Adolescence Essay Examples

Adolescence & the human individual

During childhood, children basically accept parental authority (Smentana, 1989) and an equilibrium is established in which parents largely determine and control relationships with their children within a context of acceptance and availability (Steinberg and Silverberg, 1986). However, in the state of approaching adolescence and especially during puberty, parent-child relationships are transformed in a number of… View Article

Being a teenager

When you leave primary school you become a young adult, and all things that you believed in are either reinforced or broken. You can be lucky and be accepted as a “popular person” or for simply being yourself; you could remain an outcast until you leave that school. There is a hierarchy that is followed… View Article

Adolescence and Self-esteem

Review Questions 1. In what areas do children and adolescents define their self-esteem? Children and adolescents generally define their self-esteem in terms of social, academic, physical, and moral factors. 2. What can a parent do, in the first two years of their child’s life, to help the child develop good self-esteem? The first is a… View Article

Adolescent Offender

Lionel Tate, a fourteen year old Florida boy was sentenced to life during March 2001 for killing Tiffany Eunick, a six- year boy during a wrestling match which took place in 1999. Thus he was convicted of first degree murder as the killing was due to aggravated child abuse and he was sentenced to life… View Article

Invasion of Privacy

While straightening your teenager’s room, a book falls on the floor. You pick it up and see that it is her diary. As a parent, do you have the right to read it? Would it matter if you found the diary outside her room? Is it okay to read the diary if you suspect there… View Article

Peer Pressure Is More Beneficial Than Harmful

Good morning teachers and my fellow students, today my topic of this debate is “Peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful” and I am in favor of it. Peer pressure refers to the influence exerted by a peer group in encouraging a person to change his or her attitudes, values, or behavior in order to… View Article

Peer Presure

“Peer Pressure is an influence that creates or the desire for change.” Most teenagers agree that they will follow a peer’s decision rather than their parents’ or the authority’s. Peers are more influential in a teen’s life and tend to have more power than parents. Peer pressure has always been present and will also always… View Article

The Coming of Age: A Review of Sofia Coppola’s “The Virgin Suicides”

Adolescence is often characterized as bright, lively, and full of new beginnings. This particular period in our life opens many possibilities that would later on define and mould our fate. There is only a little chance wherein adolescence would be completely associated with sadness, mystery, pain, tragedy, and death. This small possibility, however, has been… View Article

Physical and Cognitive Development in Adolescence

Adolescence is a developmental phase with issues that have repercussions throughout adult life. It is a period of vast change, more aptly described as a series of phases that mark the transition from childhood to adulthood. It is also a period of life in which several forms of sociopathy and psychopathology often appears. Adolescence is… View Article

Transcending Argument

     Ask almost any youngster to name a popular video game and they’ll probably come up with an endless list of current titles.  It’s not just that it’s a pop culture phenomenon played in virtual reality, there’s a lot of skill in game playing, and most of it is harmless.  For those kids who play… View Article

Adolescence Paper

Adolescence is a period of socialization where children develop relationships outside of the family.  These relationships further fuel or enhance their perceptions of the world, their bonding with surrounding society members and their view of human interactions.  In an environment where there is a distant mother or absent father, where the child is found to… View Article

Adolescence is the period

Adolescence is the period of transition from childhood to adulthood, which is between 13 to 20 years of age. The term “adolescent” refers to the arraignment of psychological maturity. Puberty, on the other hand, refer to the stage wherein adolescents become physically and biologically ready for reproduction. Most people refer to this stage as a… View Article

Freedom of Teenager

On Sep 19, 2012, the polices captured Lindsay Lohan at Dream hotel in New York City. She hit a walker outside hotel even she drove in slow speed. Lindsay Lohan called Lilo is not only a star of US entertainment but also around the world. Watching her movies, the audiences had loved her when she… View Article

The Primal Teen

The purpose of Barbara Strauch’s book, The Primal Teen: What the New Discoveries About the Teenage Brain Tell Us About Our Kids, is to describe the new scientific findings regarding the teen brain in order to help bewildered parents, teachers and other members of society to understand the irrational behavior of teenagers.  The book fulfills… View Article

Social and Personal Related Factors Influencing Teenage Pregnancy

Introduction Teenage pregnancy or adolescent pregnancy is the early conception of female whose age ranges from 13 to 19. Just recently, adolescent has become an important issue in health in great number of countries, both developed and developing. However, pregnancy in adolescence is not an unusual phenomenon as it keeps on rising every now and… View Article