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Histochemical Effect of Dichlorvos on Kidney of a Carp Fish
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Pages • 4
Abstract: Kidney is an important organ that helps in maintaining homeostasis thereby help to maintain body composition. Therefore, an experiment was carried out to assess the histochemical impact of a pesticide called dichlorvos on the kidney of a carp fish Cyprinus carpio. Our analysis indicates about detrimental impact on different parts of kidney such as interstitial haemopoietic tissue (IHT) and glomeruli (G), neck segment (NS), proximal convoluted tubules (PCT), neck segment (NS), distal convoluted tubules (DCT), etc. our experiments points…...
Effect of Pesticides: Carbaryl
Words • 497
Pages • 2
The scholarly article, “Predator-induced stress makes the pesticide carbaryl more deadly to gray treefrog tadpoles,” summarizes Relyea’s and Mills’ research on widespread pesticide use and its impact on the global decline in amphibians. Previously, there was not enough persuasive evidence to support the hypothesis that pesticide use was a major contributor to global amphibian decline, and any existing research was conducted under highly artificial conditions. However, Relyea’s and Mills’ research has shown that low concentrations of just one pesticide—in this…...
The Wrath of Grapes Boycott by Cesar Chavez
Words • 901
Pages • 4
Recently, there has been an increase in organic food recognition for the absence of deadly synthetic pesticides in its growth process. However, through the 1900s, the farming industry consistently increased the usage of pesticides. This was due to the farming industry, and the state government’s agenda to increase annual crop yield, and thus to make more money. In response to these selfish actions, Cesar Chavez, along with many Californian farmers and workers, established the National Farm Workers Association to strike…...
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Effect of Pesticides on Organisms
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Pesticides are substances used for destroying insects or other organisms harmful to plants or animals. Usually this benefits those who purchase them to get rid of unwanted pests or animals.There are multiple types of pesticides such as herbicides,insecticides and rodenticides. People usually believe that pesticides are made solely for their purpose and don’t affect other beneficial organisms.However, pesticides can be a killer to not only pests but beneficial organisms and humans.The purpose of this science fair experiment is to was…...
Conventional Farming V.S. Organic Farming
Words • 1706
Pages • 7
Organic farming had not played a role in the market in the previous years, yet today it is common in grocery stores around the country. Organic farming refers to the way farmers grow and process agricultural products, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and meat. Organic farming is also constantly referred to as healthy, smart, beneficial, and ecofriendly but these are words used in advertisement ploys ran by large organic corporations. For centuries organic farming had been practiced, however,…...
Organic FarmingOrganic FoodPesticides
Pests and Poisons in Agriculture
Words • 1506
Pages • 7
Pests are organisms that reduce the quality or yield of a crop. Many crop pests include aphids and caterpillars; however slugs and snails also cause a lot of damage. Pest control involves Biological, Chemical and Physical processes. Plants which are grown closely together may cause the rapid spread of fungal diseases and insect pests, from plant to plant, which soon affects large areas and causes heavy damage in a short period of time. It is important to control unwanted organisms,…...
AgricultureBiologyChemicals IndustryPesticides
Advanced Technology in the Agriculture
Words • 1785
Pages • 8
Abstract Climate changes and rainfall has been erratic o ver the past decade. Plants required good climatic condition for his optimal growth . Due to the changes in climate changes the yield of crops is been reduced for long an year . To overcome this the automated agricultural assistant will guide us if any conditions fall out of the optimal range. Aim of the project is to assist the farmers to improve agricultural practices using the image processing technique. High…...
Advanced TechnologyAgricultureCotton ginElectricityElectronicsPesticides
The Botanical Pesticides
Words • 1340
Pages • 6
The botanical pesticides are the potential natural source and possible alternatives to synthetic pesticides for the control of agricultural and household pest (Afshar et al., 2017; Benelli et al., 2019). Sophora alopecuroides is effective against various agricultural pests including Diaphorina citri (Rizvi et al., 2018a), Myzus persicae and Macrosiphum avenae (Ma et al., 2018a), Brontispa longissimi (Chen et al., 2011) and Helicoverpa armigera (Cai et al. 2009). The phytochemical studies revealed that quinolizidine alkaloids are main bioactive constitutes in S.…...
Combination of Pesticides
Words • 1017
Pages • 5
ABSTRACT Combination of pesticides; acetamiprid, flutolanil and etofenprox are usually used for tomato fruits for protecting them against pest infection. Generally, pesticides, residues could be one of the health hazard sources. Two specific simple sensitive chromatographic methods are developed for simultaneous estimation of the concerning pesticides' residues using simple economic steps of field sample preparation. The first method is HP- TLC method. Hexane: methanol: acetone: glacial acetic acid (8: 2: 0.5: 0.1, by volume) is proposed as a developing system.…...
Reflection Paper: Organic Foods
Words • 776
Pages • 4
Paper Type:Reflective essays
Both organic and inorganic foods pose health risks for consumers. While organic foods are often marketed as being naturally grown and inorganic foods being grown with the use of chemicals and pesticides, both types can pose health risks to the humans that consume them. Due to the varying conditions in which organic foods are grown, they can often contain amounts of chemicals and pesticides. For example, many organic farms neighbor inorganic farms where chemicals and pesticides can be easily transferred…...
Organic FarmingOrganic FoodPesticides
Sustainable agriculture
Words • 1073
Pages • 5
In today's world, there are an outrageous amount of meal options and food options. We are constantly looking for healthy foods so that we may live healthy lives. In regard to acquiring healthy foods, organic food is growing in popularity due to an increased concern for food security and ecological security. Organic food refers to crops or livestock that are grown on the farm without the application of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms (Darveb and Katz 21). There…...
AgricultureFactory FarmingFoodOrganic FarmingOrganic FoodPesticides
Industrial Agriculture
Words • 2008
Pages • 9
Research Question: Should the governments set standards for the food producing multinational companies to ensure the safety of its citizens and the environment? Introduction As a necessary part of human survival, food is a human right. Small, local family farms were the bedrock of traditional rural communities and the global food security which was the ability of countries to produce the food they need to survive in a more sustainable way. Yet the global food supply is increasingly falling under…...
AgriculturePesticidesSustainable Agriculture
The Use of Pesticides
Words • 739
Pages • 3
The use of pesticides is an important decision that thousands of communities face each year. Nobody likes dealing with mosquitos and the diseases they bring so using chemicals and pesticides is an option but with other consequences. Mosquitos carry West Nile Virus that affects the city of Genericville every year with 50 cases projected this year in the city and two fatalities as well. On the other hand, the chemicals proposed for controlling the mosquito population has its own risks.…...
Organic vs. Conventional Foods
Words • 761
Pages • 4
For years, there has been a debate on how food is grown. Should it be organic or conventionally grown? To answer this question, the difference between the two needs to be known. Organic produce is grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Organic livestock is free ranged, most of the time, with no added antibiotics or growth hormones. Conventionally grown produce is usually processed after being harvested. They are also sprayed with chemical pesticides and enriched with polluting fertilizers. Research Stanford…...
AgricultureFoodOrganic FarmingOrganic FoodPesticides
The Disadvantages and Advantages of Pesticides
Words • 558
Pages • 3
A pesticide is a material used to kill or reject a pest. Pesticides have disadvantages and advantages. They are able to restrain pests, but it can also kill other organisms as well. Not only do they affect animals but they can effect us, as humans. A pesticide is a biological, physical, or chemical agent used to kill plants or animals that are harmful to people. The name pesticide is generally applied only to chemical agents. Examples of different pesticides are…...
How We Can Stop Polluting And Damaging Our Environment?
Words • 813
Pages • 4
Carson writes this essay informing us about pesticides and chemicals farmers use on their crops that can danger our echo system. The pollution man is creating “is for the most part irrecoverable; the chain of evil it initiates not only in the world that must support life but in living tissues is for the most part irreversible.” (Carson 2) There are many different ways that pollution can harm the environment, from the nuclear explosions discharging toxic chemicals into the air,…...
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How We Can Stop Polluting And Damaging Our Environment?
...In conclusion, I think if we cut back on these pesticides people are using on their crops it would cause less damage to our environment. I believe the people using these pesticides and chemicals should be more informed on the damage they can cause to...

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