inspi...

Plantation Society in the Caribbean today

Sidney W. Mintz: "Caribbean Society." c. 1968 Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. David Watts 1987 The West Indies: Patterns of Development... Beckford, George.The Plantation Model in Christine Barrow and Rhoda Reddock (eds.) Caribbean Sociology: Introductory Readings. Ian Randle Publishers; Kingston Jamaica, 2001. Best, Lloyd.“The Contribution of George Beckford.” Social and Economic Studies...

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Biotechnology and Genetically Modified Food

Though we may not all have the same beliefs, there is one statement that stands out and should be remembered by us all: “God didn’t make a mistake, no matter how much we’ll strive or boast, trying to transform ourselves in creators, we can’t arrange things better than the way He did” (Sandu, 2010). There is so much technology that serves many outcomes to our people, our society, our envi...

Agriculture, Solution to Nigerian economy

These constraints are well known, less known are the limited application of technologies, the low skill base in the sector, and its aging population. The young are fleeing rural areas and the production side of the sector. Similarly, financial institutions view the agricultural sector as risky addressing and so it receives a very small portion of commercial credit. Getting the young interested in ...

Agro Based Industries of Cotton Production

Raw materials used The main raw materials used in iron and steel industry are iron ore, manganese, limestone, silica, chromate, feldspar, scrap iron, flux, and fuel. Coking coal obtained from Jharia, Raniganj, Bokaro, Giridih and Korba is used as a fuel. Manganese is used for hardening of steel and also for removing impurities. Steel products need to be falvanised to make them rust free. This is d...

Wholefoods Marketing Mix

In my opinion WFM is at a green stage of sustainability. Although they have good initiatives in place at various levels of operations including corporate functions, marketing, and community engagement, and local business growth. However, there is definitely a scope for improvement in multiple areas, some examples are listed below: Large overall footprint: Supply Chain (Transportation Cost), Buildi...

Effects of Sugar Revolution - Economic

During the seventeenth century the pattern of the Landownership changed from small planters to wealthy individuals and the price of land became extremely high as sugar became more profitable in the Caribbean. Previously tobacco and the other cash crops such as corn were produced by small planters on relatively small plots of land between five and thirty acres. In the year 1645 there were approxima...

Plantation and Oral Tradition in Margaret Walker's Jubilee

1. Campbell, Donna M. "The Plantation Tradition in Local Color Fiction. "Literary Movements. Dept. of English, Washington State University. 07/04/2013. Web. 09/03/2013. 2. Staggers, Gail. “Talkin’ Loud: Black Oral Tradition.” Yale-New Haven Teachers’ Institute. Web. 09/04/2013. 3. Walker, Margaret. “Jubilee.” New York: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1966. Print. 4. Warren, Kenneth W. “Bla...

Whole Foods: Market Analysis

Agostinelli, Gabriella. "Drought Hits Organic Farmers Hardest: Gaps in the Crop Insurance Program." The Food Law Firm Drought Hits Organic Farmers Hardest Gaps in the Crop Insurance Program Comments. Foscolo & Handel PLLC Legal Counsel for Farmers & Food Entrepreneurs, 28 Aug. 2012. Web. 05 Mar. 2014. http://www.foodlawfirm.com/2012/08/drought-hits-organic-farmers-hardest-gaps-in-the-crop-...

Persuasive speech: People should support organic food production

It’s an easy way we can help save our planet and our health. Organic food does tend to be more expensive, but if people can support organic food and demand its production, maybe we can create a better world for the next generation of people, it’s hard but it’s a goal that’s worth striving and completing! If we want to help our planet, our countries, and our selves we need think carefully a...

Organic food vs. non-organic food

Thus, the benefits of organic farming and more long term and benefit in fighting problems like degradation of the environment (Pragya, 2011). In short, both organic and non-organic food consumers have many different points of views. All in all, non-organic food is cheaper, but leads to an uncertainty in health and does harm to the environment. Even though the relation is not quite proven, organic...

Agriculture in India

In agriculture, multiple cropping is the practice of growing two or more crops in the same field during a single sowing season. There are many types of multiple cropping schemes that the government has introduced in India. They are:- Double-cropping, in which a second crop is planted after the first has been harvested. This helps in restoring the nutrients that have been used up by the plant. Rela...

Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program

Emancipation Patents (EPs) for OLT lands;b. Certificate of Land Ownership Award (CLOAs) for CA, VOS, and EO 407 lands, resettlement areas and landed estates; and. Free Patents for public lands.Note: Beneficiaries of the Integrated Social Forestry Program covering agro-forestry public lands whose ownership cannot be transferred, received Certificates of Stewardship Contract (CSCs) which are good fo...

Chalk Dust as Soil Neutralizer in Agriculture

After the chalks have been prepared, four different treatments will be made with varying amount of soil and chalks. Treatment one has 25g of chalk dust with 150g of soil. Treatment two has 50g of chalk dust with 150gof soil. Treatment three has 75g of chalk dust with 150g of soil. And treatment four has 75g of lime with 150g of soil. The soil and chalk dust in each set up will thoroughly mix and ...

Textile industry

Centres of Excellence (CoE) for research and technical training The Government of India has proposed the establishment of several CoEs for training the workforce in the textiles sector. Four CoEs have been identified for four thrust segments of technical textiles —geotech, meditech, protech and agrotech. These CoEs, with national and international accreditation, are aimed at creating facilities ...

The role of enslaved women on the British West Indian Sugar Plantation

Moore, Brian L., B.W. Higman, Carl Campbell, and Patrick Bryan. Slavery, Freedom & Gender: The Dynamics of Caribbean Society. Mona, Jamaica: University of the West Indies, 2001. Print. Scott, Joan W., and Louise A. Tilly. Women, Work and Family. Psychology Press: Routledge, 1987. Print. Shepherd, Verene A.. Women In Caribbean History: The British Colonised Territories. Kingston, Jamaica: Ian R...

Tree Plantations

Overall, tree plantations have shown to be beneficial to our community by providing us with clean air and soil. But they have also shown to have a disadvantage in our community such as the monoculture tree plantation, which can lead to plant pathogens and diseases. Although they have a disadvantage to our community, but the overall benefits indeed, outweigh the disadvantages and will be great valu...

Cotton, Slavery and the Old South

Crucial institution of black culture. It suffered legal restrictions, most notably lack of legal marriage. Black women began bearing children at younger ages. Slave communities did not condemn premarital pregnancy the way white society did, and black couples often lived together before marrying. Husbands and wives living on separate plantations often had to visit at night in secret. If a slave was...

Monsanto SWOT Analysis

Public concern can affect the timing of the government approvals in different countries. Even if the approvals are granted, public concern can lead to increased regulation or litigation against government regulators concerning prior regulatory approvals. Recently, the European Commissioner approved the cultivation of GMO potatoes in Europe, but the decision has come under stiff criticism and prote...

The Harmful Effects of Factory Farming

a. There are many ways to change the way Factory Faming is conducting their operations with mass production. b. Encourage people to raise their own crops and animals, to help small help small farms stay in business buying from a local meat market or produce store. c. We all play a part in Factory Farming if you buy any stores other than local you are contributing to Factory Farming, putting animal...

Agricultural Revolution for Sustainable Agriculture

The consequence affected those small farm owners, or people who started with small area of land found themselves left out. It led to the eviction of small farming family from their own land for example the Highland Clearance in Scotland. In conclusion, Agricultural revolution had played a very significant role in shaping our modern day. I personally believe that we could not live as modern as it s...

Plantation Laborers vs Industrial Workers

They had to get a pass from their master to leave the masters land or enter another land. They lived in quarters designated by the master on his land. They lived in large groups and were watched by overseers. Slaves weren’t considered people; they were considered property and received no pay. Industrial laborers who although had things considerably bad did not have it quite as bad as slaves. The...

Tillage Study

This shift should substantially reduce crop water requirements, soil organic-matter turnover, nutrient relations, carbon sequestering, weed biota and greenhouse-gas emissions. Still, weed infestation can cause large yield losses in DSR. In addition, recent incidences of blast disease, crop lodging, impaired kernel quality and stagnant yields across the years are major challenges in this regard. In...

Phytomining Pros and Cons for Environment and Economy

As with any new industry, much is unknown about the long-term effects of phytomining. For example, with a limited amount of good farming land available, what land use would be displaced to make room for a phtyomining industry? Researchers will also need to examine the effect of having metal-enhanced plants entering the food chain over time. They will also need to determine if it is possible to pre...

Neolithic Revolution

The Neolithic Revolution caused the seven traits to take effect. If it weren’t for those traits, we may still be undeveloped nomads today. Having taken a huge step towards modern society, the early humans who lived during the Neolithic Revolution were hard at work in learning how to start a civilization. They have given up their nomadic days and discovered the advantages to settling down in one ...

Reaction paper about rice problems

Meanwhile, compared to other countries such as China, Japan, and Indonesia we have really low expenses that go to Agriculture which include the irrigation systems and other farm equipments. This shows that we haven’t prioritized Agriculture yet. Japan has the most yields compared to other countries since they invest in irrigation systems and the like. It also showed that Japan has the most use o...

Commercialization of Agriculture

Beaud, Michel. A History of Capitalism, 1500-1980. New York: Monthly Review Press, 1983. Bernanke, B.S. Essays on the Great Depression. Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2000 Bharadwaj, Krishna. "A View on Commercialisation in Indian Agriculture and the Development of Capitalism." The Journal of Peasant Studies 12, no. 4 (1985): 7-25. Chaudhuri, Binay Bhushan. "The Process of Agricultural Com...

Ceres Gardening Company Case Study

During the upcoming meeting with the bank, the focus should be given on the debt equity, inventory turnover, and accounts receivable ratios and how well the company has managed its operations over a sustained period (i.e. 2002 to 2006). From the Balance Sheet provided, it is evident that operational, financing, and investment cash flow is positive. The market-projected growth is 8% to 10% per year...

Healthy Nutrition with Malunggay and Spinach

The Spinach was tediously tended since it was never been spared from the affectation of long drought has brought by, “El Niño” phenomenon and propagated until such time ready for harvest. The study had undergone three (3) repeated experimentations to come up with reliable and factual results. Firstly, the outcome of the Malunggay and Spinach leaves harvested at noontime when the sun is intens...

Chapter 10 summary of Guns, Germs, and Steel


Differences Between The Three Colonies in USA

The climate of the New England Colonies was colder than the other two colonial regions because they were the farthest North. The climate was a positive factor for the colonists in the New England Colonies; it prevented the spread of life-threatening diseases. The climate was a negative factor for the colonist in the New England Colonies; the severe winters killed many people. The geography of New ...

Determining the Osmolarity of a Potato

The hypothesis was supported by the results. When the potato was in a hypotonic solution it gained weight while when it was in a hypertonic solution it lost weight to balance out the solute concentration. As for when it was isotonic, it gained no weight. Further research regarding other plants and other Eukaryotes can be used to the pattern continue in  real time situation. This is helpful toward...

Turning Points For The Neolithic Revolution

In conclusion, the Neolithic Revolution has impacted the development of civilization and is one of many turning points in all of mankind. Community, writing systems, population increase, religion, and more contributed to humans lives in many ways, from the beginning of the Neolithic Revolution. The starting of homes happened and advanced things people still use today happened from the Neolithic Re...

Agricultural Tools


The Validity of the Farmers' Complaints

Due to various technological improvements, which in effect boosted competition not only nationwide but also worldwide, farmers came face to face with foreign competition, being forced to adjust the prices of their products to stay competitive--starting the cycle of a never ending indebtedness. As a solution, farmers demanded the increase in supply of greenbacks with the addition of unlimited coina...

The Caribbean's History of Exploitation of Labour

The Caribbean does indeed have the history of the exploitation of labour as its own, and due to the Old World's conquests of the New World's land and riches, this provided a reason to find interest in the West Indies. The abundance of unclaimed land, availability of resources and an available workforce in the Amerindians was motivation enough to exploit not only the resources of the region, but al...

Biogeochemical Cycles

Lakes appear more vulnerable to external contamination than rivers: lakes do not have an outflow and are likely to remain contaminated during much longer than rivers and seas. “Green belts” are the direct results of over-fertilization in lakes; under the impact of fertilizers, lakes experience organic materials’ mineralization. Excessive amounts of organic nutrients subsequently lead to unco...

Of Plymouth Plantation

In conclusion, the point of these chapters in "Of Plymouth Plantation" is to emphasize the struggles, hardships, and privations suffered by the Pilgrims in an attempt to show that they had been chosen for success by divine Providence. As David Partenheimer said in _Explicator_, "In any case, it is a remarkable moment in American literature when the New World is typologically conceptualized as the ...

Cultural Landscape and Biodiversity

From a conservation biology point of view, the ongoing process of genetic erosion and biodiversity loss as well as the replacement of specific recognizable cultural landscapes by monotonous ubiquistic production sites will continue. The biophysical characteristics and natural constraints of the investigated landscapes are interwoven with the regional historic and socio-economical development. This...

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