African Essay Topics

The african situation

Different countries have separate concerns. Problems that arise often lead people to migrate and seize every opportunity available to pursue a life far contrasting from the harsh reality of a previous situation. Individuals are constantly on the move to find better avenues for a comfortable lifestyle. The vastness of Africa has kept its people moving… View Article

Park Tea Room

Master “Hally” Harold is the seventeen year old lead of Athol Fugard’s work, a white boy of South African descent, son of his mentor Sam’s employer. Sam is one of two black waiters employed by his family’s business, the St. George’s Park Tea Room. The focus of the play is of the two men’s mutual… View Article

The Great African Americans Migration 1910 to 1920s

By the turn of the nineteenth century, the number of African Americans living in the living in the United States was approximated at almost nine million. Of the estimated figures, ninety percent of the African Americans lived in the South where they constituted almost a third of the total population of the region. Around a… View Article

Benito Cereno – Reader Response Criticism

Most readers of Benito Cereno will be surprised when the African conspiracy is finally revealed. Although Melville begins the novella with ominous imagery, the text is designed to lead the reader away from the true events of the San Dominick. The point of view of Benito Cereno is the major tool Melville uses to trick… View Article

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King was a major driving force during the 1950-1960s African American civil rights movement. Following his influence in fighting for the respect of equal human rights, Luther has become one of the most recognized human rights icons in the American nation. According to available historical information, born in 1929, Luther started his civil… View Article

Culture Acceptance of Homosexuality in the African-American Culture

Different factions of sociologists depict men. Functionalists suggest that a division of labor originally arose between man and women because of the woman’s role in reproduction. By virtue of their larger size and greater muscular strength, men were assigned hunting and defense tasks. Conflict theorists reject functionalist arguments as simply offering a rationale for male… View Article

Cultural and Linguistic Differences in African and Puerto Rican Studies

Academic failure in the United States is common among African-American and Latino. Cultural diversity and linguistic differences are among the causes. In order to solve this, teachers must be knowledgeable about the effect of culture on the behavior, learning styles, and preferred teaching styles of the students in a multicultural classroom and use the differences… View Article

African American

On October 23rd, 2006, a then 24 year old Dorothy Webb stood outside her Mississippi home. Fearing eviction from her home for non-payment of rent, Dorothy decided to do something drastic to save the only home she had grown to love. She walked to ‘the bottom’ which was almost 9 miles away, in an attempt… View Article

African American Korean American Conflict

“So they watch every damn move that I make. They hope I don’t pull out a Gat, try to rob… ” so goes the words to a rap song by a famous Black American musician as portrayed by Anthony choe (www. hcs. harvard. edu). These lines are a clear representation of the enormity of the… View Article

Black on Black Crime

Undeniably, stereotyping has always been rampant in our society. These stereotyping may either be through gender, age, occupation and the most popular of all, perhaps—race. Part of stereotyping is associating a certain group of people to whether good or bad demeanor. And perhaps, almost known to all is the black-on-black crime. This kind of crime… View Article

Europeans and Africans

The two stages of contact between Europeans and Africans in the modern era, according to Morel, were the slave trade and the “power of modern capitalistic exploitation”. In the first he describes the horrors of the African slave trade that had occurred in the 1700-1800’s, the way the slaves were captured from their homes and… View Article

Woman in the Life of African

The life of nineteenth century African American women was marred by an unfortunate social practice called slavery. While such unjust living condition affected both men and women, the harmful impact was more on women. This is because in the context of slavery, it was the women who suffered worse and the ones who were subjected… View Article

A Study in Adaptation

Among the monographs found in the Culture and Ecology in East Africa Project is that of the work of Walter Goldschmit, entitled “The Sebei: A Study in Adaptiona. ” It is among the ethnographic studies conducted to shed light on a particular community, which is that of Sebei. The project previously mentioned to which the… View Article

Bush Meat: African Apes

The African people, particularly those who live in and near forest areas, have been eating meat of wild animals or bushmeat for centuries. They hunted for subsistence, as bushmeat was a main source of protein in the forest. But as Africa’s forests increasingly become more accessible through urbanization, the hunting for bushmeat in West and… View Article

Cornel West’s contribution to African/Amercian Philosophy

Cornel West, born June 02, 1953, is an American philosopher, author, actor (some of you may know him from Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions), civil rights activist and prominent member of the Democratic Socialists of America. West, commonly known for his blend of political and moral insight and criticism and his contribution to the post-1960s civil… View Article

Stereotypes and Contradictions

It is a part of human nature to make judgments on others based solely on appearances. The short story “Flight Patterns” by Sherman Alexie reveals the sheer pervasiveness of stereotypes in American culture. The main character, William, is a walking contradiction in that he is a Native American businessman that loves his job and is… View Article

The Australian and American Freedom Rides

This essay briefly discusses the similarities and differences of the ‘Australian and American Freedom Rides’ history. Throughout the essay, there is a discussion on what the reasons were for the protest of the Freedom Rides. It also points out the duration of the protest and the major locations where they were held. The essay also… View Article

Pleasant ville essay

A new idea can throw off a whole community. Don’t believe me? Watch Pleasantville, a movie on how a pair of twins, brother and sister, completely change a city. They are transported from the modern world, to a quaint town in a T.V. show called Pleasantville. As quick as the pair of twins spread their… View Article

Alice walker in search of the garden

lice Walker’s essay, In Search of Our Mother’s Garden, talks about her search of the African American women’s suppressed talent, of the artistic skills and talents that they lost because of slavery and a forced way of life. Walker builds up her arguments from historical events as well as the collective experiences of African Americans,… View Article

Discrimination and the Arts

1. W.E.B Du Bois makes a strong and persuasive argument about “double consciousness” and racial struggle in America. ANSWER THIS QUESTION: Do you agree that “art”—broadly defined—can be an antidote or a form of resistance against certain kinds of discrimination? 2. Take a position on this issue by first exploring at least three of our… View Article

Effective Leadership

Effective leadership is a leader with exceptional oratorical skills who can persuade people to follow him or her to reaching their goal by asserting encouragement or fear. Throughout history we have had a number of leaders, effective and ineffective. Of the effective leaders all had a goal he or she were striving to obtain. They… View Article

Famous Thinkers

There are many famous thinkers that have lived on this earth who have made significant changes to everyone’s lives. A couple famous thinkers stand out amongst them all. These two are Mr. Bill Gates and Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Their contributions society have been great and were based off of their personal, social… View Article

The Effects of Colonization on Modern African Cultures

In November1884 – 1885, Europe met for The Berlin Conference in which Africa was sub-divided giving each current European powers a part to govern. This scrabble for Africa was an official degradation of all African future political power and present government. The utilization of African land, resources and people to build European powers was imposing… View Article

Analysis of graduation

During the mid nineteen hundreds, racial segregation was prevalent in the United States, especially in the South. In the essay, “Graduation” Maya Angelou tells about her experience of graduating from the eighth grade in Stamps, Arkansas. In today’s society, a graduating ceremony is exciting for all, however, it is not uncommon. Often, people take these… View Article

Life of Paul Cuffee

More than for 500 years, people of African origin have shaped the course of not only American but the history of the whole world. We are proud of many African-Americans that had put so much hard work to make our society as good and developed as it is nowadays. There are lots of Blacks, who… View Article

Social Tensions in America 1919 – 1941

Account for social tensions in US society from 1919 – 1941. Social tensions among US society from 1919-1941 came about due to immigration restrictions, racial conflict, and anti-communism. In the early 1920s Americans living in the rural areas, approximately 50% of the total population) were persistent in maintaining a capitalist democracy based on Anglo-Saxon culture…. View Article

Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee : Analysis? Symbolism

What is ever the right thing to do? The film Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee is a hard-hitting drama that deals with violence and racism in today’s society. Lee’s film conveys two contradictorily ideas of two powerful civil rights leaders: Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The main themes of the… View Article

A practical criticism of ‘For the Union Dead’

The aquarium is gone. Everywhere, giant finned cars nose forward like fish; a savage servility slides by on grease (For the Union Dead – Robert Lowell) In Lowell’s poem ‘For the Union Dead’ there is an underlying theme of the lost idealism which caused the American Civil War and its replacement with commercialism and materialism…. View Article

Coca Cola in Africa

1. Why is Coca-Cola so interested in Africa, which is typically regarded as part of the base of the global economic pyramid? Coca-Cola is an organization that has been around since 1892. Coca-Cola is looking for new emerging growth markets and Africa has proven to be that. Combined, 12 of the African countries have a… View Article